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Intuit Payment Solutions

    Intuit Merchant Services

    Intuit Payment Solutions (IPS) enables the subscribed users (accountants and small-sized businesses) to reap the benefits of the credit and debit card as well as e-check processing provisions. Each and every solution is premeditated to simplify the process of payments receipt and administration process.

    In this article, we shall be discussing in detail how you can garner benefits with the use of Intuit Payment Solutions and who all can reap best results from its use. For instant help, you can connect with QuickBooks support team at our helpline number.

    Who all can Rake the Advantage of the Intuit Payment Solutions?

    Intuit Payment Solutions’ products meet the requirements of three prime types of organizations: back office, front office, and mobile-based businesses. Let’s have a look at each type of companies in detail:

    Back Office Businesses

    The users of the QuickBooks ProAdvisors, Certified public accountant, tax experts and companies that send their clienteles invoices or sales settlements and accept payments by means of mail, fax or phone are regarded as the part of the back office section. Generally speaking, these are the users who usually do not process outgoings directly rather they like to process at their ease and every so often has a preference to keep track of disbursements within their accounting software applications.

    Front Office Businesses

    This business type is basically considered to be the ones who accept payments at the point of sale. These comprise mainly of retail stores and other proceedings whose customers expect their payments to be processed immediately there and then.

    Mobile-Based Businesses

    Lastly, those businesses that gather payments while they are on the move and find it expedient to process the same on their cell phones are known as mobile processors. As you do progressively more business on your mobile phones, accounting experts and trades that recognize with the back office and front office divisions can even take on mobile payments products.

    The following are the options from Intuit Payment Solutions that will help you understand in a better way about how to know which solution is an appropriate one for your company as well as your customers’ businesses:

    • Back office– send out invoices and receive payments via mail, fax or phone- Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks accounting software application
    • Front office users who wish to process the payment immediately there and then- Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Provision
    • For mobile users – Intuit Go Payment is the right solution

    Why accountants and small business owners should give a thought about garnering the benefits of Intuit Payment Solutions for the enhancement of their business operations?

    • Maximize income – With the use of this payment solution, you will find that the usual credit card transaction is more than four times the extent of every transaction.
    • Improves overall throughput – IPS easily assimilate with QuickBooks accounting saving time and increasing accuracy by avoiding double entry and errors
    • Sidestep postponements – Business registration is approved and the user can immediately start processing payments within 24 hours
    • Decrease risks – PCI compliance is vital and with the use of Intuit Payment Solutions with QuickBooks those concerns have been addressed
    • Enhance efficiency – Helps in reduction of follow up time invested on due invoices and reconciliation of deposits and entering charges
    • Improves customer satisfaction – Allow customers to buy the way they wish to buy
    • Lessen expenses – No hidden charges and long-standing bonds

    Why should you Collaborate with the Specialized Re-seller of Intuit Payment Solutions?

    As an Intuit product line re seller, we completely understand the issues related to the integration of the merchant accounts with monetary systems. team of qualified and experienced software technical support team knows all in and out of the Intuit’s product attributes and are capable enough to help you best incorporate this functionality into your monetary systems. We can help you with the smooth incorporation of Intuit’s solutions which will definitely aid you in expanding your business and work with you by:

    • Diminishing the level of risk involved simply by evaluating your business requirements for payment solutions and providing you to the Intuit resources that are good for your business in long run.
    • Improve overall throughput by correctly integrating Intuit’s Payment solution to your QuickBooks accounting software and update it with right information
    • Provide you with the required training to pace up the execution process
    • Abridge your overall capital expenditure simply by recognizing processes that will make your operations relatively simpler.

    Key Takeaways

    Are you thinking about integrating Intuit payment solution or want to explore the software app to know how your business can benefit from it? If you wish to know more about the new functionality and all options available to accept credit card payments via QuickBooks software, then feel free to get in touch with our QuickBooks tech support team.