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How to Obtain a License Key for New Version of Sage CRM

    Obtain a License Key for Sage CRM

    Have you lately upgraded to new version of Sage 50 CRM software application, but unable to obtain the desired license key despite making numerous attempts? Well, there isn’t any rocket science or anything. We are here to help you obtain the desired license key that you have been looking for so long .In case, you don’t have time to perform the steps by yourself, you can anytime get in touch with the Accounting Problem Sage tech support team for immediate resolution.

    This article attempts to talk through some of the easiest ways to help the subscribed users of the Sage CRM software application obtain their license key.

    What is Sage License Key?

    Sage CRM software application is basically a license based product. Whenever you will be buying new software or thinking about upgrading your existing software to an advanced version you will be prompted to enter a license key in order to initiate the process of usage of the product. Hence, you need to enter correct details else you would not be able to start your work.

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    Some Methods for Obtain or Update the License Key of Sage CRM

    In Sage CRM software application, the user can easily find out the respective license key further down in the Administration screens. To find the license key, you need to follow the given below steps in the order as cited:

    • The first and the foremost thing, you need to open your Sage CRM software and browse for the Administration option.
    • After this, just move on to System and there you need to find the License Key Details tab.
    • Basically, the license key can be found in the windows registry and in your computer’s part meter chart. However, you are facing any problem to find out the location then just connect with Sage experts on our product help to know the actual location.
    • The license is synchronized inside the custom_sysparmsslab.
    • You need to click on the parm_name, parm_value that you can find in theCustom_SysParams somewhere in the parm_name, for instance, ‘license key’

    CAUTIONARY WARNING: Always make sure that you do not make an unsuccessful attempt to update the window registry and the database all by yourself. If you will be making any sort of amendments directly to the window registry or Custom_SysParamschart, then possibilities are quite high that you will end up doing some irreparable damage to the same. It is always good to seek professional Sage assistance by Accounting Problem Sage tech support team.

    Here are Some Techniques to Obtain or Update the Sage License Key

    There are two safe techniques. Follow the procedure:

    • Firstly, ensure that you run again the installation program (setup.exe) that you can find in your Sage CRM.
    • Next, click on the ‘Modify existing install of CRM’ option
    • When you will do right click on the same, you will get a drop down list from where you need to click on the ‘License Key’ checkbox.
    • Now, fill in your new license key there so as to overwrite the in effect license.
    • When you will do so, the install of Sage CRM will then upgrade as the installation program correctly carries out the amendments in the window registry and upgrades a few database setting.

    The Safest Recommended Technique of Changing a License is to utilize the respective License Key Update function. For this, follow the stated steps

    • To find this, you need to look further down in the installation folder. If find problem in finding it take the advice of a Sage specialist
    • Next, make sure you run the License Key Update application.
    • Now, select the Install Name for which you have to modify the License Keys.
    • You will see a box wherein you need to fill in the details related to the new license keys. Fill in the required New License keys and press on the Next tab in order to proceed further.

    If you have any further questions in regards too training a license key for a new version of Sage CRM or not able to update or add a license key, contact our team of experts at Accounting Problem Sage 50 technical support