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How to Integrate QuickBooks with Smart Vault

    integrate QuickBooks with smart vault

    QuickBooks assist you in many ways and even is also helps you to assist you to integrate many software with the QuickBooks such as smart vault. It is a smart vault in which anyone can keep the sensitive data or files, or download the data and even you can also secure client portals to share documents and seamless integration with QuickBooks.

    The below article helps you to Integrate QuickBooks with smart vault, before going to know about the integration lets read out some benefits of a smart vault.

    Enhance Your Workflow With A Build-In Electronic Box

    Integrate QuickBooks with smart vault helps you to increase your efficiency by giving the employees a secured and easy to use inbox which can be used for the queuing the documents which process later. You need to simply upload or drag the files. Clients can also use the smart vault to send the documents to the accountant or bookkeeper safely.

    Attach The Files Directly To QuickBooks Entries

    To save the environment today everyone is trying to go paperless transactions. With the help of smart vault, you can also be a part of a paperless campaign and do audits by attaching the file to entries in QuickBooks. It also includes bills, vendors, customer records, etc. Just scan, browse, and drag the files to the smart vault toolbar. Files can be easily accessible from the devices once it is stored in a smart vault.

    Access The Smart Vault Inside The Apps You Are Already Using

    • You can also attach a file inside the CRM app access that files from QuickBooks or directly from the browser on the mobile.

    Upload, Share And Manage The Files From Outlook

    • Using the smart vault you can upload the email attachments and send the links to the folder created in the smart vault. Use the smart vault plugin and through this step outlook will help a lot to secure sharing and managing the files.

    Access From A Mobile Or Web Browser

    • Access the files from anywhere, either from a mobile or a web browser. Quickly and safely share the document with others

    Get Secured And Branded Portal To Share Files

    Share the files with anyone irrespectively of person is inside your organization or not, simply use the secure document portal and send the documents securely. You get also get the branding that you can customize as per your need, also get an email notification, version history audit reporting. You can also view the file in the browser without downloading the same first.

    If we talk about the Integrate QuickBooks with smart vault, with the many third party application, smart vault needs access to the QuickBooks file from the admin. Recently an updated release of the smart vault has been launched which contains a new security certificate. If you accept the certificate under this new version, you can easily maintain smart vault ability to exchange information under QuickBooks file, to follow the same go-to below steps :

    • First, open the company file which you want to integrate with smart vault
    • Now sign in as admin user
    • After login admin will be asked automatically by the computer to accept the new certificate
    • Now select the option, yes always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running
    • Choose to continue to go-ahead
    • Now integration is done

    Note: Upgrade to the latest version of the QuickBooks & Save up to $50.


    Hopefully, the above steps help you to integrate QuickBooks with the smart vault. For any assistance or guidance please feel free to dial QuickBooks tech support number and get you all solution resolved by the certified and industry experts. QuickBooks team is polite, quick problem resolver and always ready to help the clients with the best guidance. QuickBooks helpline is available 24*7 to provide the solutions earliest. You can also email at [email protected] and soon one of the QuickBooks technicians contact you with the step by step guidance.