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Payroll Taxes not Calculating after Upgrading to a Newer Version of Sage 50

    Payroll Taxes Not Calculating After Upgrading Sage-50

    Sage 50 is one of the vividly used accounting software around the accounting sphere. It is among the services that Sage provides. All the Sage features are very effectively and conveniently by experts and sage accountants. Even a layman can also understand its services. But at the time of upgrade and update, your software may face so many errors and issues.

    What is Payroll Taxes not Calculating after Upgrading to a Newer Version of Sage 50

    The basic reason can be due to incorrect or customized settings of Sage 50 that created problem at time of upgrade.

    Steps for Fix Payroll Taxes not Calculating after Upgrading to a Newer Version of Sage 50

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Check you are using the latest update of Sage 50 Version

    🔶 Click on help in SAGE-50 and make sure that it is the latest version of SAGE 50

    If the payroll is not being calculated or it is miscalculated, there might be different reasons behind the errors.

    Subscription Update

    🔶 Disable Firewall settings or the anti-virus that you may have and confirm your subscription updates.
    🔶 Now, go to Help and then click on Sage 50 Subscription Updates
    🔶 Now, click on online and then click on OK.
    🔶 Select OK on the message that you will receive for the subscription message that you will receive. Now, try to calculate the tax.

    Install the Latest Update of Sage

    🔶 Use Sage 50 knowledgebase, now, download and install the latest Sage version.
    🔶 SAGE-50 may be blocked by UAC (User Accounts Control).
    🔶 Disable UAC or run your program as administrator.
    🔶 Calculate Tax Report and Verify Payroll.

    Add-on not Purchased or Expired Subscription

    Get in touch with our Technical Support Personnel.

    Check any Amount or Salary Missing from the Employees Record

    🔶 Click on Maintain –> Employees & Sales Reports
    🔶 Now, go to the employees.
    🔶 Click on pay information.
    🔶 Now, enter salary payment amount or pay per hour rate of the employees.
    🔶 Now, save all the changes.

    Future Payroll year can be Selected incorrectly

    🔶 Now, make sure that you have correct payroll update; the payroll won’t be calculated if check is calculated for future year.
    🔶 If plan renewal date is henceforth of payroll subscription date.
    🔶 Now, check the end date of payroll check the renewal date of the support plan.

    Select the Correct Accounting Period

    🔶 Click on horizontal bar period.
    🔶 Now, click on the right accounting period and then click on OK
    🔶 Now, check that payroll is completed correctly. 

    Here are some of the resolution methods, following which will help you get the error resolved. Else you can also come in touch with our Sage technical support team via various connectivity channels.

    • Call us on our Sage 50 technical support to get solution.
    • Send us e-mail on and our team will respond to your query in very less time.
    • Have chat with our Technical Support Team via Sage Live Chat.