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How to Fix Sage 50 2020.1 Issues After Upgrade

    How to Fix Sage 50 2020.1 Issues After Upgrade

    One of the most important benefits of the Sage 50 accounting software is that it always remains up-to-date with new versions and regular service updates. The Sage 50 2020 version was released with all new features, improvements, and solutions to bugs/errors experienced in earlier versions. This is what makes the version Sage 50 2020 better equipped to address the accounting needs of small and growing businesses.

    However, some of our readers have been informed that they have received a number of error messages after upgrading to the Sage 50 2020 version of late. If you are also having such issues, we would recommend you to go through this blog. Here, we would mention multiple methods to fix these issues. Simply carry out the steps sequentially and get rid of these issues!

    ♻ MethodstoFix the Sage 50 2020.1 Issues After Upgrade

    Save the Latest Backup and Change the File Name

    ➤ Search for the latest backup before the upgradation attempt

    🔹 Navigate to the folder C:\Users\USERNAME*\Documents\Simply Accounting\Backups\CAN2020
    🔹 Here, you will notice 2 backup files

    • xxxxxxxxxxxxx_bak_2019.*
    • xxxxxxxxxxxxx_bak_2019.*

    Please note: the date/time stamp will be for the period when you made the upgradation attempt

    ➤ Search for the file without the underscore. You will need to convert this file fully to the 2020.1 version
    ➤ try to open the.SAI file
    ➤ If successful, click on the Save As tab and save the file to its original location
    ➤ change the file name suitably

    Disable the Firewall During the Conversion

    ➤ Search for the most recent backup before your conversion attempt
    🔹 navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME*\Documents\Simply Accounting\Backups\CAN2020
    ➤ before you start the conversion process, disable any security software/firewall temporarily
    ➤ Restore and convert the file to a fresh location
    ➤ Alternately, you may shorten the file name
    ➤ If the conversion is unsuccessful, go to the steps below
    ➤ Move the file again to a new folder on the C Drive. Alternately, you may rename the file
    ➤ Now, open the file for conversion
    ➤ If the conversion is not successful, carry out the following steps
    🔹 Make sure the user profile is either local or on a domain
    🔹 If the profile is on a domain – create a new local user and try doing the conversion again

    ♻ Steps to fix issues of the conversion screen looping back and display of file location at the temporary folder

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    ➤ Close the Sage 50 2020 application
    ➤ Locate the most recent. CAB file backup. If you can’t find any backup, copy the existing .SAJ folder and the .SAI file
    ➤ open Sage 50 2020 again
    ➤ Click to open the .SAI copy of the original .SAI file to convert
    ➤ on the conversion screen, uncheck the box next to Automatically create a backup copy
    ➤ Click the Start tab to initiate the conversion process


    We hope the discussion above would help you a great deal to get rid of the Sage 50 2020 .1 issues after the upgrade. If you are still facing any issues or if you have any queries, you may speak to some of the authorized Sage live chat experts.

    🔔 Frequently Asked Question

    🔰 What are the Causes of the Sage 50 2020. 1 Upgrade Issue?

     ⏩ There can be many reasons why these issues may occur. Some of the most prominent ones are listed below-
    ⏩ The SAJ and SAI folders are incomplete, post the up-gradation to Sage 50 2020.1
    ⏩ After installing the Sage 50 2020.1 payroll tax updates, the file does not get converted
    ⏩ Conversion loops back to the initial welcome screen
    ⏩ After the loopback, the conversion screen display data that remains in a temp location

    🔰 What are the Minimum System Requirements to Install the Sage 50 2020 U.S. Edition?

    Here are the system requirements you should meet-
    ⏩ 1 GB disk space for installation
    ⏩ processor speed of 2.0 GHz
    ⏩ 5 GB storage for Sage Drive company files
    ⏩ 4 GB RAM
    ⏩ Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, with the latest Microsoft updates installed
    ⏩ Internet Explorer 11.0.
    ⏩ Microsoft.NET framework 4.7.2, with DirectX Dependency for .NET
    ⏩ 16 bit SVGA Video with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 800.
    ⏩ preferred download speed of 25 Mbps and upload speed of 10 Mbps- for best performance

    🔰 I am Currently Using the Sage 50 2019 Version. How Can I Update to Sage 50 2020?

    ⏩ If you are using the Sage 50 2019 version, you may have got the update message in your product itself.

    You can update by following the steps mentioned below-
    ⏩ Open Sage 50 2019
    ⏩ Log in to your Sage account
    ⏩ Take a proper data backup
    ⏩ Now click the Services menu
    ⏩ Navigate to further options
    ⏩ Click the Check For Updates tab
    ⏩ Click on the Check Now button
    ⏩ From the update links, choose Sage 50 2020 update
    ⏩ Now click the Download option
    ⏩ Wait till the download gets completed
    ⏩ Then close the Sage 50 application
    ⏩ Open the software again
    ⏩ The updates will be installed automatically. If not, you will need to install the updates manually. You should also update your company files, to avoid any possible data loss.

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