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Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment Support

    You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for a Payment Solution that saves you time, streamlines your workflow, and provides a positive customer experience. With Intuit GoPayment is a Mobile Payment Gateway that processes all major credit cards promptly, allowing you to accept payments on the move. Intuit GoPayment gives you the ability and flexibility to run your business from anywhere, whether you’re just getting started in business or currently have a small to medium-sized company.

    You can provide your consumers with flexible and smooth payment and invoice options with GoPayment, regardless of where they are. After registering with GoPayment, you will receive a full-featured Merchant Account with built-in mobile processing capabilities. Intuit GoPayment also integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Accounting Software, allowing you to create Sales Reports and download Invoices. This post will walk you through the many features of Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment support and know more about the right solution for you.

    Understanding of Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment

    QuickBooks GoPayment is a free mobile payment app that includes a card reader and allows you to accept payments on the go. You may get paid quickly and conveniently on your mobile or tablet with GoPayment. For added protection, the application can additionally require a Customer Signature and email or print receipts. If you sell a lot of products, you can make a shopping list to make things easier for your customers. Simply said, you can conduct business with only a computer.

    Intuit GoPayment provides merchants with a high level of transparency, with no hidden fees or complicated contracts, making it simple and user-friendly. GoPayment provides you with a reliable merchant account that can be effortlessly integrated with your existing QuickBooks account. As a result, GoPayment is most beneficial to firms who currently use QuickBooks.

    The Card Reader accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards, as well as popular mobile wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. Overall, it is a crucial tool for the company to have.

    Key Features of Intuit GoPayment

    Intuit GoPayment is straightforward software with all of the capabilities you’ll require for your company. It establishes clear processing limitations, facilitates cooperation, and manages User Permissions for enhanced security. It’s free to download and works on both Android and iOS smartphones. Let’s talk about what it can do for your company.

    • Up to 50 user accounts can be supported by GoPayment. It allows numerous users to share the same account, which improves collaboration and efficiency.
    • It has excellent Mobile Payment processing features, and its Card Reader lets you to securely receive payments from customers.
    • It allows your clients to quickly add a tip with limited flexibility. You can also provide your consumers exclusive discounts.
    • It integrates smoothly with your QuickBooks account, giving you automatic access to numerous QuickBooks features. Without purchasing a QuickBooks Online package, you can send an invoice and download a Sales Report. Furthermore, all of your transactions are linked to QuickBooks Online automatically.
    • You can take ACH and eCheck payments with GoPayment.
    • It also collects sales taxes and provides basic tax management features.
    • GoPayment is very customizable, allowing you to create items, upload photographs, write descriptions, and set prices. You can also make a list of your favorites.
    • It can automatically send invoices and receipts via email and text. Receipts are fully configurable, and you can add as many details as you like.

    Benefits of Intuit GoPayment

    The below listed are few benefits that you can avail using the Intuit GoPayment:

    • Integration
    • Save Time
    • Flexible Pricing Preferences
    • Reconciliation
    • Save big on time, effort and money with Intuit GoPayment
    • 24X7 Support
    • Financial Reports
    • Free to your customers
    • Wide-ranging GoPayment Device Compatibility

    Collect all the Payments on the Go

    • Connect your card reader to your iPhone or iPad and begin striking credit card cards right away
    • There is no need for a card reader in this method
    • You can scan a card with your camera at any moment or manually enter the card information.

    Get Paid Instantly

    QuickBooks users do not need to plug in the card reader when using GoPayment. Users can either scan the card with a camera or directly enter the card details using the key.

    Instant Payment – Anytime & Anywhere

    The customer may recommend that you accept payment directly on your mobile. As a result of this procedure, you will be able to receive email or text messages from the client. Once you accept the payment, the entire procedure will be completed in under a minute.

    Enable User to Customize

    • In the payment receipt, the user can include a logo, personalized greeting, media links, store address, and much more.
    • Include a list of the things you frequently sell, along with the price, a picture, or text.
    • Make a short order for the items and add custom pricing.
    • You can assist the consumer in making a simple credit card payment.

    Run the Company more Quickly 

    • You can add up to 50 people at a time to receive payments on your behalf from anywhere at any time.
    • Simply use the online service center to check, accept, or refund a credit card transaction.
    • Enjoy secure and protected payment card processing.
    • The transactions can be synced to QuickBooks for simple and secure bookkeeping.


    Because it connects with QuickBooks financial products, QuickBooks payment is the most popular. So, while contemplating QuickBooks Payments and GoPayment, you’ll need to ask your client how vital the integration is to them. When GoPayment is properly set up, the client should be able to handle their own deposit entries. Determine whether or not your client will require phone help. QuickBooks payments come with unlimited free phone assistance. Phone support is not available from all mobile payment processors.

    Financial Reports

    If your payments aren’t processed correctly in QuickBooks, you’ll get erroneous reports. These are the things to keep in mind:

    Financial Reports are comprised of

    • Overstated Undeposited Funds: – Payments that are received but never grouped into a deposit or entered net of fees simply lie there waiting to be deposited. In this case, your Account Receivable is proper, but your bank account is a disaster. 
    • Overstated Income: – Overstating one’s income is a typical occurrence. They don’t realize that income has already been recorded on a bill. As a result, income is stated twice.
    • Understated Credit Card Fees: – By documenting the payment and removing the credit card fees, you will never have visibility into how much your credit card processing is truly costing you.
    • Overstated Accounts Receivable: – It’s exaggerated to the point of absurdity. If the payment isn’t recorded to reduce the open invoice, you’ll have to try to collect invoices that have already been paid, which will make your books a complete mess.

    Get Started Just with 3 Quick and Simple Steps

    • On your mobile device, download and install the free GoPayment app
    • Finish the application process
    • Approval is important, so get approved.

    With the help of the GoPayment application, you may now effortlessly finish your credit card transaction within minutes.

    With Mobile Credit Card Processing, You’ll Never Miss a Sale Again – QuickBooks GoPayment

    • Consider the following repayments:- Take all MasterCard’s and record them on VHS
    • Approve credit card payments at any time and in any location.
    • Transactions. Also, any cash should be recorded
    • Pay attention to your bills.

    Why Should you Consider Using your Phone to Make a Payment?

    If your company accepts debit and credit cards, you may be wondering if adding mobile to the mix is worth the hassle. Alternatively, you might be cash-only and happy with it. It’s possible that mobile payments aren’t legal rights for you, but if any of the following apply to you, mobile payments are worth thinking about.

    How to Use Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment?

    The below steps will help you to start using the app:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Download the GoPayment Application

    Download the GoPayment app from the Mac App Store or the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android device.

    Login to the GoPayment Application

    Enter the log information you used to create your QuickBooks Account during the sign-in procedure into the QuickBooks GoPayment application.

    Get all Set to Take your Initial Payment

    Plugin your card until you hear it click and the volume appears.

    Swipe the Card

    You’re now getting ready to authorize credit cards and make money. When the timer goes off, swipe your card to get your first payout.
    Customers might approve credit cards by entering the key, checking their cards, or browsing the web. They can also keep track of both check and cash money.

    Important Pointers

    You may find yourself spending more time reconciling their books if you use non-integrated processing methods. As a result, it’s critical to show a client the proper protocol so that they can record deposits correctly in the future.

    Note: If you’re working with a customer who uses QuickBooks and needs a merchant account to handle payments, QuickBooks payments can save them a lot of money. This features a free mobile payment alternative called GoPayment. It operates on the same low swipe rates as their plan. Demonstrate how simple it is to use and how much time it saves.

    Final Words!

    Overall, Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment saves you time, streamlines your business, and makes accepting payments simple. This post gave you an overview of Intuit GoPayment and walked you through some of its features. Hopefully, this technical information will assist you in correctly and accurately understanding Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment support. For more enquiries or doubts, you can directly reach our technical Experts via QuickBooks Helpdesk team.

    Is Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment available for iOS and Android?

    Yes, it is available on the iTunes App Store where you can get the app for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch and the Android app is also available on Google Play.

    How do I send an invoice on GoPayment?

    Payment information such as the kind of credit card used, the last four digits of the credit card number, and the transaction authorization number can be sent through email.
    🔹 To send details about a paid transaction, follow these steps:
    🔹 Choose Sales Receipts or Invoice Payments from the three horizontal bars
    🔹 Go to the Action menu and choose Email from the drop-down menu
    🔹 Read over the message before sending it.

    What are the advantages of using Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment?

    There are several advantages of using GoPayment especially for your business. Few of them are jotted down:
    🔹 Your Customers get it free
    🔹 Receiving payments in a simple, easy, and effective manner
    🔹 Accept payments made with a mobile phone or another internet-connected device
    🔹 Sync payment transactions with QuickBooks to keep your books safe and simple
    🔹 QuickBooks generates payments automatically.

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