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How to Get QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Badges?

    QuickBooks Certified Proadvisor Badges

    QuickBooks offers ProAdvisor and training certifications to become a QuickBooks pro and a certified accountant in your area. The ProAdvisor training comprises of a complete study of QuickBooks tools and an exam to get proper certification as a proof of the effort.

    As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you will be distinguished as an expert and the small and medium businesses will be able to contact you based on your badges earned and training.

    What are the Advantages of QuickBooks ProAdvisor Training?

    • Becoming a ProAdvisor can help one to learn every nuance involved in handling QuickBooks tool, an essential part of the job of an accountant.
    • Getting a certification also boost the confidence of an individual, and also provides a proof to the clients about your expertise in that area.
    • After the completion of the ProAdvisor training once can enroll their profile in the Find-a-ProAdvisor site, wherein any new clients searching for an expert can locate your presence and call in for advice
    • Earn ProAdvisor badges, an essential part of the training, which can help display to the clients about the number or nature of training you have undergone.
    • An unlimited phone calls to the QuickBooks customer care or technical support, to have your questions answered without any delay.
    • Earning CPE credit points, to fix your place as a certified accountant

    Steps to Get QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Badge

    Every accounting professional, tax consultant or those in a similar line of work have distinct distinctions in their way of working. A ProAdvisor badge is rendered to persons once they complete the ProAdvisor certification and training, and each of these badges reflects the practice and accomplishments of a certified individual.

    So, first and foremost, earning a ProAdvisor certificate is essential to get those badges from the ProAdvisor site. Once you have completed the certification and training process and have given your relevant examination, you can download the badges. To download the badge:

    Steps for Download QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Badge

    1. Log into the QBOA site with your credentials.
    2. Click on the ‘PROADVISOR’ tab on the navigation menu
    3. Search and click on ‘TRAINING’ tab on the window
    4. An exam card will be displayed. On the card, click open the right drop-down menu, and click ‘DOWNLOAD BADGE

    In case you are not able to view the badge or certification on the ProAdvisor site, and you have completed your certification process, call our QuickBooks technical support team for assistance.

    Download the badges, (both your current and older ones) to enjoy unlimited success in your career. For downloading the older badges (for the certifications obtained before), click on the ‘ACCESSING YOUR CERTIFICATION HISTORY’ and select the certification for which you want the badge to be downloaded. If you are not able to locate the new badges, call the QuickBooks customer care for help and troubleshooting.

    Why Accounting Problem

    Get all the relevant ProAdvisor certifications and download the badges to be displayed on your profile on the site. The number of badges earned adds on to the credibility and a certified QuickBooks professional, which are two essential criteria for any small businesses. Call our QuickBooks customer support team on Quickbooks Support Phone Number for all details and QuickBooks Product help!


    What is QuickBooks ProAdvisor

    Quickbooks ProAdvisor is a professional and knowledgeable tax expert, that offers assistance with both income and business taxes. Quickbooks ProAdvisor can help you file your taxes on time, making sure all of your returns are accurate and up to date.

    How to Find a ProAdvisor

    QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s have a unique listing provided by the database. Sometimes you just need to know who will talk to your company, so you can find them in our easy database search. Other times, you may be able to contact the QuickBooks Pro Advisor through us also.

    How to do Quickbooks ProAdvisor Certification

    1) Visit Intuit website 2) Fill out the first four steps to create an account 3) After you fill in the four steps, check the box for “I want to be certified” and click on continue 4) Next come over to our Quickbooks Pro Advisor Certification page to take a test