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How to Move QuickBooks Point of Sale to a New Computer

    Move QB POS to a New Computer

    The QuickBooks software offers a platform for all from small to big scale businessmen to cater to all kinds of regulations in terms of the sale of the produce. QuickBooks POS (Point Of Sale) has made heavy transactions run smoothly without wasting much time on manual workings.

    Every firm is now switching to use the software for its added benefits and effortless handling. With such a high-rise demand, QuickBooks put forward a feature of moving one’s QuickBooks POS data to a brand new computer, when the user changes the old system with a new one.

    A set of steps are required to be carried out accurately to avoid all common errors and effortlessly move QuickBooks Point of Sale to a New Computer.

    QuickBooks POS (Point Of Sale) Transfer to a New Computer

    In order to move a QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Server with multiple licences to a new computer on a network, follow these steps

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Create a Backup of Data Files

    The following steps are listed below to carry forward a smooth creation of a data file backup:
    🔷 For the foremost step, browse the File menu.
    🔷 From the File menu, Now search and Select the Back-Up Data option.
    🔷 Now, Click on Backup to the alternate location, and after this, proceed to Browse.
    🔷 Make sure that the Desktop consists of the saved Back Up
    🔷 Now Enter a File name as per your convenience, and then click on Open or Save.
    🔷 After the subsequent step, hit on Back Up and then finally hit Finish.
    🔷 For further, Copy the file saved on the Desktop and then proceed to paste it to a removable device.
    🔷 There is a need to ensure that a justified backup has been done, right before the user proceeds to move the software from an old system to a new one.

    Uninstall, Reinstall and Update Software 

    🔷 For the very first step, ensure QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is closed on all workstations.
    🔷 Proceed by Uninstalling Point of Sale from the old computer, for the next step.
    🔷 Simultaneously, browse and start to Install Point of Sale on the New computer.
    🔷 Make sure you Install the Point of Sale as a Server workstation.
    For the final step, turn to Upgrade the latest version of the software at hand.

    Online Licence Data Synchronisation

    🔷 Now over the new computer, proceed to Open the new Point of Sale server.
    🔷 From the server, browse to the Help menu.
    🔷 Now from the Help menu grid, click on Manage My Licence > Sync Licence Data Online.
    🔷 Now, hit the OK button.

    Restore Data Files

    🔷 From the copied removable media from the QuickBooks Desktop POS, start to Insert the media containing the backup.
    🔷 For the next step, Go to the File menu.
    🔷 Now, browse the File menu and click on Restore Backup File.
    🔷 After the subsequent step, hit on Restore from an alternate location.
    🔷 Now, proceed to browse the location of one’s backup.
    🔷 Hit on the OK option.

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    Final Words

    The above-mentioned blog is framed out in the best possible manner to help you understand the procedure of transferring QuickBooks POS data to a brand new computer to avoid all kinds of baseless errors. If you are stuck with any issues or have doubts about the above-mentioned procedure and seek other related information, you can get in touch with the QuickBooks customer helpdesk. The team members are skilled and available at the earliest.

    🔔Frequently Asked Questions

    How to go about the Installation Process of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)?

    This step is essential in moving QuickBooks POS to a new computer. For a successful installation, Step1: make sure that the system meets all necessary system requirements. Step2: Go to the page saying, Download and Updates and Download QuickBooks POS. Step3: Proceed with the installation process.

    Does the QuickBooks POS System come with Hardware?

    You can choose to purchase only the software or the software with hardware. If you get the hardware for your POS system, you will have a monitor, cash register, barcode scanner etc. Such equipment will help you in efficiently ringing sales.

    Will I Lose my Data if I Repair the Software?

    No, you won’t. The data related to transactions is stored in a separate folder. It isn’t impacted in any way when you repair the program files of the POS software. However, we highly recommend that you create a backup of all your data before proceeding with the repair process.

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