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How to Fix Sage Error 1335

    Sage Error 1335

    Sage 50 is a smart accounting software which helps in managing accounts, invoices and other financial transaction. There are enormous numbers of advantages when managing finances and payments by using Sage software. Sage business accounting software is used in United States for automation of small and medium sized business. With its efficiency, the software has been able to meet all the business requirements. Some of the benefits that are arguably amazing and make this software stand apart from the other software:

    • Easy to keep the record of the transactions and less chances of errors.
    • Creation of financial reports on quarterly or yearly basis that helps in future predictions.
    • All the necessary finance related information at tips that helps in making decisions on financial analysis.

    As with any other software, Sage also has some errors. There is detailed information available to resolve the errors and if there are few errors that can’t be resolved by user, there are Sage Technical Support Experts as to fix them. One of the errors that can be fixed by a user on its own is Sage Error Code 1335 and if it is encountered by you at this moment below is the detailed information on how to solve it on your own.

    While installing the Sage software, user may encounter Sage error code 1335 with the error message “The Cabinet file ‘Data’” that is required for the installation of the software that is corrupted and the software cannot be installed. In short, this means ‘’ file is missing during the installation and without that further installation process cannot be completed. This particularly happens when the Sage software is installed from the CD/DVD and information from it cannot be fully decoded.

    Steps for Fix Sage Error 1335

    • Start your computer.
    • Go to the start, Run and search file SA_ 201X
    • Right click on the file and run as administrator
    • On the installation directory click Browse.
    • Create a folder and name it “Temp” on your desktop.
    • Extract files into that folder.
    • Install Sage 50.

    If you are Installing from CD/ DVD follow the Following Steps:

    • Insert the CD/ DVD and browse the CD / DVD on your computer.
    • Double click and install Sage 50.
    • Accept the agreement and click on install.
    • Click finish and Sage 50 will be installed on your computer

    Final Words :

    Still, not able to solve the issue on your own? Our Sage Tech Support Experts are available to help you fix the error and get back the smooth flow of recording transactions. To get in touch with the Sage Technical Support Team, dial they are always there to help you with your errors.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What Role does the File Play in Sage error 1335?

    Ans : The Sage error code 1335 with the error message “The Cabinet file ‘Data'” that is necessary for the installation of the program is damaged and the program cannot be loaded may appear while installing Sage software. 

    In simple terms, this implies that the ‘’ file was missing during the installation and that the installation procedure could not continue without it. This is especially true when Sage software is installed from a CD/DVD and the data it contains cannot be properly decrypted.

    Q 2. Why do Sage Installation Errors Occur?

    Ans : There are several complications that arise during the installation of the programme. Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing installation. All of the challenges that you encounter must be resolved. 

    Broken software files, lost files, corrupted downloads, connection difficulties, system requirements not being met, Windows being out-of-date, admin access issues, and others are examples of these issues. To determine the explanation for the problem  you’re having and then use the appropriate solution approach.

    Here is a brief of the reasons for Installation errors in Sage 50:

    ▪ Not enough system resources
    ▪ Dependencies not installed
    ▪ Damaged installation file
    ▪ Security Software Blocking the Installation
    ▪ Windows Firewall blocking Installation on a Network

    Q 3. How can Windows Update and the .NET Framework help with Sage 50 Installation Errors?

    Ans : You may conduct updates both automatically and manually in Windows Update. You need to proceed to check for it, then download and update it. However, in automatic mode, your system will notify you of any available updates and will then update your system.

    You must first use the Control Panel to uninstall or delete the Microsoft.NET Framework. After that, you must update your system to the most recent version. This aids you in fixing the troubles that this framework has caused you. Without any issues, try to install it properly.