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Performance issues on a Standalone or Sage 50 Network

    Sage 50 Slow Performance

    Have you been consistently getting troubled due to performance related issues that you are facing on a standalone network in Sage 50 software application? Yes, then you no longer have to get overwrought as you need to follow simple ways to do away this issue.

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    In this article, we shall be highlighting the prime causes of the performance issues on a standalone or network in Sage 50 software and some simple to do techniques to get rid of this glitch.

    Causes of Slow Performance on Standalone Network in Sage 50

    There could be different reasons that can prompt the performance related issues in the Sage 50 accounting software, including:

    • Data impairment or corruption
    • Magnitude of data
    • Computer or network glitches
    • An identified issue
    • Other environmental influences, for instance antivirus software or any peripheral backup software

    Resolve Performance Issues on Standalone Network in Sage 50

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Look for the Prevailing known Glitches

    There are some identified glitches that cause performance related issues in the software. If you’re prompted by an explicit error message, or if the glitch impacts a certain part of the software we recommend seeking the assistance of the Sage professionals.

    Check the Magnitude of Data

    You can record any number of transactions in your Sage accounts. There is no specific limit as defined. It is only your disk space and free memory on your PC that inhibits Sage 50 to store the data beyond a certain limit. You can augment performance simply doing the given some changes

    πŸ’  Less than 1,000,000 transactions.
    πŸ’  Less than 50,000 bill of lading
    πŸ’  Less than 50,000 sales orders
    πŸ’  Less than 50,000 procurement orders
    πŸ’  Less than 2,000 client records
    πŸ’  Less than 2,000 merchant records
    πŸ’  Less than 20,000 merchandise records
    πŸ’  Less than 2,000 assignment records

    For viewing these records, press on Help and later select About. All the records will be displayed in the Data Information section. It is always recommended that you should remain within the range as mentioned above simply by removing the old invoices and use the Clear Audit Trail tool to eliminate old transactions.

    Cross check whether all the computers (In which Sage software has been installed) meet the suggested system prerequisites or not.

    πŸ’  You can check the details about the system requirements.
    πŸ’  Always ensure that you are making use of the newest version of the software.

    If you Software performs at snail’s pace in a particular zone or all zone

    If a specific component of the software is impacted, performance can be enhanced simply by indexing that component again. Follow the given steps to do so:

    πŸ’  Firstly, take the backup of your data without a miss
    πŸ’  Browse File and look for Maintenance.
    πŸ’  If asked to close all other running windows, press on Yes.
    πŸ’  Select Reindex, the impacted component and press OK then Yes.
    πŸ’  Select Compress Now and click on the tab.
    πŸ’  Press on OK, then click on close twice.

    In case your Sage accounts is set up on a network, confirm that Sage Accounts uses a UNC path while accessing the information

    In case, you are trying to access your company data on the server by means of a mapped network drive, we recommend modifying this to a UNC path. You can find the existing path to the data in Sage Accounts by going to Help then click on About and writing down the data directory.

    πŸ’  Go to Company file:
    πŸ’  Click twice on the Company file and press Open.
    πŸ’  Modify the paths in the Company file till the new data site on the server. You need to enter the applicable UNC path here. For instance, in case your server name is Server and your shared folder name is Sage data, then your UNC path is \\Server\Sagedata
    πŸ’  Press on the File, and after that click on Save then on File and Exit.

    Verify your data

    πŸ’  To confirm whether your software isn’t performing sluggishly owing to data corruption, run the verify data option.
    πŸ’  Open your Sage Accounts and sign in the business a/c that is encountering the performance issues.
    πŸ’  Press on File, then on Maintenance and select Verify Data.
    πŸ’  In case, you find there is some sort of errors in your data then make sure you fix them first.

    Sage 50 Technical Support Number

    If you still juggling with the performance related issues on a standalone network in Sage 50 accounting software application, then you can feel free to speak to our Accounting Problem Sage 50 technical support team at our helpline number.