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Install Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager

    sage 2019 connection manager

    Sage 50 accounting use the Connection Manager to administer accessibility to the MySQL database. As the Sage 50 accounting is a real-time solution and the Connection Manager directly updates all data changes without you having to save the changes manually. The Sage 50 Connection Manager can manage/control requests from the Sage 50 Accounting to link to your company data.

    Install Sage 50 Connection Manager

    Where to Uninstall the Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager

    The Connection Manager can be installed on all computers on which you wish to install the Sage 50 Accounting. If it is applicable, it can also be installed on the server or computer where the data has been stored.

    Download and Install Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager

    • The Connection Manager is installed automatically when the Sage 50 is installed.
    • Login to Server location and download the latest Sage 50 edition and run file when the download completes.
    • Select Language and click on OK then Install
    • If the Windows Firewall has been enabled, a screen will pop up asking you if you want the Windows Firewall to be configured with Sage 50
    • Click on Advanced if the server stores only the data file and the program is not used by anyone on the server. Click on Next to continue
    • Click on Server – Only for Sage 50 Server Component
    • Click on Finish once the process completes
    • While installing the Sage 50 application you will be given options to determine which computer will be the server or workstation.
    • If Typical is used on the workstation, the complete accounting product set including the Connection Manager will be installed.
    • If Advanced is used on the workstation, only the Connection Manager section will be installed

    Verifying the Sage 50 2019 Connection Manager has Been Installed

    • You can look into the notification bar and check for the Connection Manager Tray icon in Windows 7, 8, 10, and Vista. Click on the icon and go to the status window
    • Or, click on Start menu and select Sage 50 Connection Manager from Sage 50 program group.
    • Or, go to set up and open to Sage 50 Accounting, then click on Connection Manager.

    When opening to the Connection Manager several errors may arise. Some of the errors include:

    • Error: Sage 50 could not find Connection Manager while opening the company file.
    • Error: The Connection Manager unable to start the database engine…
    • Error: The latest version of Connection Manager not installed on the computer
    • Error: The Connection Manager is installed but unable to run on the computer where the data is stored

    Accounting Problem Tech Support

    If you are experiencing with any of the above errors or other issues, contact Accounting Problem Sage 50 support team for assistance. We have experts who are proficient in diagnosing any issue and resolving them effectively. Our support service is available 24/7 and is accessible via Sage support phone number, mail address [email protected], or chat support link provided on our website.