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How to Fix QuickBooks Error OL-222?

    QuickBooks Error OL-222

    QuickBooks Error OL-222 pops up when users are trying to import the company file. It is a perplexing technical error and you may experience it while trying to import your company file into QuickBooks, .QBW from the legitimate website of your bank. QuickBooks is without a doubt one of the most popular accounting program. Sure enough, it has a lot to offer accountants and business owners for efficient accounting management. However, technical glitches do exist, and you may encounter them from time to time. QuickBooks Banking Error OL-222 is a similar error code that you could see when using QuickBooks online banking. But don’t worry! We are here to help you via this blog post as it covers all possible ways to troubleshoot this online banking error.

    What Causes QuickBooks Error OL-222?

    The most common cause of Error OL-222 is when the .QBO file name has one or more characters that go against Open Financial Exchange (OFX) rules. Open financial Exchange is standard protocol to exchange financial data with QuickBooks.

    Factors that are Responsible for QB Error: OL-222:

    ➤ Company having error files
    ➤ QBO file consists of invalid format
    ➤ Third-party software conflicting with OFX operations
    ➤ QuickBooks file name is against the Financial Institution Compliance
    ➤ A scanning error popped up in server response
    ➤ Unsupported characters in .QBW file that defines Open Finance Exchange (OFX) standards (OFX defines the standards for exchange between the Financial Institution and QuickBooks
    ➤ An irregular formatting of the QB company file may also lead to the error code OL-222.

    Method to Resolve QuickBooks Error OL-222

    To easily get rid of the error, you can opt for the below-discussed couple of ways. Do perform in the given sequence only which prevents you from making mistakes or helps you in easy troubleshooting. Let’s explore each of the ways one after one:

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    Amend Formatting Issues with .QBW File

    💠 Rectify the erroneous formatting of the QuickBooks, which is one of the main causes of the QuickBooks problem OL-222 to occur:
    💠 Initially, do a right-click on the QB Company file(.QBW)
    💠 From the drop-down menu, click the Edit option
    💠 Next, open the file in any of the preferred text editors
    💠 After that, look for Find option of your text editor to locate & amp text and delete/remove it as it is invalid text form
    💠 Go to the File and then hit Save once you are done with editing
    💠 Now, close the edited file and then open it in QuickBooks
    💠 Move to the next troubleshooting method if QB error OL-222 continues appearing.

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    Update your QuickBooks Software to the Latest Release

    Retry importing your QuickBooks company file from your bank’s official website after updating your accounting software to the latest maintenance version available.

    💠 Verify whether there is any latest update available. If yes then update your accounting software
    💠 Create a backup of the company file
    💠 Then try once again to import the QBW file from your bank’s website.

    Download FIDIR.txt File Over Again

    💠 Before you start this troubleshooting method, make sure that you have backup up of your company file and QuickBooks should be closed
    💠 In the very first step, close your QuickBooks Desktop software
    💠 Next, copy the whole text from the FIDIR.txt page
    💠 Now, create a new file and then paste it the text that you have copied before
    💠 Save your new file to a location where it is easy find with a name FIDIR.txt
    💠 Delete the original FIDIR.txt file
    💠 Hit the Option key from your keyboard
    💠 Click GO >>> Library in the Finder application
    💠 Move to the ApplicationSupport / 20XX / Downloads to proceed further
    💠 Delete the FIDIR.txt file from the folder
    💠 Once done then access QuickBooks from the Finder application
    💠 After that, press CTRL key and then click QuickBooks at the same time
    💠 Your prior action will bring up a context menu, which you must select and click
    💠 Show Package Contents
    💠 Perform a double-click on the Content folder in your new window
    💠 Once again perform double-click on the Resource folder then search and delete the FIDIR.txt file
    💠 Copy an earlier created new FIDIR.txt file and paste it into Downloads & Resources folder
    💠 Perform the same steps and retry to import the .QBW file into QuickBooks.


    The above steps will surely help you in fixing the QuickBooks Error Ol-222. In case you are still unable to fix the error or you have some doubt about QuickBooks software, then you can connect with our QuickBooks online support team for the instant help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What exactly is QuickBooks Error: OL-222?

    Ans: It is basically an online banking error. When this problem happens, QB error message OL-222 will appear on your screen, explaining the fault’s status, cause, and effects. “Your request could not be fulfilled by QuickBooks. Please get in touch with your bank (OL-222). Because there is a scan problem, the error notification indicates that QB is not receiving the correct response from your Financial Institution’s website.

    Q2. What are the important steps I need to perform to manually update my QuickBooks software?

    Ans: In the beginning step, you have to download the latest updates then close your company files and QuickBooks as well.
    ➤ Open the Windows Start menu
    ➤ Look for QuickBooks Desktop and then do a right-click on the icon
    ➤ Select the option “Run as an Administrator”
    ➤ Move to the Help tab and select “Update QuickBooks Desktop” while you’re on the No Company Open screen
    ➤ Now, go to the Options tab and select “Mark All” >>> “Save”
    ➤ After that, move to the Update Now tab and then select the checkbox “Reset Update”
    ➤ At last, select the “Get Updates” when you’re all set.
    ➤ When the update finishes, close and reopen QuickBooks Desktop. To install the updates, select “Yes”. When the install finishes, restart your computer.

    Q3. How do I manually backup my company file in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans: Go to the File menu and select the option “Switch to Single-user Mode. Once again, go back to the File menu and hover over Back up Company and then select “Create Local Backup”. Now, select “Local Backup” in the window and then hit “Next”. Select Browse in the Local Backup Only option and navigate to the location where you want to save your backup company file. Decide how many backups you wish to keep (this is optional). Before you save, this runs a test to ensure that your backup file is in good order. Select OK when you’re finished. Choose Save it now and then “Next”.