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How to Install or Uninstall Plugins in QuickBooks Desktop

    Install Uninstall Plugins in QuickBooks

    QuickBooks is the solution to all your business needs like managing day to day business expenses, sales and accounts, and all business related transactions in a smooth manner. It can be used to generate bills, invoices, reports (both month-end and year-end), filing your taxes (both for the quarter end or annual year) and many more things. QuickBooks accounting software works fine for all types of business right from small time entrepreneurs to medium businessman. It’s easy to manage, the businessman himself can operate on it or can hire bookkeeper.

    QuickBooks integrates various processes of accounting into one system. It alleviates the use of documents and accounting tasks required by the company. It manages both the Accounts Receivable and Payable, keeps track of all the reports and financial statement at one place. It makes the task of invoice creation, scheduling monthly payments, maintaining multiple bank accounts, different payment methods an easy task. QuickBooks is easy to use software and does not require any kind of training.

    Steps for Install/Uninstall Plugin in QuickBooks

    The following article will help you understand the installation and un-installation process

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    Verify Plugins Version

    Firstly you should verify the version of the plugin you are going to install. To do so from the QuickBooks main menu select Vendors > Vendors > About. Check whether your version is latest or not. Always use the latest version.

    Uninstall the Plugin

    🔶 Go to Add/Remove programs of and search for QuickBooks Plugin and QBFC Plugins.
    🔶 Right-click on the above stated programs and select “Uninstall”
    🔶 Once un-installation is done you will prompted with a message stating “The selected program is Un-installed”

    Download the Plugin

    🔶 Before you start downloading you need to deactivate your firewall or antivirus
    🔶 Next, sign into and select Import QuickBooks
    🔶 Click on the Desktop Plugin of QuickBooks
    🔶 Next, download the zip file which consist of instructions for downloading and executing the plugin

    Install the Plugin

    🔶 Close your QuickBooks application if it’s still running
    🔶 Disable the firewall and antivirus programs running on your machine
    🔶 Extract or Unzip the downloaded Installation files
    🔶 Once the files are extracted run the .exe file by double-clicking on it. Make sure you are running the exe file as an Administrator
    🔶 Ones the executable file starts running keep following the prompts, which would help you to complete the installation process
    🔶 Select “Yes” when it asks for the permission to access the Personal Data. Once done this would complete the installation process
    🔶 Once the installation is complete, activate antivirus/network firewall

    QuickBooks is Most Useful in Completing the Below Mentioned Financial Transactions

    🔶 Generating Sales Report
    🔶 Keeping a track of taxes and payroll
    🔶 Managing accounts payable, bills etc.
    🔶 Maintaining sales and export reports
    🔶 Creating and keeping a track of the invoices

    Are You Still Experiencing Issue in Install/Uninstall Plugins in QuickBooks

    The Solution mentioned above are applicable for different cases while making transactions through QuickBooks. If you want to make any enquiry and need further assistance from QuickBooks technical experts, then contact our QuickBooks Online support team number. They are third-party consultancy which provides QuickBooks assistance worldwide. To contact them, call on their QuickBooks Enterprise customer support toll-free number. You can get in touch with them at any point in time as they provide 24*7 customer assistance.