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Integrating SAP Concur and Sage 100 Contractor

    SAP oncur and sage 100 contractor

    Connecting Concur to Sage 100 Contractor

    The SAP Concur Connector enables automated data exchange between SAP Concur and Sage 100 Contractor so you can use the Concur’s expense and invoice management capabilities. It helps to run your business by enabling automation of data exchange, improved workflow, and time-saving.

    A connector’s integration platform can let you create a dynamic and robust integration between the two products. Getting started is as easy as subscribing to the integration, following simple steps will help connect the two and the installation in seconds. The connector works with Cloud and On-frame version of Sage 100 Contractor.

    About SAP Concur

    SAP Concur is a leading provider of cloud based expense management software for businesses of all sizes. It helps in achieving a completely connected Spend Management Solution that helps businesses manage expense like business related, travel, invoices expenses in an efficient way.

    The employees can quickly manage data related to business travel and expense through a mobile device. It provides full visibility into the Spend and helps control cost in a better way.

    What Concur can Capture

    • Concur Expense
    • Concur Travel
    • Concur Invoice

    Functions of Concur

    Initiate – Control spend before it occurs with prior approvals

    Capture – Eliminate double data-entry and helps in instant visibility of spend

    Process – Reduce approval time to optimize when and how vendors are paid

    Connect – Link system and data to an automated process and solve business challenges

    Features of SAP Concur

    • Easy-to-use dashboards and comprehensive standard reports
    • Built on an Open Platform architecture with API integration
    • Allows user connections and enterprise App integration

    Advantages of Concur

    Concur offers a Complete Spend Management from Purchase to Payment. Concur lets you create your expense report on the go by adding cash & credit card expenses anytime, anywhere. Just upload your pics of receipts and invoices and toss the paper and let Concur build an expense report for you. Managers can also approve an expense once it’s downloaded without the money being actually spent to achieve better employee satisfaction. For business, it provides powerful reporting and analysis tools and provides a clear view of the cash flow.

    • Automatically create AP Invoices in Sage 100 from approved expense report in Concur
    • Employees can quickly submit corporate and job related expense from any connected device
    • 3-way secure check and balance by verifying e-receipt to the itinerary data and credit card data
    • Matches supplier’s receipt with general ledger code

    Types of Data that can be Automatically Synced from Sage 100 Contractor to SAP Concur

    • Jobs / Cost Types / Phase Codes
    • GL Accounts associated with corporate expenses
    • Employees expenses like travel itinerary, car charges, and supplier e-receipts.
    • Equipment
    • Departments
    • Work Orders

    Details of the SAP Concur and Sage 100 Contractor

    Once the Concur is connected with Sage 100 Contractor, you can sit back and relax and let a Connector do all the heavy lifting. It does away with the need for a manual and duplicate entry in both the systems. After getting connected, a scheduled automatic push of the job and their detailed cost code structure is enabled to meet all the business requirements. The schedule can be set as per the business needs and processes, but on average it occurs every hour.

    The connector lets you push the Equipment, Work Order, GL Account info, Employees cost to capture all the data needed to complete a report in Concur

    By uploading the invoice in Concur, you can sink Vendors & Purchase Orders and match them with the PO in Sage 100.

    How does Concur work?

    • As an employee enters and submits an expense, the invoice is received, data gets captured in Concur. Transactions submitted can be a credit card transactions, employees taking pictures of receipt, etc and it gets added to the report.
    • The employee needs to submit their expense report for review, and once it is approved, the connector will grab the report in its entirety including the line item and receipt images associated with the transaction and bring it into Sage 100 Contractor.
    • Each employee’s expense report is posted in Sage as an AP invoice. Concur produces these files every 24 hours allowing the Connector to grab the new data and insert into the Sage 100 Contractor.

    There are several options for configuring this integration through a connector to perfectly meet the needs of your organization.

    The Connector provides a user-friendly interface to access the SAP Concur web service. It facilitates data synchronization and helps to map the data into SAP Concur and give read/write access to a variety of tables. Once Concur is connected to the Sage 100 ERP, it automatically creates the journal entries in your ERP system (Sage) when an expense or payment workflow has been completed in SAP Concur.

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