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Configure an Email in Sage 100 2019

    configure email in Sage 100 2019

    Sage 100 2019 Email Setup

    Working with reams of verbiage is cumbersome and confusing and it is also not good for the environment. An average employee wastes on an average 30% of his time in his struggle for searching documents daily in the office.

    If that’s not bad enough, there is a cost involved and space required. The easiest way to beat all that is to mail all the invoices, bills and other documents directly from the email. Sage Support resolve this problem by connecting to your email and e-mailing out your documents instead from the software.

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    Steps to Setup an Email in Sage 100 2019

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Step 1:

    ☑ Go to Modules > Library Master > Click on Company Maintenance
    ☑ Select the company you want to mail the doc
    ☑ Click on Email tab > Choose the IP address and the port used to relay the email
    ☑ Enter the User ID and Password for server authentication
    ☑ Choose the SMTP and SSL encryption

    It’s always better to use a new ID and Password to set up this authentication

    Step 2:

    ☑ To test if its set correctly, use the Test E-mail option
    ☑ Use the email address authenticated earlier from the From field and Click Accept
    ☑ Go to Paperless Office Options > Check the Form box

    Step 3:

    ☑ You need to tell Sage where the doc is sent from and where it needs to be stored
    ☑ Go to Form Maintenance > Click on the Save icon
    ☑ Click All companies A/P and Select
    ☑ Click the Electronic Delivery option
    ☑ Enter the email address you want to be shown to the client
    ☑ Choose the folder on the network where the document is stored in the PDF Directory field
    ☑ If you want the doc to be password protected, choose Override Password field, you specify the password

    Step 4:

    ☑ To set up the message that you like your customers to see
    ☑ Go to Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance
    ☑ Fill in the message in the Subject Line
    ☑ There are additional fields to add concerned person’s name, company name to go along with the descriptive text

    Once done, you can start emailing copies of the invoice to the customers. The steps are to be followed in the exact sequence.

    Final Words

    In case you are struggling to setup the email in your Sage 100, call Accounting Problem and our expert will help you do it by taking the remote access of your computer. Our helpline is open 24*7 so you can call us any time and we will provide you a time-bound resolution to get you back on track. Call Accounting Problem’s toll-free Sage customer support number on, You can also click on the live chat support and discuss an issue with our advisor or write in detail about the problem you are facing and the steps you have attempted so far. Our expert will get right back with the resolution promptly.