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Install QuickBooks Desktop Pro on Windows 10 : Setup

    Install QB Desktop Pro on Windows 10

    QuickBooks has been helping businesses meet their accounting needs more effectively over the years. To address the needs of various segments of users, QuickBooks has launched four versions of QuickBooks Desktop. These are-QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Accountant. The QuickBooks Desktop Pro was launched especially for small and medium businesses. In this blog, we will have a look into the installation procedure of this popular version on the Windows 10 platform.

    Procedure to Install QuickBooks Desktop Pro on Windows 10

    To Install QuickBooks Desktop Pro on Windows 10, please follow the steps below-

    Total Time: 32 minutes

    Prepare to Install

    🔷 Please make sure that the system where you are installing QuickBooks Desktop Pro satisfies all the system requirements.
    🔷 Save the QuickBooks Installation file on a suitable location on your system
    🔷 Make sure to keep all the installation details (such as Product key, License number etc) on hand with you for ready reference

    Initiate the Installation

    🔷 Browse to the folder where you have saved the QuickBooks Desktop Pro installation file.
    🔷 Double click on the QuickBooks.exe file
    🔷 The QuickBooks Install Shield Wizard will appear on your  screen
    🔷 Click NextAn installation dialogue  box  will appear  on your  screen
    🔷 Select the files to extract. Wait till the extraction activity gets completed
    🔷 The License Agreement window will appear
    🔷 Read it thoroughly and mark the checkbox to accept the terms & conditions of the agreement
    🔷 Click Next to proceed
    🔷 Next, you will be prompted to enter your QuickBooks license and product numbers
    🔷 Once done, click  Next  to proceed

    Select the Installation Type

    Chose the installation type from the options given below-
    A. Express Install
    This method is suitable for:
    🔷 First-time QuickBooks users 
    🔷 Users reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop
    🔷 Users installing the QuickBooks Desktop software on this system only and who will not use it over a network

    To select this method

    🔷 Click on the Express option 
    🔷 Clicking  Next to proceed
    🔷 Now click on the Install tab
    🔷 Wait till the installation gets finished

    B.Custom & Network Install
    This method is suitable:
    🔷 If you are hosting the QuickBooks company file on a server
    🔷 If you are establishing a multi-user network
    🔷 For users installing the QuickBooks Desktop software on a server and not on a stand-alone device

    To select this method

    🔷 Click on the Custom & Network option 
    🔷 Clicking  Next to proceed
    🔷 Click on the Change the Install Location tab
    🔷 Click on the Browse tab to choose the folder where you wish to keep your QuickBooks Desktop files.
    🔷 Now click on the Next tab to initiate the installation
    🔷 Wait till the installation gets finished
    🔷 Restart your system
    🔷 Launch QuickBooks

    Activate the QuickBooks Desktop Pro Software

    Once you have installed QuickBooks Desktop Pro software successfully, the next step is to activate it before being able to operate it. QuickBooks may prompt you to activate the software on your system. But you can also do the same manually by following the steps mentioned below.
    🔷 Launch the QuickBooks desktop Pro application 
    🔷 Press the F2 on your keyboard.
    🔷 Navigate to the Help menu
    🔷 Select the Activate QuickBooks desktop option.
    🔷 Now open the product information window 
    🔷 Verify the registration status 
    🔷 Verify the license number.

    Please Note:
    🔷 If the status is shown as activated, you can use the software right away.
    🔷 If the status is shown as not activated, click OK. It will close the product information window.
    🔹 Go to the help menu. 
    🔹 Click on the activate QuickBooks tab.
    🔹 You may be prompted to update the QuickBooks software and activate it
    🔹 If so, update to the latest QuickBooks version in order to complete the Activation process.

    Conclusion :

    We hope the above discussion would provide you with enough information about how to Install QuickBooks Desktop Pro on Windows 10. If you want to know anything more about this version or you want assistance in installing it, you may speak to some of the Authorized QuickBooks experts.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Important Features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020?

    Some new and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 are mentioned below-
    ▪ You can check payroll status for direct deposit
    ▪ You can add PO numbers in emails
    ▪ You can collapse or hide columns in a QB report
    ▪ You can set automated payment reminders
    ▪ Avail the Smart help feature

    How can I Access Payroll Run Status in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020?

    Please follow the steps below-
    ▪ Open QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    ▪ Navigate to the Menu bar
    ▪ Now click on Employees
    ▪ Go to View Payroll Run Status

    Where can I Find QuickBooks Product Key and License Number?

    ▪ If you have purchased QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 directly from the Intuit website, you can view the Product key and License number in the email sent to you to acknowledge the purchase.
    ▪ If you purchased the software from a retail store, you will find the information on the label of the CD or the original package.
    ▪ If you are reinstalling the software, the information will be available in your customer account management portal.

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