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How to Restore QuickBooks Backup File Extension

    Take Backup File Extension

    Frequent restoration of your QuickBooks company file is undoubtedly quite indispensable for any business smooth operation in long run. Any unfortunate event can lead to the loss of critical company data which can bring a business to an unexpected closure.

    As per the experts, one should create QuickBooks backup file extension periodically without a failure. Let us explore that how you can restore QuickBooks backup file extension with easy to do steps.

    Before we Move Further, Please Keep in Mind the Following Fact

    Important note: Once you transform a company file to a later version of QuickBooks software application, then it will not be possible to open it in any previous version. If you wish to make use of your preceding QuickBooks version, you can reinstate a backup file extension you generated by using that version.

    Besides, you can seek the assistance of a certified Accounting Problem QuickBooks tech support team expert to ensure that everything is done in a correct manner without harming your critical company data.

    Steps for Restore QuickBooks Backup File Extension

    To restore the QuickBooks backup file extension, perform the given steps in the order they are mentioned below:

    💠 Firstly, navigate to the File menu, and then click on Open or Restore Company.
    💠 Click on restore a backup copy and then click Next.
    💠 Select the Local Backup and then click Next.
    💠 Click on the Look drop down list; select the place where you want the backup file extension to be stored.
    💠 Choose the backup file extension from the folder. The file title should come as [Company Name].qbb.
    💠 Click Open, then Next.
    💠 Click on the Save option in the drop down list, select the place where you wish to save the reinstated file.
    💠 Go to the File name field, write a new file name. Bear in mind that the Save as search field will automatically occupy QuickBooks Files (*.QBW).
    💠 Click Save, then prudently read and reply to any messages that come before restoration process start.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    When Restoration Messages Appear

    Choose No if at any point of time, you get one of the following messages:

    💠 [Filename] .qbw already subsists. Do you want to swap it?
    💠 You are selecting to overwrite a prevailing company file. Are you sure?

    Important note: If you decide to choose YES, your reinstated file will overwrite the current file. To evade overwriting it, provide a file name with a .qbw extension in the file name field. When you are confident the reinstated file is functioning appropriately and encompass the accurate data, then you can give a new name of the reinstated file to the original file name which will securely replace the original .qbw file.

    Reinstate a Backup for Previous QuickBooks Software Versions (2010 and Preceding)

    In case, you already have a backup copy of your company file that you generated with QuickBooks Software 2010 release or later, and you wish to reinstate the backup to your original QuickBooks release preceding to 2010, you can make use of the Reinstate Backup for Previous QuickBooks Release utility tool in place of the typical Reinstate command.

    Make Use of Tool, Follow the Given Steps

    💠 Navigate to the File menu, then choose Utilities >Reinstate Backup For Previous QuickBooks Version.
    💠 Choose the (…) button subsequent to the Backup filename tab.
    💠 Click on the backup company file, then choose to Open.
    💠 Choose the (…) button subsequent to the Reinstated filename tab.
    💠 Click on the Save option that you can find in drop-down list, choose the folder where you wish to save the reinstated company file.
    💠 Go to the name of the File, provide an inimitable name for the reinstated file to evade overwriting a present company file, then choose to click on Save.
    💠 Click on the OK button.

    If you have doubts in regard to the QuickBooks backup file extension, speak to our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical support team experts at QuickBooks helpline to clarify your doubts.