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Sage Error Unable To Send All Emails And Generic COM Error

    sage generic com Error

    Moreover, Sage 50 accounting software is very safe and secure due to high level security configurations. The company files can be accessed from any part of the world, thus, creating a very collaborative environment with clients. However, every software may occasionally face few errors which can be resolved. Let us discuss one such error like Error 2 MAPI_E_FAILURE and “Sage Error with Address Generic Com Error”.

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    Many small and medium size industries are steadily switching over to the Sage software to gain a foothold in the competitive market. The reason is that this software further augments growth by streamlining accounting and inventory related tasks beautifully. Various activities like inventory tracking, flow management and tracking payments are possible with this software.

    Causes of Sage 50 Error Generic Com Error and Reasons For Unable To Send All Emails

    • Sometimes it may be due to many versions of Outlook installed on the same system.
    • The Outlook may also have been set up in such a way to Run as Administrator.
    • The User Account Control (UAC) may be enabled.
    • There might be inappropriate email setting that needs to be fixed.
    • There might be reduced and degraded email writer setting.

    Step to Fix Sage “Generic Com Error” Unable to Send All Emails

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    First: Check Outlook Version Is Compatible With Sage Software

    🔶 First the user has to see whether the version of Outlook is compatible with Sage software.
    🔶 All latest updates of different versions of Outlook have to be checked.
    🔶 After following the above steps, try sending the email again.

    Second: Change Outlook Settings

    🔶 Right click and shut down all programs. The Outlook shortcut needs to be selected. Click on Properties.
    🔶 The user needs to go to the Compatibility tab. The user needs to check the option- Run this program as an admin check box.
    🔶 Next choose OK. The sage software needs to be right-clicked. Then click on Properties.
    🔶 After completion of the task, emailing of the doc should be tried.

    Third: The User Needs To Check The Settings Of Microsoft Outlook Accurately.

    🔶 Microsoft Outlook needs to be closed. Try reopening it.
    🔶 On the system, right click on the word doc and then click on Send.
    🔶 The Windows Key+R needs to be pressed and then write name/control
    🔶 Microsoft default programs. Press the Enter button.

    Fourth: Removing the Email Signature In Outlook

    Try removing the email signature in case the user has any problems with the invoices or purchase orders, sales orders or statements or remittance layouts.

    🔶 The user needs to go to the settings. Email default needs to be selected.

    There can be many types of resolutions for fixing Generic COM error or in case unable to send errors.  Contact for details.

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    Sage 50 is tremendously popular accounting software that has steadily gained a name for itself in the market. It is popular in the accounting world due to the numerous features and tools. Demand is quite high as it helps to make the tasks smoother and faster. It is advisable to upgrade the version timely to take full benefits of the software.

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