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How to Integrate with QuickBooks API

    Integrate with QuickBooks API

    QuickBooks provides you an unlimited number of features and integration is also one of them, integration with QuickBooks API is helps you a lot. QuickBooks can integrate with many apps. Get the benefits of simply remove the manual entry by integrating the apps which you already use. Data would be automatically getting into your QuickBooks and you can check anything in one place.

    Below Steps are Mentioned to Integrate with QuickBooks API

    Following the below steps you can easily able to integrate QuickBooks with API:

    Steps to Integrate with QuickBooks API

    • First of all, create your account in the Intuit Developer portal. After opening the account in the portal you will get a sandbox QuickBooks company on which later on is used for the development and testing.
    • Now you need to create the application under your development account which is just created in an earlier step. This will help you to get a set of client id and client servers that need to connect with your application with the QuickBooks company(production or sandbox) and retrieve OAuth tokens. Do remember that the client keys are available under the Keys&OAuth tab of your application.
    • Getting to the next step in which you need to use the client’s keys to generate the OAth tokens. Generating OAth tokens can do through using the OAthPlayground or you can use one of the SDKs.

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    After generating the tokens you can use it to access the API and to synchronize the data to and from QuickBooks. Be remember to always save the tokens( accessing and refreshing tokens ) because OAuth tokens expire after 60 minutes and users need to refresh the tokens to get the new tokens.


    Hopefully, the above steps help you to integrate with QuickBooks API. For any assistance or guidance dial QuickBooks support and get contacted by the QuickBooks experts. We have a team of a polite, professional, certified, and trained team of QuickBooks. QuickBooks team members are having many years of experience in the same domain which helps them to get new ideas to resolve the issues in minimal time and with complete satisfaction. You can email send email to [email protected] or fill the contact form and soon you will be contacted by one of the QuickBooks experts with the resolutions steps.