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How to Import Square into QuickBooks

    The software which is used for the point of sale is known as square. In order to provide fast POS system, the software is specially designed to cater to the unique needs of the client. This software is compatible on both the platform that is android as well as IOS.

    So, if you are using the app known as Square POS and the QuickBooks accounting software then you have to Import Square into QuickBooks Desktop, the sales transaction, and the data which is available in QuickBooks Desktop.

    There is no need of synchronization of the apps with the square app. The application enables users to swiftly import sales transaction data performing the various steps mentioned in this article.

    Notably, QuickBooks camcomtasseas the function of POS software which is completely used for integration purpose with QuickBooks accounting.

    Import Square into QuickBooks

    The older version of the Square app is not available now so these old version are replaced by the new Version. To sync with the Square app, users are suggested to switch the app in order to activate the auto importer feature in the Import Square into QuickBooks.

    Benefits of Recording Square Payment in QuickBooks

    Following are few of the benefits of square app:
    ➧ It will synchronize your transactions like the deposits, the payments, an all the refunds with your particular bank account.
    ➧ The square sale is automatically imported. Square sales includes taxes, tips, discounts , invoices etc,
    ➧ The data is saved at one place so that it can be viewed easily by the admin. It contains the data like the products , sales, and the items related to information which are saved in QuickBooks.

    Features of Import Square into QuickBooks

    There are many features of square in QuickBooks. Some of the features are listed below:
    ➧ Importing sales transaction automatically in order to import all the square location in your QuickBooks and group sales by deposit for easy reconciliation.
    ➧ The items details and the sales transactions both are captured in sales receipts and the reliably accounts for your daily transactions to bring sales, tips, discounts, refunds, taxes, and the fees colabritely for the holistically view.
    ➧ Always review the transactions before hitting it in books and always undo with one click if required.
    ➧ In Square, we can use multiple payment options in which you can accept payment in any mode such as credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App Pay, Plastic Gift cards, card on file, invoices etc.
    ➧ The one of the great features of Square is the security of the payment which is made by customer. The payment protocol flows as Dispute Management, Fraud Protection and Monitoring, Encrypted Payments, Payment card industry data security standard and the final step is verification.
    ➧ User also have the option to customize your checkout as per the marketing strategies. This will help you to keep your goal achieve and customer happy. It also provides you the option like modifiers, itemized refunds, customize able item grid, importing of item and the categories etc.

    Check Before Installation

    Pointers Which you Must Keep in Mind Before Installing.

    Installing Commerce Sync

    ➧ Always reboot your system before and after the installation.
    ➧ Always log in the system which had a QuickBooks on it.
    ➧ The system able to access the company files easily in order to do installing.
    ➧ The Goggle Chrome must be the Chrome or Firefox in order to proceed with downloading and installing.
    ➧ The QuickBooks company file is needed to open which is to be synchronized or transfer.
    ➧ In order to complete your job properly you have to log in through admin.
    ➧ At the time of installation disable the firewall, anti-virus, malware etc.
    ➧ Always right click on the folder and run as administrator both on the QuickBooks and the commerce sync. App

    Downloading of Sales Data From Square

    QuickBooks had many features in it which are very helpful for our company growth. One of the all feature of QuickBooks is downloading of sales data from Square. With the help of this feature, we are able to know that how our business is performing.

    In case your business is running in multiple location then in that case you must export your square transaction by location. It will help you in creating different file for the different tax locations. It will be very useful to assign correct sales tax according to the location at the time of importing square transaction.

    Following are the steps in order to download sales data from square:
    ➧ First step is to navigate to the square account.
    ➧ Select sales option from the left menu of of the screen.
    ➧ Now you have to click on transaction tab and from the list of transaction select the transaction which you want to export.
    ➧ Hit the export button in order to export the selected transaction.
    ➧ Once you are done with the above steps them you can see transaction CSV file.

    Importing Sales Data in QuickBooks

    Following are the steps to import data in QuickBooks:

    ➧ First you have to open QuickBooks with the help of login ID and Password.
    ➧ In the top menu click on file tab and then firm the list of option of the menu hit the import option.
    ➧ Now select the transaction and select the sales receipt from it
    ➧ There is a option of import from square in the import sales receipt window click on it.
    ➧ Now you have to select the file which yoyu have exported from the square.
    ➧ Now you have to select the bank account which is associated with the square account.
    ➧ Now you have to select the tax rate for the transaction.
    ➧ Ensure that the tax rate of the square matches with the tax rate which you set up in QuickBooks.
    ➧ Select Ok when you are done with the above all steps then hit the import button.

    Review your Imported Transaction

    Now you have to review or go through the imported transaction that the transaction is imported completely or not, in order to view the status of your business etc.

    So follow the following steps in order to review your imported transaction:
    ➧ Now open your QuickBooks with the login id and password.
    ➧ Select the company menu from the top menu on the screen.
    ➧ Now select the transaction centre and from the list of options of select sales receipt.

    Integrated with QuickBooks Online

    In case of QuickBooks online you can easily run your business or can perform your job all in one place. You can easily track sales and expenses, pay employees and many more.

    Follow the following steps in order to integrate with the intuit QuickBooks online:
    ➧ The very first step is to visit QuickBooks online in order to connect to the square website.
    ➧ Now click on get app now option.
    ➧ In order to manage QuickBooks Account you have to click on the my apps and the settings of the QuickBooks

    Import of Square Transaction in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

    Follow the following stenos in order to imoir6 the square transaction in QuickBooks desktop for the mac:
    ➧ First you have to access the account which you have created in the square on the map.
    ➧ Now navigate to the sales tab.
    ➧ Hit the tab button in order to run the transaction.
    ➧ Now you have to pick your transaction in order to export from the square and importing the data of QuickBooks.
    ➧ Now hit the export button.
    ➧ Click on the transaction CSV file
    ➧ Now you have to run the QuickBooks on your system
    ➧ Now open the software and click on the file menu.
    ➧ Hit the button import.
    ➧ Now for the list of menu click on the transaction.
    ➧ From the list of option select the sales receipt.
    ➧ You can select import of square after visiting import sales receipt.
    ➧ Now you have to select the transaction which you have picked earlier.
    ➧ Now choose from the option square account which is linked with your bank account.
    ➧ The rate of tax is to be specified for the sleeted transaction.
    ➧ You can easily view the rate of tax in Square.
    ➧ You have to match the item of the QuickBooks with the rate of tax in Square.
    ➧ Once the matching is finish.
    ➧ Hit the OK button.
    ➧ Once you are done with all the above steps, so click on the import button.

    Managing of QuickBooks Account

    In order to manage your QuickBooks account you have to follow the following procedure:
    ➧ You can easily contact the QuickBooks support team directly.
    ➧ You can visit to the QuickBooks supporter team.
    ➧ Select the help button in the QuickBooks menu in order to find the support from the support team.

    Frequently Asked Questions ✍

    How Can I Record Square Sales in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Follow the following steps in order to record the square sales in QuickBooks desktop:
    ➧ First you have to click on the gear icon.
    ➧ Navigate to the charts of account t.
    ➧ Click on the new option in order to make the new account.
    ➧ Now from the drop down menu, you have to select the type of account.
    ➧ Now the drop down will show the detail type.
    ➧ Now you have to choose the transaction which is need to track.
    ➧ Give the name to your particular account.
    ➧ Now add the detail description.
    ➧ The pop up window will be displayed in front of you.
    ➧ The message displayed is when you will ne start tracking your finances and the particulars in your QuickBooks.
    ➧ If you want to begin tracking them click yes otherwise no.
    ➧ Add date to the tracking of the transaction.
    ➧ Now you have to complete the account balance.
    ➧ Hit the save button in order to save all the changes which you have done.
    ➧ Once done with the above steps now click on the exit button in order to exit from the screen.

    How Can I Download Transaction from Square?

    Following are the step in order to download the transaction from the Square:
    ➧ First you have to select the locations.
    ➧ Hit the export button in order to download the CSV file
    ➧ Now name the file and save in the location.

    How Can I Match Square Transaction in QuickBooks.

    The procedure of matching the Square transaction in the QuickBooks:
    ➧ First you have to click on the
    ➧ Always be ensuring that the transaction is there the bank and the credit card asps page.
    ➧ Vacate the relevant transaction in the review tab.
    We hope that the above article will help you in resolving the issue but if it is not then you can easily take support from our QuickBooks Technical expertise. Our technical team will help you in order to resolve the issue.

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