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Making Multiple Items Inactive in QuickBooks

    Making Multiple Items Inactive in QuickBooks

    As it happens, you may want to inactivate several items in the QuickBooks due to some issues or errors that you have noticed afterward.

    So, if you need to make multiple items inactive in the QuickBooks in one go, due to one or other reason, you can do that by below simple steps.

    How Can You Inactivate Multiple Items Inactive in QuickBooks

    First of all, before initiating the process of inactivating multiple items in QuickBooks, you should create the backup of the recent company files and save it on the local drive of the computer with a different name for easy identification purposes. You need to follow the below steps for the creation of company file backup.

    Step 1. At first click on file> backup company data> create local backup> finish.

    Step 2. In the next user confirmation window with the backup file name and location, you need to click on OK. This would create the backup for your QuickBooks company files.

    Steps for Inactivate Multiple Items in QuickBooks

    After creating the backup file, you can follow the below steps to inactivate multiple items in one go, in the QuickBooks.

    Step 1. First of all, click on the left menu bar> list > items list. Choose the items list that you want to inactivate and find all the items under that list that you need to make inactive.

    Step 2. Now right click on the list items and click on make them inactive. You will have to click on yes in the next pop up box to make them inactive.

    Step 3. If you are unable to find all the items that you wish to inactivate you should go to the dialogue box in the lower section of the page and click on the “include inactive” option. For this you will have to click on the view option from the pulldown list> All option> tick on “include inactive”.

    Step 4. Step 3 will help you in finding all the items that wish to inactivate and you can verify the complete list of inactivated items later on.

    Step 5. You can verify the list of the inactive items in a new column that will appear at the left end side after you have performed the above steps, all the inactivated items will have an “x” icon against them which denotes that they are no longer active in the QuickBooks.

    Step 6. In case you have mistakenly inactivated certain items, or maybe you have just changed your mind, you simply have to click on the “X” mark against the items, and the instructions will lead you to the process of reactivating that item again.

    Therefore, if you have found some error in your list of items, then it is better to make them inactive to avoid any mistake, also the inactive items would remain in the list, they would just not appear in any of the sale or purchase transactions in the QuickBooks or any other dropdown.

    In case you need further information or have some queries in your mind, you can dial a toll-free number and our QB technical helpdesk will help you.