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How to Survive a Cash Crunch with QuickBooks Funding Apps

    Survive a Cash crunch with Quickbooks Funding Apps

    It is believed that short-term cash crunch for any small business is at times challenging as fast-growing business slowdown and the business is hit badly.

    You can survive the crunch in business via a small business loan in the form of Invoice factoring that refers to the technique that take out a short-term small business loan, a line of credit or other types of financing.

    Some of the Ways by Survive a Cash Crunch with QuickBooks Funding Apps

    • Fund Box – Fundbox is an online application that provides flexible funding that is required to be grown and common-sense line of credit that gives a small business. It does not consume much time to connect with QuickBooks accounts. Once your QuickBooks accounts is connected with Fund box, you can get a funding decision in hours and get funds as soon as the next business day is approved. Once your funds are approved, your Fund-box dashboard will show the full list of QuickBooks invoices. You have the option to choose your Fund-box credit – all from within QuickBooks account.
    • BlueVine – You can use Blue Vine app for your business if you are interested in using fast funding.
    QuickBooks Funding Apps

    The application provides two options for small business:

    • Factoring
    • Credit Lines

    Some of the Underlying Features of BlueVine Apps are Discussed Below

    • You need to apply online and connect in less than a 10 minutes and get it approved in as fast as 24 hours
    • Next step is to submit your invoice or synch with QuickBooks account automatically and upload invoices to your dashboard
    • Another feature of BlueVine is that the money is provided upfront and rest of the fees is directly subtracted from BlueVine’s fees, once the invoice is paid
    • Several people are found to be relying more on BlueVine as the person feels secure with the online app
    • The application is known to be setting up a bank account and P.O. Box in your business name and you will receive the payment directly from the client. For your information, BlueVine offering had approved $2.5 million for customers and you are paid in within 48 hours in most of the cases
    • The standard current rate is generally 5-6% per week with a minimum of 1 week for QuickBooks customers
    • You can payback each draw with a fixed weekly or monthly payments over 6 or 12 months
    • You have the option to use QuickBooks financing as well wherein you have the small financing options:
      • Term loans
      • Invoice financing
      • Lines of credit
      • Small business Admin loans and more

    Scope of Services

    • The above steps should help you explain ways to survive a cash crunch with QuickBooks Funding Apps but you may still need some technical assistance.
    • To help you in need, our technical support team for resolutions is always available.
    • You can feel free to connect with our experts at any hour of the day as and when required.
    • You can opt to either chat with us live or email us as per your convenience.
    • You can also call QuickBooks Technical Support on for a customized service on your issues.