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Invoice Not Saving as PDF in Sage

    Invoice not Saving as PDF in Sage

    Sage 50 is a very popular software account worldwide. Sage Accounting Software covers all your accounting related work right from recording and raising invoices, recording payments, adding bank accounts, bank reconciliation statement, VAT returns and many more. Sage has recently updated its layouts making it look more modern and user friendly.

    You can create and Save a PDF version of a Sage 50 Invoice, Report or Financial Statement. The advantage of the PDF version is that it can be easily attached to any email message for the customer and the report would appear exactly as you need to display in Sage 50 without changing the existing formatting.

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    Steps for Fix Invoice not Saving as PDF in Sage

    Total Time: 33 minutes

    Select a Report of Form Window

    Select the Report you want to Export to PDF within the “Select a Report of Form Window

    🔶 From the Windows Tools Bar select the “Send: button and Click on “PDF“, which will create a PDF version of your current report
    🔶 The Option Windows of the Selector Report will appear allowing you to set any desired filters for the report.
    🔶 Choose from the given option which fields of information you want to display and set the display of the forms in the report. Set the report options and click OK to continue.
    🔶 As u Click OK a “Save As” dialog box will open, select the path where you want to save your PDF Document. In the “File Name” Text Box type the name of the file and click on the “Save” button.

    Check the Printer Settings

    🔶 Select your Invoice and click on “Change form options for invoice“. This will take you to the Printer Settings Window. Here from the drop down choose Adobe PDF and click on OK button. Next, click on the printer icon which is in the upper right corner of your invoice. This will automatically save and print your invoice in PDF. If you want to repeat the same step for all your invoices, save these settings so that it is applicable to all your invoices.

    Final Words :

    You can contact our Sage Help Desk for any additional resources and information. Our Sage technical support number. We provide technical Support for Sage 50 & Related Products. You can get in touch with us at any point in time as we provide 24*7 Sage customer assistance.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1.What is Invoicing in Sage 50?

    Ans : A time-stamped commercial statement that itemises and records a trade between a financial transaction is known as an invoice. If products or services were acquired on credit, the invoice generally spells out the conditions of the agreement and lists the various payment options.

    A paper receipt, a debit note, a bill of sale, an online electronic record or a sales invoice are all examples of invoices.

    On the front of the bill, an invoice must specify that it is an invoice. It usually contains a unique identification called an invoice number that may be referenced both internally and externally. In the event of a mistake, an invoice usually includes contact details for the supplier or service supplier.

    Q 2.Can I Resolve this Error without an Admin Account or OS knowledge?

    Ans : This approach necessitates a thorough understanding of your windows os. For help, contact your system administrator. Making a mistake in the Windows Registry can have a big impact on your system’s performance. Sage is not liable for any problems that arise as a result of incorrectly changing your Windows Registry. Before attempting sophisticated solutions, always make a backup of your data.

    Q 3.Why does the Sage Printer PDF Error occur when Sharing a Printer?

    Ans : Since the remote users share their personal printers throughout their remote sessions, this happens. When Sage PDF Transformer / Sage 100 PDF Transformer is installed on the user’s local workstation from which they are remoting, this would be one of those shared printers. Remove the Sage PDF Transformer or Sage 100 PDF Controller item from the local desktop which is being used to view the screen sharing session or switch off sharing printers while remotely connected. The Sage PDF Translator is not required on the local desktop if Sage ERP 100 is solely accessed remotely.