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How to Open QBB, QBW and QBX Files without QuickBooks

    Open QBW File Without QuickBooks

    In this article we discuss about how to open QBB, QBW and QBX File without QuickBooks, Also how many types of file format available in QuickBooks.

    QuickBooks Desktop uses different types of files to store different types of data. For example, your main company files (QBW) and backup data files (QBB) are totally different file types.

    Types and Extensions of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

    • QBW (QuickBooks Company file)
    • QBB (QuickBooks Backup file)
    • QBM (QuickBooks Portable file)
    • QBO (QuickBooks Bank Statement file)
    • DES (Layout Designer Template file)
    • QBR (QuickBooks Report Template file)
    • QWC (QuickBooks Web Connector file)
    • qbstbl2.usa (US Tax Table file)
    • QBX (Accountant’s Review Copy / Transfer file)
    • QBA (Accountant’s Copy file)
    • QBY (Accountant’s Copy Import file)
    • QBJ (General Journal Entries file)
    • IIF (Intuit Interchange Format file)
    • ND (Network Data file)
    • TLG (Transaction Log file)
    • LOG (Event Log file)
    • ECML (Entitlement file)
    • QBP (QuickBooks Print file)
    • QSM (QuickBooks Statement Writer)
    • QSS and QST File

    QBW is a type of file extension that is used for the QuickBooks company data file. In these types of files, financial data, letters, images, logos, and templates are stored. These files consist of sensitive data so it is very important to have the backup of these filed and stored at different locations.

    For opening it without the QuickBooks, you need to follow the following steps given by the professional team. The team is expert, professional and experienced as well to understand all your situations.

    Solution to Open Different QuickBooks Files without Using QuickBooks

    open quickbooks file without QB

    In this article we have given the solutions to open the open QBW, QBB, QBX files without QuickBooks. But before perform this procedure, you want to know the difference between these three main important QuickBooks Company file.

    Here is the Main 3 Types of File Used by QuickBooks

    1. QBW File: This file extension is QuickBooks company file it has very specials role in QuickBooks, In this file store all the company data, images, letter, reports, logo ETC.
    2. QBB File: This file extension is QuickBooks backup file type of QuickBooks, This file just a backup file, Where your QuickBooks data is stored.
    3. QBX File: This file extension is QuickBooks Accountant’s copy file, In this file all your accountant data can be store, which is used in your QuickBooks account.

    Steps to Open QBW files without QuickBooks

    1. Go to the Start menu then scroll down and click on the Intuit In the folder of intuit, click on the QuickBooks
    2. For this, right-click on the QuickBooks and then select the open option; then enter the credentials to open it. Now select the company data file that you need to export from the QuickBooks application
    3. Do click on the Customer, Vendors and employees option that is visible at the top of the opened window. After that click on the Customer Centre
    4. The file of QBW is imported to the excel sheet. For this choose the excel that is at the top of the screen
    5. Now you have to select the option named export excel and then do click on the export after saving the file
    6. Do open the file that you have imported that needs the excel 2010 version or later. We recommend you to use the latest version of MS Excel for opening the file with QBW extension without the QuickBooks
    7. After the successful importing of the file then go to the Data Then you must choose and click on the tab named the other resources
    8. After this, you have to see the QBW file in the window and the open it directly. Now find the file in the window and then search for the QBW file separately
    9. When you are done with the file location then click on the QBW file that is new and it can be open instantly.

    Using this process, you can open QuickBooks file without QuickBooks software easily.

    Steps to Open QBB Files without QuickBooks

    1. First Opencompany filein the QuickBooks Desktop.
    2. Then Click on theFiletab, and choose theOpentab to open the file.
    3. If you not able to find the file Browse the company file with using QBB extension and select Open.
    4. Then select Switch to Single-User Mode in the File tab.
    5. Choose the File tab again and click on the Export option.
    6. Click on Send the Report to a New Excel Spreadsheet and select OK.
    7. Now QuickBooks will open your Company file in the Excel spreadsheet.
    8. Click on Save as in the File tab and mention the name by which you want to save the file.
    9. Choose the file location and click Save.

    Using this process, you can open QuickBooks backup file without QuickBooks software easily.

    Steps to Open QBX Files without QuickBooks

    Sometimes you face an issue in opening QBX file while converting a QBX file to a normal QBW file.

    1. First, open a particular file (QBX or QBA).
    2. Select the File menu then click on the Accountant’s Copy in the Send Company File.
    3. Choose Convert Accountant’s Copy to Company File/QBW and Ok.
    4. Select the location where you want to save the converted file and then Save it.
    5. And click on Ok.

    How to reach us?

    Still, you need any kind of help regarding functional or technical issues then contact the team immediately via call at QuickBooks helpdesk number, email at [email protected] do a live chat with the experts. The team is always here to help you out as they understand each situation and never let you go without any solution. The members of the team will never leave you in the problem and give their best to resolve it out.


    How do i Restore a QBB files in QuickBooks?

    The QBB file will not be restored to QuickBooks if you deleted it by mistake. If this happens, use the Export and Import Service in QuickBooks Online or the File Import Services in Quickbooks Desktop to open a new file. If you are able to login to your account successfully and view the backup data that is available, then you can export your data.

    What is a QBW QuickBooks files?

    When you export your QuickBooks data for your accountant to review, QuickBooks creates an Accountant’s Copy with a .QBX extension.

    What is QBW QuickBooks files?

    When create a company file, QuickBooks saves the file with a .QBW extension. This is the QuickBooks company file.