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Sage 50 Email Problems the Report has Failed to Output to Email

    report has failed to output to email

    Sage 50 grabs the top position among all the accounting software that is specially to aid the growth of the small and medium sized businesses. It has a high security configuration that can keep all the important data in a very secure way. All the company files need proper access. It aids in completion of tasks in a quick and accurate manner due to all the tools that result in making many of the tasks automated and more streamlined.

    All the data has high module security configurations. Moreover, it can be accessed from anytime anywhere via web enabled devices with stable internet connectivity. This helps in working with any client a cakewalk irrespective of the location of the client.

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    However, no software is completely free from errors and the users might have to face situations where certain errors might pop up. However, there is nothing to panic. One can resolve the issues easily with the help of Sage help desk team experts who can provide assistance to you round the clock. The details about the error is mentioned below:

    Understanding Sage Error: The Report has Failed to Output to Email

    If the user is facing any issue regarding the report failing to get output to email, then it can mean the following things:

    • The user is not able to send emails.
    • Generic COM error can also pop up as an error result.
    • It can simply show report has failed to output to email.

    Resolutions to Fix Sage Error Report Failed to Output to Email

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Install all Updates

    🔷 The user must then correctly install all updates for the specific version of Outlook that the user is using. 
    🔷 The user should now attempt emailing the document once more. 
    🔷 The user should next double-check the Outlook and Sage software’s Run as administrator settings. 
    🔷 Try creating a new custom report option in Sage 50 Payroll.

    Reopen Microsoft Outlook

    🔷 Shut down and reopen Microsoft Outlook, making sure it opens correctly. 
    🔷 Right-click any file on the system and select transmit to. 
    🔷 Select Mail Recipient from the drop-down menu. 

    Click Mail Recipient

    🔷 Write Control/name Microsoft while holding down the Window key + R. Default. 
    🔷 Click the “OK” button. Select any file on the system with the right mouse button. 
    🔷 Choose who you want to send to and then click Mail Recipient.

    For understanding the advanced steps related to resolving this error without causing any harm to the system or important data files, it is recommended to contact the Sage professional experts at They will be with you at each step to resolve the issue for you.

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    Final Words :

    The houses a competent Sage 50 help desk team that can resolve all types of errors in the fastest possible time. They are tremendously knowledgeable and can give quick as well as efficient steps for resolving all issues related to the Sage software. If the user is having problems in sending the report output to email, it is best to consult the experts in this team. They will offer end to end resolutions.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What are some Causes of Sage Error The Report was unable to be Emailed.

    Ans : Some root causes of Sage Error The report was unable to be emailed. 

    ▪ Check that their Outlook version is compatible with their Sage software. 
    ▪ They are employing the desktop version rather than the cloud version. 
    ▪ Updates all Outlook installations. 
    ▪ After finishing this procedure, try to email their paper again.

    Q 2. Sage’s Resolution The Report was Unable to be Output to Email using MAPI.

    Ans : Select Email as the default setting by clicking on Settings:

    ▪ Choose the appropriate tab and then click on the invoice. 
    ▪ Select the override Default Outlook Signature checkbox and press the OK button. 
    ▪ Concerning the Sage Payroll problem 
    ▪ Select Printer Offsets and then Email Setup. 
    ▪ Select the report in Microsoft Outlook and click on the MAPI button. 
    ▪ First select OK and then click on No. 
    ▪ Try emailing their document once more.

    Q 3. Can you Resolve the Sage Error The Report was Unable to be Emailed through Outlook?

    Ans : Yes, you can resolve this error by following these steps: 

    ▪ Examine and execute the Sage programme and Outlook administrator. 
    ▪ Deactivate all software. From the drop-down option, select Outlook. 
    ▪ Navigate to the Properties tab, then to the Compatibility tab. 
    ▪ Go to the drop-down menu and click Run as an administrator option. 
    ▪ After clicking OK, right-click on the Sage software shortcut. 
    ▪ After clicking Properties and selecting the compatibility option, click OK.
    ▪ Try sending them the document again through email.