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Migrate QuickBooks to Zoho Books

    Migrate QuickBooks to the Zoho Books

    Zoho Books is an accounting software like QuickBooks. Both of them have almost similar features but Zoho books are more affordable in terms of cost. If you are planning to move the data from QuickBooks to Zoho books, you can do it without much hassle by the below steps.

    Steps to Migrate Data from QuickBooks to Zoho Books

    Follow the below steps to complete the process in a hassle-free manner:

    Exporting Data from the QuickBooks

    Step 1. Export all the reports: First of all, you need to ensure that you export all the reports from the QuickBooks, this includes below:

    • Account list report
    • Vendor contact list report
    • List of product and services
    • Details of Inventory-closing stock valuation report
    • Trial balance
    • Sales and purchases transactions report

    For extracting these reports, you need to go to the Reports module on QuickBooks and click on multiple reports that you want to extract or export, then click on the export button on top, it will give you two options “Export to PDF” / “Export to Excel”. Choose as per the requirement.

    Migration of Data in Zoho Books

    After you have completed the above steps, you need to import all the transactions (current financial year/ historical as required). Then for migrating the data in Zoho books, please follow the path for migration that is given for each item. You need to click the button in the same order as given below:

    Step 1. Installation and setup of Zoho Books: You need to install the Zoho books organization on your computer and log in by entering your organization details and clicking on save. You need to click on settings> organizational profile> enter the required details

    Step 2. Adding taxes: Settings>taxes>plus (+) new tax (at the top right corner)>tax name & rate>save.

    Step 3. Import chart of accounts: Accountant module in left menu bar>chart of accounts>settings>Import chart of accounts> choose and upload file.

    Step 4. Enable all the required modules in Zoho: Settings> preference> general> select the module that you want to enable.

    Step 5. Import customers and vendors: Sales> customers/ Purchase> vendors> Import customers/ vendors> choose and upload file.

    Step 6. Import other items: Items>Import items>Choose and upload file.

    Step 7. Add Banking details: Banking> Add Bank/ credit card (top right corner)> Select bank and add credentials> continue.

    Step 8. Enter opening Balances: Settings> Opening Balances> Edit> choose and upload the file.

    Apart from following the above steps, please ensure the below points as well when migrating the data:

    • Ensure to enter the opening balances in the following order (Customer and vendor balances, Asset accounts, expense accounts, Bank accounts, Liability accounts, equity accounts, and income accounts.
    • In Map fields, while you are importing each item or entering opening balance, ensure everything is mapped correctly.
    • Ensure that all the imported transactions are synced with the opening balances.

    If you have any further questions, you can dial a toll-free QuickBooks technical support number and QuickBooks technical support team will help you.