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How to Print Payroll Checks in QuickBooks Online

    In QuickBooks, to compensate workers for their services, payroll checks are usually produced. These checks may need to be printed in order to satisfy the criteria of the workers or even the businesses. One of the more sophisticated capabilities that the QuickBooks offers is the ability to print payroll checks. You need to select the Paycheck List option to carry out the printing checks action in QuickBooks Online. Users can test printing their payroll checks using QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced, and other versions of this program. You can read this post to learn more about printing payroll checks and how to Print payroll checks in QuickBooks Online. For each of QuickBooks version, we’ll emphasize the specific approaches to do the same.

    Benefits of Creating Payroll Checks in QuickBooks Online

    Using QuickBooks Checks for your company will give you the following advantages:

    πŸ’  For organizing payroll and paying bills, you can use different accounts. Manually keeping track of all this activity can be challenging. Furthermore, printing checks from many transactions and accounts can be chaotic. You are protected against all uncertainty and confusion by QuickBooks Check. It will combine the information from all of your accounts, allowing you to print checks from numerous accounts without making any mistakes. Additionally, adopting QuickBooks will save you time and money in comparison to manually managing checks or using any other software.

    πŸ’  Another significant benefit of using QuickBooks Check is that you can prevent accounting errors and prevent significant losses.

    πŸ’  You must load checks in a specified format into your printer tray in order to use real-time applications. Depending on the use of the checks you soon desire to print, this format will change. However, you will frequently need to print checks with varying usage and formatting. With QuickBooks, you can create a single blank check that can be altered to fit any format. QuickBooks optimizes your check printing processes in this way.

    πŸ’  There may be numerous clients and bank accounts served by your company. This presents a challenge because you have to keep pre-printed checks for each client and bank account.

    πŸ’  However, if your company is integrated with the QuickBooks Online Check Writer, you will be able to manage the checks needed for each of your clients on a single platform. You can produce several checks and download the QuickBooks Check Writer’s formats. With just one click, you can easily print checks for any account on a blank check sheet. If you use QuickBooks Check, you are no longer need to store pre-printed checks.

    πŸ’  With its blank check feature, QuickBooks offers you security. Pre-printed checks are vulnerable to a variety of frauds since they contain your bank information. You will therefore be protected from any potential check fraud by using blank checks for all of your purposes. You can safely print checks onto harmless Blank Papers and hide your bank account information with the QuickBooks Online Check Writer.

    How to Print Checks in QuickBooks Online?

    When printing checks within the software, QuickBooks Online users are not inconvenienced in any way. They can select Quick Create from the Home Page and then select Vendors from there. The check option is available. You must enter in the necessary details after selecting the same. You can see the check printing option by selecting Quick Create and Vendors once more.

    Print Checks in QuickBooks

    Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to print checks in QuickBooks Online:
    πŸ’  First, make sure that you are navigating to the QuickBooks β€œHome Page”
    πŸ’  Go to the β€œQuick Create” icon and select it
    πŸ’  Next, click on the β€œVendors” option
    πŸ’  After that, click on the β€œCheck” tab
    πŸ’  Fill out the check fields with the necessary information
    πŸ’  Make certain that you are entering the amount in the correct format
    πŸ’  Both crediting and debiting should be done to the appropriate accounts
    πŸ’  Select the β€œQuick Create” option once again from the icon menu
    πŸ’  Then select the β€œVendors” option
    πŸ’  Once done with that select the β€œPrint Check” option
    πŸ’  You can change that several settings to your desire that you’re using the β€œAlignment Wizard”
    πŸ’  In the end, click on the β€œFinish Preview” followed by clicking on the β€œPrint” option.

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    How to Reprint Checks in QuickBooks

    Print Payroll Checks in QuickBooks Online in Different Versions

    There are various QuickBooks Online versions available. These software versions allow you to print payroll checks. But the approaches used to print them might not always be the same. The approaches have been listed in the following subsections for versions of the software such QuickBooks Online Payroll, QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced, Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced, and Intuit Online Payroll Full Service.

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    In QuickBooks Online Payroll

    QuickBooks Online Payroll

    You can access the Payroll Settings from the software’s Settings in order to print payroll checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll. You can discover an Edit icon by going to the Printing section of the menu. Choosing it Next, pick check paper that is compatible with QuickBooks and preprinted. You can afterwards decide whether to print 1 pay stub or 2 pay stubs.

    You still need to do additional actions. Check them out below:-
    Initially, navigate to the β€œSettings” tab
    πŸ’  Next, hit the “Payroll Settings” option
    πŸ’  In the β€œPrinting” section, select on the β€œEdit” icon
    πŸ’  Select on the β€œPreprinted QuickBooks-compatible Check Paper”

    Select one of the following options:
    πŸ’  Print 1 Pay Stub
    πŸ’  Print 2 Pay Stubs
    πŸ’  After that, click on the β€œSave” button
    πŸ’  Hit the click on the β€œDone” button
    πŸ’  The β€œEmployees” option can be chosen from the β€œPayroll Menu”
    πŸ’  Click on the β€œPaycheck List” under the β€œMy Payroll” section
    πŸ’  Finally, press β€œPrint” after selecting every paycheck that has to be printed.

    In QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced

    Here is a 10-step process that should be used by QuickBooks Payroll 2020 Enhanced users. You can easily navigate to the Settings and choose Payroll Settings. Decide what you want Paycheck Printing to be. Choose QuickBooks-compatible Preprinted Voucher Check Stock going forward.
    πŸ’  After that, just follow the remaining instructions.
    πŸ’  Select the Software’s Settings menu
    πŸ’  Next, click on the β€œPayroll Settings” option
    πŸ’  In the Preferences section, select the β€œPaycheck Printing” tab
    πŸ’  Make your selection from β€œPreprinted QuickBooks-compatible Voucher Check Stock”
    πŸ’  Chose the appropriate option from the available lists
    πŸ’  Print 1 Stubs
    πŸ’  Print 2 Stubs
    πŸ’  Once done with that then hit the Ok tab
    πŸ’  After that, choose β€œEmployees” from the β€œPayroll” tab
    πŸ’  Now, go to the β€œMy Payroll” tab and then select β€œPaycheck List”
    πŸ’  Look for the paychecks which need to be printed out
    πŸ’  Finally, hit the β€œPrint” tab.

    In Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced

    Make sure you read this article in its entirety if you have any questions about how to print payroll checks with QuickBooks Online’s Payroll Enhanced version. Preferences can be accessed through the Setup option. The Paycheck Printing Settings can be found under this option. Printing payroll checks is possible when using preprinted Blank Check Stock or Voucher Check Stock that is compatible with QuickBooks.

    Here is the complete procedure to print paycheck in Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced but before using the approach, it is advised that you read all the instruction very carefully.
    πŸ’  In the beginning, go to the β€œSetup” and then select the “Preferences” option
    πŸ’  Next, hit the β€œPaycheck Printing Settings” tab
    πŸ’  After that, select β€œBlank Check Stock” or β€œPreprinted QuickBooks-compatible Voucher Check Stock”

    There are two options listed as follows:
    πŸ’  Print 1 Stubs
    πŸ’  Print 2 Stubs
    πŸ’  Pick one from this list
    πŸ’  And then hit the β€œOk” button
    πŸ’  Once done then choose β€œPayday” followed by selecting the β€œPaycheck List”
    πŸ’  Verify that the paychecks which are required to be printed out have been selected
    πŸ’  Then select the β€œView Print” option
    πŸ’  In the end, select the β€œPrinter” icon by clicking on it.

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    In Intuit Online Payroll Full Service

    We’ll introduce you to Intuit Online Payroll Full Service’s payroll check printing process in the below section. You can start by setting up the printing preferences. Once they are selected, you may choose to view the paycheck list. The payroll checks that need to be printed are located here. The Print button can then be used to end this approach.
    πŸ’  First, go to the Printing Preferences
    πŸ’  Next, click on the β€œView Paycheck List” tab
    πŸ’  Select all the paychecks those are required to be printed out
    πŸ’  Now, select the β€œPrint” option from the tabs
    πŸ’  To continue printing, click on the β€œPrinter” icon
    πŸ’  After the above step is finished, the payroll checks will be printed by simply clicking on the β€œPrinter” button.

    Steps to print voucher checks in QuickBooks Online with No Voucher Portion

    You can start by choosing the β€œNew” option. Then you can select Print Checks. Select Standard under Print configuration after clicking there. You’ll see a option that reads, β€œYes, I’m Done with Setup”. Select it and then adhere to the remaining instructions:
    πŸ’  To start with clicking on the β€œNew” button in QuickBooks Online
    πŸ’  Next, select the β€œPrint Checks” option
    πŸ’  After that, select the β€œPrint Setup” option
    πŸ’  Select the β€œStandard” optionΒ 
    πŸ’  Moving forward, mark the option β€œYes, I’m Done with Setup”
    πŸ’  Simply click the arrow next to the β€œOn First-page Print”
    πŸ’  Select the one check printing option
    πŸ’  Then select the check you want to print
    πŸ’  Make sure that you have chosen the preview option
    πŸ’  In the end, select the β€œPrint” tab.

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    In Conclusion

    We tried to put all possible print payroll checks in QuickBooks Online version. Hopefully, you didn’t encounter any problems while implementing the above discussed steps. Make sure that follow the instructions mentioned above in order for these methods to be successful. When you’re done printing these checks, thoroughly inspect them to make sure they are aligned properly. In case, you stuck or facing difficulties, feel free to reach out our Team of Experts via QuickBooks Helpdesk Team.

    A Frequently Asked Questions ✍

    Is it Possible to Print Multiple Checks at Once or in a Batch in QuickBooks?

    Yes, you can print checks in QuickBooks in a batch. In this case, you’re supposed to use the β€œWrite Checks” option in particular while using the Desktop version. Your checks will have checkboxes next to them when it shows them. For a batch print of these papers, check the necessary boxes.

    How Do I Print a Paper Check in QuickBooks Online Payroll?

    Click on Employees at the top of this Intuit software version. You can also select Payroll by clicking. You can choose the pay plan and then click Run payroll. You can find the Paper Check option to print it by looking for the Direct Deposit symbol.
    πŸ’  Pick “Employees” or “Payroll” from the drop-down menu
    πŸ’  Next, press the “Run Payroll” button
    πŸ’  Select the required pay schedule if you are using multiple pay schedules
    πŸ’  To continue, click on the Continue button
    πŸ’  Select the β€œDirect Deposit” icon for your employee
    πŸ’  Select and click on the β€œPaper Check” option
    πŸ’  Enter the required employee’s details for the pay stub
    πŸ’  After that, click on the β€œPreview Payroll’ tab
    πŸ’  Now, hit the β€œSubmit Payroll” option
    πŸ’  Specify the check’s number in your next step
    πŸ’  Select the β€œPrint Pay Cheque” button
    πŸ’  Moving forward, click on the β€œPrint Pay Stub” option
    πŸ’  At last, hit the β€œFinish Payroll” tab.

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    What to Do If the Alignment Issues Happen While Printing Checks in QuickBooks Online and Why Do it Happen?

    Some of you may have encountered alignment issues when printing checks through QuickBooks Online. If you didn’t check the alignment settings before printing it, this might have happened. You can make it correct by changing the alignment of checks printed in QuickBooks Online. You can start by going to Transactions and selecting Expenses. Go to Print Setup after choosing Print Checks. The alignment option will appear after completing a few steps. You can print a sample check and make alignment modifications as per your requirements.

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