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Sage Decline Code 0000R1

    Sage Decline 0000R1

    Sage 50 is an accounting, financial and business management software. It helps in making business simple all around the word. Sage is a well known software for accounting in medium and small sized businesses. It helps in business growth and supports the accounts department, in case of billing, etc. It is a safe and highly secure software that can be accessed online and takes care of all the business requirements.

    Sage 50 is built with certain attributes which helps to automate the business efficiently. The software keeps updating itself to fix the errors. It provides security and protection to the online banking services. While using Sage, customers may come across some errors that can be resolved by our highly experienced support team. These errors are encountered when there is any network trouble or all the specifications are not met. The error may pop up on banking transactions or security. If these errors are not handled on time they may cause major trouble in the long run. In this article, we will talk about Sage decline code 0000R1.

    Reasons of Sage Decline Code 0000R1

    Sage Error 0000R1 error when it is encountered the customer gets the message “STOP RECURRING”. The issuing bank has declined the card holder’s authorization as the payment from specific merchant was suspended by the customer.

    Solutions of Sage Decline Code 0000R1

    If the customer comes across such a situation then it is recommended to close the recurring schedule attached to this credit card. The customer should contact the merchant and get it confirmed whether they want to continue the business. The customer will have to apply and get the authorization to get started again. As further attempts to use the previous card will result in charge back.

    After getting the new authorization, customer can use different payment card and different payment methods. Customer can also get billing on the previous account if he is willing then he has to contact the card issuer and get the previous card activated. Once the confirmation is received from the customer, the recurring billing can be started on the previous account.

    In short, we can say Sage decline error 0000R1 means customer has stopped all the recurring payments from a specific merchant by requesting the respective bank. That is why the card holder receives this error message. If the error occurs, the card holder may come across the following display.

    Transaction code


    Transaction message

    Stop recurring

    Error meaning

    Customer requested to stop all the recurring payments from a specific merchant.

    Get Support Help:

    If you have any further queries on Sage Error 0000R1, please feel free to contact our experienced Sage Technical Support Team which is ready to help you with your queries promptly. They are available 24/7 for assistance at the toll free number .