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Print 1099 and 1096 Forms in Sage 100

    Print 1099 and 1096 form in sage

    Prior moving to the steps to print the 1099 and 1096 forms do not forget to create a backup of your important financial data of your company.

    Sage 50 business accounting application was developed with a purpose to simplify and ease the regular monotonous accounting process of the small and med-sized companies. The software is features with numerous tools and modules that automates the manual accounting process and helps in quick and accurate performing of the accounting activities. The software is capable of handling taxes creating and printing forms that helps in saving plenty of business time. Sage 1099 and 1096 are Annual Summary and Transmittal of US Information Returns, IRS(Internal Revenue Service) form used to concise the information returns sent to the IRS. There is set of steps designed to print the 1099 and 1096 forms in Sage 100.

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    Steps to Print 1099 and 1096 Forms in Sage 100?

    In order to print or e-filing 1099 and 1096 forms perform the below steps:

    • Go to Accounts Payable option -> Click on Reports -> Click on Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting
    • Choose New to use field in form 1099 for e-Filing and Reporting window
    • You have choose any one of the types of forms: dividend, interest, miscellaneous
    • You need to choose the type of Vendor
    • Then choose the 1099 Calendar Year
    • Mention the minimal YTD Payment for vendors with YTD payments that is equal or greater than the mentioned amount.
    • Thoroughly check the company information that is entered is right ( such as the name and address of the Company, the City, State and the ZIP Code, Federal ID No., Telephone and Fax fields etc.)
    • Once the verification is over click accept
    • (In case you are notified to install a compulsory or optional update click YES and then follow the instructions displayed over the screen. It is recommended to install the compulsory updates to keep the processing continued. Also you need to install the install Automatic updates so as to maintain current forms and programs.
    • Click Next when the 1099 Wizard appears.
    • On the Checklist page, select the Print Checklist button to print a list of steps to use when verifying information on the 1099. Click Finish to continue.
    • When you land to the W2/1099 Preparer window, go through the steps in order to complete the form.
    • When you complete reviewing the details provided in the 1099 recipient grid and overcome handling the error, you can now prepare to process your 1099s.
    • You decide the way you want to process your 1099 forms for printing and processing the screen (for both e-File or combined). Basically there are two main options in the processing screen:
    • Complete e-File Service
    • Other Options
      • Go through Print my Recipient 1099 Copies
      • Choose right forms that comprise of printing of Federal 1099s and 1096 forms and Print State 1099s as well as the Reconciliation Forms
      • The boxes for e-filing will be displayed will the below mentioned options:
        • In the e-Filing check boxes you can record copies of 1096 and 1099 copy will be printed and will be e-Filed.
        • In case e-File check boxes are unchecked the 1096 and 1099 copy needs 2 part pre-printed red ink form and 1096 requires pre-printed red ink form.
    • These forms can be viewed through the Forms Viewer. The Federal 1099 forms will be showcased in the beginning as the first step in the Forms Viewer for you to print.

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