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How to Link Sage 50cloud with Office 365

    Step to link Sage 50cloud with Office 365

    Have you explored the unmatched features embedded in Sage 50 Cloud, the extended version ofSage 50? Not yet? We must tell you, you are missing out on a whole new experience altogether. It has indeed made lives easier for both accounting professionals and small businesses. Millions of businesses across the world have used the Sage 50 Cloud in their operations and have been able to increase productivity, with less cost and time.

    You will agree that data is of utmost importance for any business. Being able to access data anytime and anywhere is extremely critical for business success. Sage 50 cloud has contributed in this context. It has allowed the users to seamlessly leverage the power of the Office 365 package by Microsoft. Now users can merge information and documents in the highly secure Sage drive and can also use the feature of remote meetings. Thus, it helps them free up key data. Also, with the help of the remote meeting feature, businesses can save time  and cost considerably  and can also boost their productivity at the same time.

    If you have not used the integrated powers of Office 365 and Sage 50 cloud, look no further than this blog. Here, we will tell you the benefits you can get by integrating Sage 50 cloud and Office 365 and how you can link these two.

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    Benefits of Integrating Office 365 and Sage 50 Cloud

    • You can take data back-up easily with the Sage OneDrive secure cloud
    • You can export the Sage 50 cloud data to Microsoft Outlook and have access to key business information , on the move
    • with Sage Capture , you can upload and store receipts, on the go
    • you can make your data accessible through the cloud and thus can link it with a number of quality apps integrated with Sage.
    • Sage facilitates seamless integration with Office 365 Business Premium and Small Business Productivity Suite by Microsoft. This will allow you to save time, cost and to increase productivity.
    • You can free up key business data
    • Make use of the powerful financial reporting tools embedded in MS Excel
    • You will be able to reduce expenses incurred in time travel

    Steps to Activate the Integration of Sage 50 Cloud and Office 365

    Here are  the sequential steps to follow-

    Total Time: 10 minutes

    Install and Activate the Sage 50 Cloud

    🔷 Firstly, install the Sage 50 cloud account
    🔷 Now open the Sage 50 cloud application
    🔷 You will receive a prompt on your screen to enter the activation key and serial number you have got 
    🔷 Fill in your company details in the Sage 50 cloud Accounts

    Activation of Microsoft Office 365

    🔷 You may have got an email with the subject line ‘Get started with Microsoft Office 365 service’ 
    🔷 Open it and click the link named ‘get started to activate Office 365 ’
    Follow the on-screen instructions till you can see the prompt ‘connect Sage 550 accounts with Office 365’
    🔷 Check  the box named ‘I will sync Sage 50 Accounts data later’
    Click on the Finish tab

    Uploading of the Accounts Data

    🔷 Open Sage 50 cloud 
    🔷 Log in as an admin
    🔷 Navigate to the Menu bar 
    🔷 Click Settings
    🔷 Now go to Company Preferences
    🔷 Fill in your password
    🔷 Click Ok proceed ahead
    🔷 Now click on the tab named  Sage 50 cloud Office 365
    🔷 Click on Let’s Get Started
    🔷 Fill in the  login id  and password received for Microsoft Office 365
    🔷 Now click on the Sign In  tab
    🔷 The authorization window for Sage 50 will appear on your screen 
    🔷 Click on Accept 
    🔷 Click on the Upload Now tab
    🔷 Finally, Click  Ok

    Final Words

    In this blog, we have discussed some easy steps to integrate the functionalities of the Sage 50 cloud and Office 365 package. We hope the above steps would be of great help to you . If you want more assistance or if you are facing difficulties in carrying out the integration process, you may speak to some of the certified Sage experts.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of Expense Capture Feature in Sage 50cloud?

    Expense Capture is one of the most notable  features embedded  in the Sage 50cloud application. We often lose or  misplace expense business/transaction receipts and once they are lost, it’s extremely difficult to claim later . With the Expense Capture feature in  Sage 50cloud, you can simply take a photo  of any such receipt with your smart-phone, attach a small note regarding the expense occurred and migrate into the Sage 50 cloud through MS Office 365,  which has been integrated already with the application.

    Is it Tough for Sage 50 users to Upgrade to Sage 50 Cloud?

    Ans : If you are already a Sage 50 user and are familiar with its tools and functions, upgrading to Sage 50 Cloud won’t be difficult. You will feel at home while using the Sage 50 Cloud application.

    Can I Integrate other apps with the Sage 50 Cloud software?

    Yes.  Sage 50 Cloud facilitates easy integration with other apps. This will also help you increase your productivity and work smarter.

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