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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 61102

    QuickBooks Error 61102

    The QuickBooks accounting software provides enhanced automation facilities for the payroll activities associated with a business. The QuickBooks payroll module is used extensively by small businesses around the world as it helps reduce manual work, ensure timely compliance and save time. But, very much like any other software, QuickBooks also has its fair share of issues.

    One of the most common issues the QuickBooks users face is the QuickBooks error 61102. If you have also faced this issue, simply go through this blog. Here, we will show you some easy but effective solutions to this common issue.

    Let’s proceed then!

    🔲 What is Primary Cause of Occurrence of QuickBooks Error 61102?

    QB users often face this error while updating the QuickBooks payroll. The QuickBooks Error 61102 mostly occurs when a user attempts to forward information to Intuit by using an incorrect PIN and password.

    🔲 Procedure to Fix QuickBooks Error 61102

    Here, we are providing a simple method to fix the QuickBooks Error 61102. You can fix this issue easily by resetting the password and PIN assigned for your QB Payroll module.

    🔲 Please follow the steps provided below:-

    ⏩ Restart the QuickBooks application
    ⏩ Login to your system with Admin credentials
    ⏩ From the Tool bar, click on the Employees tab
    ⏩ From the sub menu, choose Send Payroll Data.
    ⏩ The Send / Receive Payroll Data screen will pop up
    ⏩ Click on the Send tab.
    ⏩ The Payroll Service window will appear on your screen
    ⏩ Now select the Forgot Your Pin? tab .
    ⏩ Type in your Admin password in the blank field adjacent to Password .
    ⏩ Click OK to proceed
    ⏩ On being prompted, type in your chosen password
    ⏩ Click on the Submit button to complete the process.
    ⏩ Open QuickBooks and check if you are still getting the issue

    Final Words!

    QuickBooks takes utmost care for the sensitivity and confidentiality  of  your crucial business data. This is the reason why, it pops up the QuickBooks Error 61102 message when a user tries to access Intuit with wrong PIN and password.  You can resolve the QuickBooks Error 61102 by implementing the simple solution mentioned above. However, if you are still getting the issue even after implementing the procedure, you may reach out to some of the experienced QuickBooks live chat 24*7 experts.

    🔔Frequently Asked Questions

    What Happens When the QuickBooks Error 61102 ccurs on my System?

    When the QuickBooks Error 61102 occurs on your system, you will find your Windows crashing while you process the QB Payroll module. The system may also hang when the QuickBooks application is getting loaded.

    What are the Possible Causes of the QuickBooks Payroll Won’t Update issue?

    Here, we would list the primary causes of this issue:-
    👉 The QuickBooks application is not able to connect to internet
    👉 Issue with the internet settings in your computer
    👉 In correct system date and time settings
    👉 A file related to payroll update is missing in your computer
    👉 Incorrect SSL
    👉 Erroneous tax table
    👉 incorrect billing information

    Why Do I Get the ‘Employee not Showing in QuickBooks Payroll Error’ Message?

    Here are the primary causes why you get this issue:-
    👉 The employee has a termination or release date in his records
    👉 The employee is not attached to the correct payroll schedule
    👉 The employee is set as ‘inactive

    What Are The Symptoms Of the QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107?

    👉 QuickBooks error 2107 message appears and crashes the program window.
    👉 Your PC crashes with the error 2107 message when you are running a comparable program.
    👉 QuickBooks Error 2107 message is shown and nothing else happens
    👉 Windows becomes slow and responds slowly to mouse or any other input .
    👉 Your PC freezes for a few minutes, at times.

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