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Sage 50 Keeps Shutting Down

    Sage Keeps Shutting Down

    Are you also tired of Sage 50 keeps shutting down again and again?

    Did you know that there are solutions that you can use to fix this issue so easily? Get 6 solutions that you can implement to resolve Sage 50 keeps shutting down. Get to know the reason and then select the solution according to the reason to implement it. The problem of Sage 50 shutting down happens when the Sage 50 host is not logged in as the admin, there are issues with the shortcut icon of Sage 50, or antivirus is interrupting. To fix this problem follow the solution steps one by one on your own and then you can resolve the problem.

    Major Reasons of Sage 50 Keeps Crashing

    • When Windows 10 installation on update
    • When Corrupt or Damaged windows installation
    • Installation of Windows 10 Fall Creators
    Situation when Sage 50 Crash

    Steps for Fix Sage 50 Keeps Shutting Down Issue?

    Here Are Some Simple Ways That You Can Execute To Fix The Sage 50 Keeps Shutting Down Problem:

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Sign In The Host Workstation As An Admin

    Well, if you feel that the problem that you are facing is just limited to the access rights on your Windows user level then we would suggest you check this first by signing in your account as an admin and open Sage Accounts.

    If you are not able to access your accounts as an admin, then follow the given steps:

    πŸ’  Firstly, right click on the Sage program shortcut icon, go to Properties.
    πŸ’  From there, select the Compatibility option.
    πŸ’  Now, you have to go to below the Privilege section and put a tick mark on the Run program as an admin checkbox.
    πŸ’  Press OK to open Sage program.

    Important note: If the glitch continues and you finding it quite challenging to carry out the recommended steps, please connect with our Accounting Problem Sage 50 tech support team experts to get an instant resolution.

    Verify The Shortcut Icon of Your Sage Accounting Software Application

    To do so, you have to carry out these steps:

    πŸ’  In case, there are more than one shortcut icons of Sage program on your Desktop, then you have to try to click on all the options to check which one is working.
    πŸ’  Otherwise, just open the software by going to Programs option that you can find in the Start tab.

    Turn Off Any Anti-Virus Program That Is Installed In Your Machine For A Short Duration

    You can take the assistance of the IT professionals in order to turn off the anti-virus program installed in your machine as they can help you make the desired changes in the software application to exempt the Sage account files and folders.

    Sometimes the settings of the anti-virus software inhibit Sage files and folders to access your accounts. Hence, disabling this program for a time being can help you in resolving the issue.

    Please bear in mind that once the issue is resolved you have to again activate your anti-virus application so as to protect your machine again any sort of online threat.

    Browse Any Software Update Is Pending

    You have to visit the Sage website to check whether there is any latest update which is available and you have not still updated your software application to the latest edition. When you will update your software application to latest edition of Sage 50 2021, chances are the modified or enhanced files can replace the infected or damaged files that are creating trouble.

    Make Changes In The MS .NET Framework

    To make the desired changes in the MS .NET framework, you need to either switch them off and again switch them on or just uninstall the framework and try to install them back again.

    Uninstall MS .NET Framework in Windows 8 and 10

    πŸ’  Keep hold of the Windows key and press X and click on Control Panel.
    πŸ’  From Control Panel, go to Programs & Features.
    πŸ’  Choose to switch off /on the Windows Features.
    πŸ’  You need to remove the tick mark from the MS .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.7 edition check boxes and press OK.
    πŸ’  Reboot your machine now.

    Reinstall MS .NET Framework in Windows 8 and 10

    πŸ’  Keep hold of the Windows key and press X and click on Control Panel.
    πŸ’  From Control Panel, got to Programs and Features.
    πŸ’  Choose to switch off /on the Windows Features.
    πŸ’  You need to put the tick mark from the MS .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.7 edition check boxes and press OK.
    πŸ’  Download the updated framework and Reboot your machine now.

    Try To Uninstall And Reinstall Your Sage Software Accounting Application To Fix The Issue

    Uninstall your Sage Software Accounting Application to Fix the Issue

    πŸ’  First of all, do the backup of all your Sage 50 data.
    πŸ’  Go to the Control Panel in your Windows system.
    πŸ’  Then click on the Programs option.
    πŸ’  Again, select the programs option.
    πŸ’  Now, you get a list of installed programs on your computer.
    πŸ’  Search for the Sage 50.
    πŸ’  After locating it, right-click on it and then select the option Uninstall.
    πŸ’  Then the uninstallation of Sage 50 software is done.
    πŸ’  After completion of the uninstallation process.
    πŸ’  Go to the File Explorer.
    πŸ’  Then open the C:\Program Files (x86).
    πŸ’  Select the Sage folder and delete it.
    πŸ’  Also, delete the Winsim folder.
    πŸ’  Shift your backup to an external device at a safe place.
    πŸ’  Then remove all the simply accounting and Sage software folders from your computer.
    πŸ’  To clean the Registry of Windows.
    πŸ’  Open the Run window and type the Regedit then click on Enter button.
    πŸ’  Now, you are done with proper manual uninstallation.

    NEED EXPERTS HELP : Sage 50 Crashing After Windows 10 Update

    Reinstall Your Sage Software Accounting Application

    πŸ’  First of all, check the downloaded installer in your file manager
    πŸ’  The location is C:\Sage\Sage50 Accounting Installer files XXXX (XXXX is the year of the software)
    πŸ’  After locating the file, double-click on the file to launch it. The file is with .exe extension
    πŸ’  If you have the CD for the installation then insert it into your CD or DVD drive
    Install it in your system by following the instructions of the installation wizard
    πŸ’  Then wait for the status bar to complete after that click on the Finish button
    πŸ’  Now, you are done with the re installation of Sage 50 in your system.


    All the information for how to resolve Sage 50 keeps shutting down is provided above. You have to process the solution steps and get them fixed. For further inquiries or queries, you can reach the Sage customer helpline team anytime. Dial the toll-free number, email, or do a Sage 50 live chat with professional assistants. The team assists you better as they are trained to resolve and answer all your glitches.

    πŸ’ Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What Are The Steps To Backup Sage 50 Data Files?

    πŸ’  Firstly, open the Sage 50 software.
    πŸ’  In Sage 50, open the data file that you want to backup.
    πŸ’  Check that you are signed in to the company file for creating backup.
    πŸ’  Go to the File menu option.
    πŸ’  In the File menu, select the option Backup.
    πŸ’  The window of Sage 50 backup opens up.
    πŸ’  In this window, you have to enter the name of the file that you want to backup.
    πŸ’  Now, select the folder where you want to save this backup file.
    πŸ’  In the end, click on the OK button and it starts backing up your files.

    Q 2. How To Backup The Registry Before Resolving Sage 50 Keeps Shutting Down?

    πŸ’  Open the Run window by pressing Windows + R keys together.
    πŸ’  In the run window, type Regedit and then press the enter button.
    πŸ’  The Registry Editor window opens up.
    πŸ’  This window, you can see two-pane then go to the left pane.
    πŸ’  In the left pane, right-click on the registry key that you want to backup.
    πŸ’  After that, click on the Export button.
    πŸ’  In the Export Registry File window, go to the bottom and select the Export range that you want to export to take backup.
    πŸ’  In Export Range, click on All to backup everything or click on the selected branch to do the selected backup.
    πŸ’  Now mention the file name and save it by clicking on the Save button.
    πŸ’  The backup is done you can found it with the .reg file extension.

    Q 3. What Information Is Required Before Installing The Sage 50 Software?

    Ans. The things that you require at the time of installation are:-
    πŸ’  Serial Number.
    πŸ’  Account ID.
    πŸ’  Payroll ID.
    πŸ’  Activation Key.