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How to Find QBWin.log or QuickBooks.log Files in QuickBooks

    Find the Error Report QBWin.Log-in-QuickBooks

    This article will help you to find QBWin.log or QuickBooks.log files and that will be helpful for you in identifying the cause of certain errors in your company file. All the errors in your QuickBooks Company File are basically get recorded in the log file.

    QuickBooks is a very flexible software, all you have to do is just have clear understanding of all the aspects involved in it. It comes up with hundreds of options, but it is necessary that you understand them first. You can also seek our QuickBooks Online Support team’s help in order to know the details and varied aspects, you are working upon.

    QuickBooks Desktop stores alerts and errors that contain information created by verify and rebuild and Condense Data utilities in a particular file. In Windows OS, the file is known as the QBWin.log and in Mac, it is known as QuickBooks.log.

    So, QuickBooks here we will discuss an error you might face while working on QuickBooks. This error is known as Windows event log error 4 or QuickBooks event log error 4.

    Causes of QBWin.log or QuickBooks.log Files in QuickBooks

    In Windows 7 computer, NET Framework 4.0 SP 1 causes this kind of the pitfall and makes it faulty.

    Steps to Fix QBWin.log or QuickBooks.log Files in QuickBooks

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Method 1: Installation .NET Framework 3.5

    🔶 Go to the main start button key and click on it. After that run the program
    🔶 Type appwiz.cpl in the dialogue box that opens up
    🔶 Remove or Add all the programs that are currently open, because Programs and features window opens up instantly
    🔶 User now will be able to locate MS.NET Framework 4.0
    🔶 Highlight it, before you click on the option of Uninstall
    🔶 Restart your PC before doing this
    🔶 Once the computer is restarted then go to the Start and then click again on Run
    🔶 Type cpl in Run box
    🔶 You will now be able to see Programs & Features window or Add/Remove Programs
    🔶 Look at the left side of the window, and you will see an option if Add or Remove Windows Features, click on it
    🔶 Screen of Windows Feature will appear
    🔶 By expanding .NET Framework you will see Microsoft .NET 3.5. Check the choices, first and second
    🔶 Then press OK
    🔶 .NET Framework 3.5 will get installed
    🔶 At the end, click on finish and you will see that the task is over

    Method 2: Uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

    🔶 Go to the Start key button and then click to Run program
    🔶 Then write appwiz.cpl in Run box
    🔶 You will see the option Add/Remove all programs. Open all of the Program and Features window.
    🔶 After that scroll down, and try finding the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
    🔶 Before you tap on Uninstall heading, ensure that you highlight it
    🔶 Once the .NET Framework is uninstalled, restart your computer
    🔶 Go to the Start and click on Run again after your computer restarts
    🔶 Type Control Panel in Run box
    🔶 You will see Programs & amp or Add/Remove programs Features, window open up
    🔶 On the window’s left side, you will find the Add Remove Windows Features option. Click on that option
    🔶 Windows Feature tab will open up
    🔶 This will help in expanding .NET Framework, which will show Microsoft .NET 3.5. 🔶 Carefully check the choices, both first and second for fixing up the event log error 4
    🔶 After doing that click on OK button
    🔶 Your .NET Framework 3.5 is ready to be installed
    🔶 Click on the option of finish once the task gets complete
    🔶 Restart the computer again and in order to integrate follow the steps as prescribed

    Are You Still Experiencing Run theError Report QBWin.Log in QuickBooks

    To know more about on this topic, you can call our trained and knowledgeable QuickBooks Customer Support team of experts.