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How do i View Sent Emails for Invoices in QuickBooks?

    view sent emails for Invoices in QuickBooks

    Efficient and widely used accounting software, QuickBooks is popular among all sized businesses. It has been designed with top technology and user-friendly qualities. The accounting software boosts business productivity and makes financial work easier.. QuickBooks also ensures that emails are sent quickly and smoothly to all the concerned. But sometimes, users have an issue. They are using an on-line mailing system of QuickBooks to streamline things in an efficient way, but the problem is that they cannot view the sent emails. However, saving as PDFs and manually emailing is an option, but PDF saving is slow and does not provide a “SENT” notification (list of invoices and quotes etc.). This guide gives you a quick and reliable answer for “how do I view sent emails for invoices in QuickBooks”.

    Why do users want to view sent emails for invoices in QuickBooks?

    Many times, users want to confirm that emails are being sent from QuickBooks but are not seeing the emails in the sent folder of their email client To make a confirmation whether invoice email is sent to client or still undelivered or not sent so that you can resend invoice again. It also requires for future reference, keeping the email as a proof that you have sent an email to your clients.

    Solution for How do i View Sent emails for Invoices in QuickBooks?

    You can do it by keeping yourself BCC so that you can get a copy of every invoice that you send an invoice every time. To do that, you have to go to settings and setup your invoice copy. Let’s how:

    • First, go to the Gear icon
    • Next, select the “Account and Settings” tab
    • Now, click on the Sales tab
    • Then under messages, you have to check for the option saying that “Email me a copy at”
    • After that, you have to enter the email address in the copy (CC) new invoices to address or Blind Copy (Bcc) new invoices to address field
    • At last, click the Save followed by done tab.


    Hopefully, the above steps are the answer which you were looking for your question “How do I view sent emails for Invoices in QuickBooks?” So make sure you carefully implement the above steps to successfully create a copy of every send invoice.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. How do I view the email history of invoices sent in QuickBooks?

    Ans. With the help of below steps, you can view the history of invoices sent in QuickBooks:
    ✔ Go to the “Sales” tab from QuickBooks and then move to Customers section
    ✔ Next, click the client name whose invoice you’d like to know the email history of
    ✔ After that, from the below list, look for the invoice
    ✔ Use the Filter menu if necessary to narrow the transactions displayed
    ✔ Now, click the invoice which you want to open it
    ✔ At the bottom, select the option “More” >> “Audit History”
    ✔ At last, view the status which is next to the “Send” field.

    Q2. What to do if QuickBooks is unable to process email while sending invoices to the client?

    Ans. You can try to execute the below troubleshooting that may help you to fix such issue:
    Solution 1: Make sure that QuickBooks is not running as an Admin
    Solution 2: Ensure that Email Preferences has been correctly set in QuickBooks
    Solution 3: Confirm that Email Preference is set accurately in Internet Explorer
    Solution 4: Test and Repair MAPI32.dll
    Solution 5: If the above solutions still do not resolve the issue then you need to reinstall QuickBooks with the Clean Install Tool and also try to repair your Outlook.

    Q3. Why is QuickBooks not able to process email while mailing an invoice?

    Ans. There can be several reasons like:
    ✔ Email settings are inappropriate
    ✔ Due to damaged .dll file
    ✔ Inappropriate installation of QuickBooks or might installation get damaged
    ✔ You are logging into QuickBooks as an Admin, and more.