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Create a Backup for Sage 100 Contractor

    create a backup for sage 100 contractor

    There are arrays of reasons that can cause data corruption & lose, ranging from damaged hardware, loss of connectivity to power instability. While it is possible to replace the damage computer hardware or program files, it may not be possible to restore accounting data if there is no backup copy. Hence, regularly backing up accounting data is vital to ensure safety & integrity of the data.

    Create a Backup for Sage 100

    The Sage 100 Contractor Database Administration provides users utility for automatically backing up their company data to a local folder or network location. By creating backup copies from time to time, you will be able to restore data when they are lost due to some errors. You do not have to re-enter all accounting data manually all over again.

    Steps for Create Backup for Sage 100 Contractor

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    Backing up During Nightly Maintenance

    You can make use of the tabs under the Schedule Nightly Maintenance in order to schedule the time backup & maintenance to occur and set the number of backup copies to be stored. The automated backup process will create a different zipped file for every company by date.

    Zipped File Comprises the Following Data

    💠 All company files.
    💠 Audit log. (Before backing up the company, the program will audit the data to make sure that it holds no errors)

    Backing up Company Database Manually

    Apart from the automated backup option, you can choose to manually create backup copies “on demand,” by utilizing the Back Up Companies tab. Follow the steps below:

    💠 Click on Back Up/ Tune Up / Restore tab and choose Back Up Companies option.
    💠 On the tab, check mark on the company(s) that you want to backup.
    💠 In case you want to save the backup file on another location other than the default folder, you can browse to and select the desired backup folder.

    TIP: You can create a new folder in case the folder doesn’t yet exist
    Now, click on Create Backup.

    Restoring Company Database from the Backup Copy

    When the computer gets damaged or the data is corrupted, open to the Restore Company from Backup tab and restore the lost company data from backup file.

    💠 Click on Back Up / Tune Up / Restore and select the Restore Company from Backup.
    💠 From the restore box, browse to and choose the backup file from where you want to restore the company database.
    💠 In case you wish to restore the data using different company name, type in the desired name for the copied company on the box.
    💠 In case you have installed a newer Sage 100 Contractor version since you backed up the company, click on “Upgrade…after restoration”.
    💠 Next, click on Restore Company.

    Get Assistance from Experts

    We hope the above information has helped you in increasing your knowledge about creating a backup for Sage 100 Contractor. If you require any assistance while performing any of the above steps, we are here to help. Give us a call on or email at [email protected] to get in touch with professionals who will provide a step by step guide to perform the steps. You can also reach the professionals via Sage Live Chat Support.