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Peachtree Customer Support


    When it comes to a quality accounting program for a small or mid-size business, Peachtree, aka Sage 50 is the route to consider. In 1978, Peachtree’s founding fathers, Ron Roberts, Ben Dyer, John Hayes, and Steve Mann decided to put their new accounting software on the market. It quickly gained popularity as an easy to utilize the program and was released with the first IBM personal computer as a bonus program. By 1984, Peachtree was featured in InfoWorld and was the seventh largest microcomputer software company in the world, which was quite an accomplishment. The Peachtree customer service was phenomenal, gaining a larger audience and the attention of technology enthusiasts, leading to its purchase by the renowned Sage Group in 1998.

    Sage 50, as it is known today, was the first software created for a microcomputer that is still in use today, making it the eldest software still available. As the financial industry has continued to grow and evolve, Peachtree customer service and their phenomenal and flexible software program have continued to grow and evolve right along with it.

    What Makes Peachtree Accounting so Great?

    It makes it simpler to run a business by speeding up the cash flow while reducing costs. The clear, precise and user-friendly program ensures all the financials are easy to understand, completely accurate, with consistent and accurate results. The user-friendly program actual minimizes the time business owners have to spend on accounting work, so more time can be put into the business. Not to mention, when it comes to business taxes, Peachtree’s accurate programming leaves business owners feeling secure and confident in all financial figures.

    Peachtree customer service offers a variety of proven streamline solutions with enough flexibility to fit any business needs. The software is designed to aid in business growth, while actually growing with the business. The customer service representatives each entrepreneur encounters will be knowledgeable, helpful, and explain everything in an easy to understand manner, providing high-quality support for all services included in the package. These professionals will ensure that each company’s experience is one of fast, friendly responses and 100% customer service, support and satisfaction.

    Peachtree Accounting is over 4 decades old and it has outlasted many a competitor with good reason. A lot of accounting programs could not roll with the changes in the ever-evolving financial world or had poor customer service. Peachtree customer service has always been seen as the top of the line, with efforts put into hiring only quality professionals that were willing to take the time to help clients by answering any questions and ensuring that their experience with the accounting software was but top notch.

    Some clients have been utilizing this known software since its humble beginnings in the mid-1970 and can attest it is a name and company that can be trusted. When it comes to accounting software in today’s day and age, you cannot beat the care you will receive with Peachtree, Sage 50 and the Peachtree customer service team. They offer the best financial solutions for companies and will continue to help businesses grow for many decades to come.