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QuickBooks Error H505 (Multi-user Mode Not Working)

    Fix Quickbooks Error 80029c4a

    The QuickBooks error H505 often triggers when you try to use the multi-user mode to access the company file. This issue specifies that the company file requires an additional configuration. This unexpected appearance of the QuickBooks H505 error interrupts the working of the company file. It in turn stops the multi-user connection to the server. The below post is rounded up with the possible causes and some of the essential troubleshooting resolutions to fix the error message H505 in QuickBooks Desktop

    What is QuickBooks Error H505?

    The error in QuickBooks desktop mainly happens when you try to access the company file that appears on another system; however the system needs extra installation steps and a setup process. Moreover, the error message happens when users try to check the setup procedure to host the multi-user access. Let’s delve into the below sections to know the causes, and fix to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error H505.

    Causes of QuickBooks Error H505

    Here is the list of factors responsible for the QuickBooks H505 error message:

    • If QuickBooks failed to discover the IP address of the system then there might occur an error message H505
    • The QuickBooks error message H505 displays when the firewall system blocks or stops the company file communication
    • Damaged, corrupted, or missing. ND file
    • Incorrect hosting configuration
    • When the QuickBooksDBXX service failed to function correctly
    • Wrong DNS settings
    • The DataBase server failed to scan the file or folders on the QuickBooks Desktop stored on the server.

    What are the Main Indications for the QuickBooks Error H505?

    Here are the symptoms of QuickBooks error H505 resolution methods:

    • When you face interruption in multi-user mode
    • The error crash the system
    • The keyboard unable to process commands
    • Low system performance
    • If the PC or laptop freezes during accessing the data file
    • Delay in mouse movement
    • System suddenly freezes

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    Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error H505

    Following is the list of resolutions to resolve the error code H505:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Fix Corrupted .ND File

    Network Data (.ND) is known as the configuration file that appears in the same folder as the company file. The QuickBooks Desktop uses this file to use the file on the network. Here is the list of steps to rename .AND file:
    🔷 Locate the folder with the QuickBooks company file
    🔷 Search the network data file with .ND and give a right-click on it 
    🔷 Choose Rename button and then embed the .OLD at the filename end
    🔷 Verify if the QuickBooks issue H505 is fixed. If not then try to perform the further troubleshooting resolution

    Run the Database Server Manager in QuickBooks Desktop

    The DB server manager is used to perform communication across the network server. Thus when the service gets disabled then you will see the error message H505 when accessing the company file. The steps to resolving the error are as follows:
    🔷 Firstly locate the trustable website to download the QuickBooks Tool hub
    🔷 Now save the downloaded file to the appropriate location
    🔷 After this hit on the file named QuickBooksToolHub.exe
    🔷 Next, follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install the tool
    🔷 Wait till the installation completes then open QuickBooks Tool Hub
    🔷 Choose Network issues in the tool and then it will launch the QuickBooks Database server manager
    🔷 Click on the option named Browse to choose the company file folder
    🔷 Hit the Start Scan tab
    🔷 It will complete the QuickBooks Database server manager fix the firewall and also give the required permission to use all the workstations
    🔷 Click Close button

    Create a New Company File Folder

    🔷 If there is a server error then you require verifying the company files for an error
    🔷 Now make a new folder on the host system 
    🔷 Next turn on the full access permissions 
    🔷 After this, you are required to make .QBW file enabled in the multi-user mode
    🔷 Verify now you can use the company file from all the workstations in the network

    Verify the Multi-User Mode Settings of Host

    The host multi-user mode allows the QuickBooks ease of hosting the company file for more than one user. However, if it is enabled on any workstation and it is the reason for the error then here are the steps to stop the hosting mode:
    🔷 Initially open the QuickBooks Desktop on which error take place
    🔷 Open the home page of the QuickBooks application 
    🔷 Hit on the File button then drag the mouse over the option named utilities 
    🔷 If there appears to stop hosting multi-user access then hit on the tab to pause the multi-user access to that workstation
    🔷 Now restart the system and then you are all set to use the multi-user mode

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    Firewall Settings

    🔷 Go to the “Control Panel” of your computer
    🔷 Look for “Firewall Settings” and select the option ”Allow a Program through Firewall
    🔷 Next, to add QuickBooks to the exception list select the option Add Programs Add QuickBooks
    🔷 To ensure that the changes made are applied reboot your machine

    Host Setting for QuickBooks

    🔷 To analyze the hosting settings start the QuickBooks application on the configured multi-user computers
    🔷 Turn off hosting by Select File Utilities Stop Hosting Multi User Configuration
    🔷 Turn the file hosting on one machine by selecting File Utilities Host Multi User Configuration. Do this step for both the multi user configured machine
    🔷 Once the hosting settings are updated on both the machines, reboot your machines.

    Note-: How to Fix QuickBooks Hosting Mode is off

    Change the Location of QuickBooks Folder

    🔷 Create a “Shared” folder on the host computer and give it permission to access all the company files
    🔷 In case, if you are not able to access file server for QuickBooks you need the assistance from an your IT Administrator
    🔷 After you got the access to the server files copy the file “.QBW” to a New Folder
    Now open all your companies files in “Multi-User” mode

    Final Words!

    If you want to make any enquiry or you are not satisfied with the solution and need further assistance from QuickBooks technical support, then contact QuickBooks support number. They are third-party consultancy who provides QuickBooks assistance worldwide. To contact them, call on their QuickBooks customer support toll-free number. You can get in touch with them at any point of time as they provide 24*7 customer assistance.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it Possible to Fix QuickBooks 50 Error H505 by Creating a New Company File Folder? 

    Make a new Company File Folder: 
    ▪ Create a “Replacement folder” on the hosting machine first. To share the company files, share the original folder and Windows access permissions. 
    ▪ If you don’t have access to a computer, contact a knowledgeable IT professional. 
    ▪ Copy the.qbw file in multi-user mode to the new location. 
    ▪ The Company file can now be opened.

    How to Authenticate Quickbooks Services

    ▪ To begin, open the RUN box by pressing Windows Key R. 
    ▪ Enter MSC and press Enter. 
    ▪ Then, in the Windows search bar, type Services.msc
    ▪ In the services window, scroll down and look for the QuickBooksDBXX service. 
    ▪ Then, double-click the QuickBooksDBXX service option and confirm that the startup type is set to Automatic and that Repair Standing is running or started. 
    ▪ Select the Recovery option. 
    ▪ If you notice a failure, you can restart QuickBooksDBXX service manually. Repeat for the second and any future failures. 
    ▪ To save your changes, click OK.
    ▪ Repeat steps 1-6 for the QBCFMonitorService. 
    ▪ On each affected digital computer, launch QuickBooks in multi-user mode. 

    Note: If the situation persists, create a QuickBooksDBXX service that belongs to the administrator cluster and has appropriate permissions.

    What Should you do if you Receive an Error Message, “The QuickBooksDBXX Service on Local Computer could not be Started because Windows could not find it.” Error 1079: This service’s account is different from the accounts used by other services in the same process.

    ▪ If you receive the mesQuickBooksabove, take the following steps: 
    ▪ Select Browser from the Log On tab. 
    ▪ Click on Check Names after entering your computer’s name in the “Enter the object name to select” field. 
    ▪ Now, when prompted, click OK and enter the administrator password. 
    ▪ Then click Ok to close the window.
    ▪ Return to the properties of QuickbooksDBXX and select Start. 
    ▪ Make sure the service is up and running by closing all the windows.

    Which Operating Systems are More Susceptible to Getting the Error Message H505?

    You can determine the error by the following indications in Microsoft Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista.

    How would I Stop Host Multi-user Access in the Server to fix the Error H505

    ▪ Open the QuickBooks Desktop without opening the company file 
    ▪ Hit on the File button and then click utility file 
    ▪ If you view the button named Host multi-user access and then hit on it

    How can I Edit the Host File in the System to Fix the Error Message H505?

    ▪ Firstly hold Win+R keys 
    ▪ It will display window 
    ▪ Enter Cmd
    ▪ Write IPconfig/all on the black window 
    ▪ Check the IP & hostname

    How can I Enable the Folders that are Hidden in the Computer while Fixing the H505 error?

    ▪ Hit View button
    ▪ Choose the Hidden Items tab
    ▪ Right tab on the file named host 
    ▪ Select Open with 
    ▪ Click Notepad
    ▪ Enter the IP address & computer name

    What If I Need to Edit the Host File in Windows?

    ▪ First of all close the QuickBooks Desktop 
    ▪ Hit Start button 
    ▪ Now run My computer 
    ▪ Locate  “C: Drive”.
    ▪ Click Windows
    ▪ After this click System32
    ▪ Next click Drivers 
    ▪ Now “Etc