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How to Import Products and Services in QuickBooks Online?

    QuickBooks may be used to import a spreadsheet of your products and services, which can save you time. The instructions in this post will help you format your spreadsheet in Google Sheets or Excel and how to import Products and Services directly in QuickBooks Online. Additionally, this blog post guide you the steps to import products and services with sub-categories and sub-items. To learn the complete importing steps, read this post till the end.

    Let’s Start With Formatting Your Spreadsheet

    Excel or Google Sheets can be used to make a spreadsheet listing all of your goods and services. You can style your spreadsheet so that it imports correctly by following the instructions in our sample file.

    Here are formatting hints and instructions for downloading the sample file:
    ✅ Initially, log in to QuickBooks Online
    ✅ Next, select Settings and then pick Import Data
    ✅ Select open a sample file you downloaded.

    Formatting Tips

    Product/Service Name: 100 character limit. Avoid special characters.
    Income Account: You can’t use sub-accounts.
    Quantity as-of Date: Format like this: MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY
    Income and Expense account: You can’t use sub-accounts.

    Steps to Import your Products and Services into QuickBooks Online

    You’re prepared to import your products and services into QuickBooks after creating a spreadsheet with them in Excel or Google Sheets. Remember that once you import a list, it cannot be undone. Additionally, you can only import 1,000 rows at a time. If your list is longer than that, divide it up into several, more manageable files.

    Follow these steps to import your file:
    ✅ Access QuickBooks Online by logging in
    ✅ Next, look for the Settings option and pick Import Data
    ✅ After that, select the Product and service tab
    ✅ You can upload a file from your computer by selecting Browse
    ✅ After selecting the file, choose Open
    ✅ Alternatively, pick Connect to sign in to your Google account and upload files from Google Sheets
    ✅ Choosing the file is followed by selecting.
    ✅ Now, hit the Next button
    ✅ Your data should be mapped
    ✅ Your Field stands in for the spreadsheet headers
    ✅ Select the QuickBooks Online field that corresponds to each drop-down menu
    ✅ Again, click on the Next button
    ✅ A cell is invalid if it has a red highlight, which you may observe in some cells
    ✅ Try importing again after checking the cell in your spreadsheet.
    ✅ Select For each good or service with the same name, replace all values with the new values
    ✅ This can’t be undone, so be sure everything looks right
    ✅ To import, select the Import option.

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    How to Import Inventory into QuickBooks

    Import Products and Services with Sub-Categories and Sub-Items

    You must format your Excel file specifically if you utilize sub-categories or sub-items in order for your list to import successfully.

    Categories and Sub-Categories

    Use the following formats in the field for products/services on your file:

    For categories only: [Name of category]:[Name of products/service]

    Product/Service name
    Large: T-shirt
    Medium: T-shirt
    Small: T-shirt

    For categories and sub-categories: [Name of category]:[Name of sub-category]:[Name of product/service]

    Product/Service name
    Large: Red: T-shirt
    Large: Yellow: T-shirt
    Medium: Red: T-shirt
    Medium: Yellow: T-shirt
    Small: Red: T-shirt
    Small: Yellow: T-Shirt

    Items and Sub-Items

    Use a row for each item variation.
    For example: A retail business has pieces of clothing in multiple colors and sizes. Use this format: [Item]:[Size]:[Color]

    Product/Service name
    T-shirt; Large: Blue
    T-shirt: Large: White
    T-shirt: Medium
    T-shirt: Small: Red
    T-shirt: Small: Yellow

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    Hopefully, this blog post covered all the major information regarding how to import products and services in QuickBooks Online. You can quickly get in touch with the team of specialists to learn more about the steps involved in importing and how to fix any QuickBooks problems or other functioning issues. The team will dedicatedly be committed to serving your doubts all round the clock.


    What and all Information Can I Import to QuickBooks Online?

    ➤ You can import the following information to QuickBooks Online:
    Bank transactions
    ✅ Customers
    ✅ Suppliers
    ✅ Chart of Accounts
    ✅ Products and services
    ✅ Invoices
    ✅ Bills
    Journal Entries

    What type of file format do I use when importing data into QuickBooks Online?

    To import data into QuickBooks Online, you can use a CSV file (Comma Separated Values), Google Sheets, or an XLS/XLSX file.

    Here is some information on the various formats:
    ✅ Text files that contain tabular data are frequently stored as CSV files. In CSV files, a comma, semicolon, or other special character is used to separate each text field.
    ✅ XLS/XLSX file: Microsoft Excel’s XLS file format was used from 1997 to 2003. The XLSX file type is used with Microsoft Excel 2007 and later.
    ✅ A cloud-based spreadsheet made in Google Drive is known as Google Sheets.

    Is there a Particular Order in Which I Must Input my Data?

    Yes, import each spreadsheet in the order listed below to ensure that your data is imported properly:
    ✅ Customer
    ✅ Suppliers
    ✅ Products and services
    ✅ Invoices
    ✅ Bills

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