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How to Integrating Stripe with QuickBooks

    Integrating Stripe with QuickBooks

    Stripe is an online synchronization tool that synchronizes your social media handles with required websites to sell and buy smoothly and fluently over online platforms.

    You can avail of many benefits, including maintenance of selling and buying reports, acceptance and responses of buyers over emails and SMS on phone numbers, professional invoice, and tracking IDs over mails or links.

    With Stripe, you may do a lot of things. You can receive, send, and check the details of when and where the transactions were done.

    You will also get all the details about shipping, billing, expenses, tax, and GST, etc.

    Also, you will be able to check your transaction history from the bank account section. By using this payment gateway, you will be using the safest and easiest method of payment.

    Benefits of Integrating Stripe with QuickBooks

    Stripe and QB both can be used for doing online transactions. Many online businesses use the Stripe payment gateway.

    Integration of Stripe with QuickBooks help to pay bills and to complete all the transactions easily.

    Stripe easily Integrates with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Below are the several other benefits associated with their integration

    Integration Process for Connect Stripe with QuickBooks

    • All the transaction details get automatically recorded in QuickBooks against a specific invoice.
    • Email notification can be received once payment is made.
    • Saves a lot of time by keeping an error-less track of your transactions.
    • Partly payment facility is available on QuickBooks. Customers can make part payment against one invoice.
    • Credit and Debit card information can be saved securely for future use.

    Steps for Integrate Stripe with QuickBooks

    QuickBooks is compatible with multiple third-party apps. You can search for Stripe in the App Centre of QuickBooks. The integration process is very simple, and the end to end process is mentioned in the following.

    💠 Step 1: Open your QuickBooks Desktop application.
    💠 Step 2: Check on the Help menu.
    💠 Step 3: Select the App Centre from there.
    💠 Step 4: Then click on Find More Business Solutions.
    💠 Step 5: Open the Marketplace Window in QuickBooks.
    💠 Step 6: Search and click to choose the stripe application option.
    💠 Step 7: The integration process will start.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Basic Requirements for Integrate Stripe with QuickBooks

    💠 Must have a QuickBooks account
    💠 It is recommended to set the country as the US for proper integration
    💠 For both the software, transactions should be made in a single currency.

    How to Synchronize QuickBooks Account with Stripe

    💠 Step 1: Open your QuickBooks account
    💠 Step 2: Click on the banking option available on the top left side.
    💠 Step 3: Click on the connect button
    💠 Step 4: Now click on the Stripe icon
    💠 Step 5: Provide credentials of the Stripe and QuickBooks
    💠 Step 6: Once the synchronization process is completed, you can do stripe transactions with the help of QuickBooks.

    Integrate Stripe to QuickBooks for data sync and reconciliation

    If you face any issue related to integration, please reach our experts at QuickBooks technical support phone number.