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Privacy Policy is specially tailored on foundation of Dedication and Guarantee. Our long list of clientele is assured guarantee of tight security and confidentiality of all the personal and financial data as well as documents provided to our accountants. Maintaining the sensitive information of the clients safe and secure is utmost priority for us and our agency. is headquartered in Atlanta, United States, popularly known as the ‘Windy City’. It is known for having comprehensive knowledge from all the accumulated commercial and personal data. We accord top notch services to our clients with full assurance of the legality of our work. We know the main concern while outsourcing data is sensitivity of the given information and the damage that can be caused by its leakage. Keeping this worry of yours in mind we have devised the following policy which informs as to why is best outsourcing company for your accounting software services.

Data Collection:

When you visit our website, we ask you to provide certain type of personal information which can be beneficial for the future proceedings and communication. We also use this data to provide better experience and improve the website for better enhanced communication with us. We gather both personal and non-personal information from you, such as:

  • Types of information we collect includes
  • Information as required by experts
  • Client or its entity identity and contact details
  • Financial information
  • Share portfolio information Creditor information

Depending on your interest, the above information can either be provided by you directly or through a third party agent such as accountant you were in touch with.

Trust Policy:

Relying on a third party with data that you don’t even trust with your employees is quite hard. Hence, we at, place special emphasis on the security and confidentiality of the data kept with us. We place the data in tight security computer system which is locked with high security passwords and the system itself is kept in a secure area having appropriate backup system both on and off site. Many accounting firms, for processing of cost cutting service, send your private data overseas. However, that is not practiced with as our policy is to access your information either in your office or ours.

We employ employees very carefully as they need to have certain set of qualities so that there is no chance of leakage. They are trained to ensure complete confidentiality of the clients’ data and to maintain proper security of the same. We use top notch technology to control any misuse of the information provided.

Guarantee of Complete Security:

We might fail to provide you security against the information accessed by third parties; associations like PASBA consist of rules and regulations that safeguard the clients’ data both physically and electronically and are in accordance with the federal regulations. The security measures are as follows:

  • Computer password authentication
  • Building Security
  • Restricted access to firm premises
  • Unique client identifiers
  • Offsite data backup
  • Server Encryption and site monitoring
  • Computer Firewalls & intrusion detection
  • Audit trail of access to client data
  • Confidentiality clauses in employment agreements
  • Computer, Internet and Email Policy


Eventually, while browsing websites we at times choose to turn off the cookies option. If that is the case, you will be able to go through our website without the advantage of being able to use forms provided online. Whether your cookies option is turned ‘On’ or ‘Off’, our website will be able to track your movement which will be used for analysis purpose on an average basis. This data is collected with the purpose of providing better and relevant content for the visitors. Personal information of the visitor is not acquired by the website. It is provided by the visitor himself voluntarily and in case you provide private information such as your name, contact details etc. it is interpreted that you agree to let the website use your information as per the norms of the privacy statement.

Information on Children:

As a third-party service provider, we take extra precautions for our younger learners. This note applies to kids under the age of 13. Digital offering usage and online registration service restricting the child accounts once they identified anything wrong which against our child Policy. Accounting provides the information related to the QuickBooks and Sage accounting software. We don’t need any personal details to share with us, just enter the required information in the mandatory fields which include your email, name, or address; we just need to know a small amount of personal as well as non-personal data to verify the user’s recognization and to communicate with you for further processing. In another way, if our services detect any identifiable information without getting parental consent, we will remove that data from our database as soon as possible. We work under the general federal or state law that needs a company to have a privacy policy in all circumstances.

What information do we collect?

Discover the best results with us while browning the accounting latest news, services, and product details. We make things easy to get a clear view of the business accounting software (QuickBooks & Sage) to find accuracy.

Let’s begin:

  • Voluntary Registration – The information we need including your email address, social security number, contact number, date of birth, and credit card details while processing on-line registration on the website or when you try to know about the service or any information about the product. The subsequent use of the website might be required some additional data based on what you looking for. It will help you to know the complete details about your selected program and clear all queries. Personal data including your income information, bank account details, and your employment, credit history, credit score, tax return details, and credit history, this information are required if you choose any advanced version(Including Payroll or Tax services). We give the ability to create an account on our website and administer for a specific account. While processing the information, we need to know the username Id, and password which you will you can utilize to access the account and other information.
  • Tax Information – We collect the information that you have given to us while filling all required data in the mandatory fields and tax return file by using the tax table or tax payroll services. From these details, we can connect you related to the use of the services to manage your all tax-related programs without any hassle. In the future, if you want to claim a refund under the warranty time as per the agreement’s terms & policy. We will utilize any information that you submitted to evaluate the claim.
  • Tax Services: Taxes will update you with information about if we hold your details. You can edit the information whenever you want before a state taxing authority or IRS accepts the tax return policy by just simply logging in or trying to accessing the company data. Once the IRS or state taxing authority accepts the tax return, then you unable to change the personal details but you can update the tax return form. Apart from that, you can change your email address if you want to be by hitting the click on the “Change an email address” link which is visible on your provided screen after login into your account. However, when you try to access related to your tax return via your account on the website up until the next tax year following acceptance over the tax authority legal issues.

We will retain your information until the further account is active or as required to meet new services. In any case, if you want to cancel the account or request, connect with the customer care helpline.

Passive Collection:

Being a third-party service provider, we use several technologies to collect certain data automatically. This information summarizes the Internet protocol address, Internet service provider, browser type, referring pages, operating system, files seen on our website (HTML and graphics pages including), Date & Timestamp, and the clickstream data to analyze the administer and aggregate the website.

Tracking Technologies:

We use cookies or many similar technologies to analyze trends, administer websites, track users’ movement around the website to collect demographic information about the user base. This new technology helps you to set up the settings, edits, configurations, and update all new changes you want to do. You can control the use of cookies at any individual browser level but if you select to disable cookies, it provides limited use of services or features on our website.

Few things come under the Tracking Technologies:

  • Cookies: A cookie is considered a placed data file that is utilized to view our website and all networks. A flash cookie is placed on a device through the Adobe plug-in that is required to be built-in or you can download it by you to your device. HTML cookies can be accessed by HTML5 local storage. Unlike flash cookies and HTML5 cookies don’t need to plug-in. Regular cookies are usually disabled or deleted by the tools that are visible as part of most commercial browsers but not all instances might be blocked in the future by choosing certain settings. Each browser you prefer will require being separate and another browser that offers different options and functionalities in this relationship. For more information on flash cookies, visit the website’s online page. You must be aware if you remove or disable the cookies, HTML, or Flash cookies or some portion of this website not working. When you revisit the website your ability to restrict the cookies is subjected to all browser settings and limitations.
  • Web Beacons: The other web programming code, we prefer is web beacons. It includes our website’s page and message. Maybe it is invisible to you but web programming or electronic images uploaded into an email or page act as a web beacon. Web bacon and other same technologies might be utilized for a large of purposes, including without any limitation, count visitors to the website to track how users manage the website that how to count emails that were opened to count the emails you sent that counted or opened or to compute how many specified links or articles were seen.
  • Embedded Scripts: An embedded script is another programming code that we used to assemble the information about your all relations with other websites such as the availability of link you hit on it. You can download the code on your devices, but this is temporarily available from our web service provider. This service is only active when you are already connected to the website and deactivated or removed thereafter.
  • Do Not Track Disclosures: We developing the networks and mechanisms for the expression of the consumer choice related to the submitted information about an individual customer’s online activities. Do-Not-Track Disclosures is one of the best online services you find to take any action to maintain your network with other users and mechanisms.
  • SSL and Data Security: The security of personal data is a top priority. When a user enters sensitive data such as credit card numbers on the order forms, we make sure to encrypt the transmission of that information utilizing the secure socket layer technology. We provide high-module security to the user’s information that we save in our offices to prevent the information from unauthorized users. The only employee who required or correct login credentials, get the information to manage a job is granted to access it.

We are unable and can’t act as insecure of the personal information, specifically when it is transmitted over the web-access. Generally, we assume no liability for any disclosure of information due to the presence of bugs. Therefore, we cannot guarantee it is secure. If you have any questions, contact the customer service helpline.

  • Controlling your personal information: You are authoritative for maintaining the information accuracy you submit to us such as contact details and all mandatory information. You have a choice to select to restrict the use of personal details. We are here to protect your data and work on your all submitted request within a limited time. We will retain and utilize your details as required to comply with the legal obligations, enforce the agreements, and resolve disputes.

Where do we get this information?

We collect all information about you and all other parties whose information you have given to us while

  • When you try to register on our website, services, or applications. For initial users, a free trial is also available for a limited period. The user just needs to enter all personal details such as an address, contact number.
  • The terms & condition ask you to enter additional information about the business and your all preferences
  • Users are required to place an order utilizing our websites, applications, or services. It includes your business name, contact details, email address, and payment method
  • Ensure about to complete online forms and interact with us via the social media platform

We will ask you to update the information where you only abandon data inputted into the website or partially complete the online forms. We make things easy for you to collect the data from your mobile devices also. This is accessible to you and your users to switch to many services or applications. It’s in our policy to verify your contact number and entered location to prevent the data from unauthorized users.

How do we use your information?

The services to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law, we use your details for many purposes. All are listed below:

  • Check and verify all information with third parties
  • Provide the maintenance, security, and improve the application services that you have requested for
  • Manage the administration of your use of applications.
  • Track your services with customer care
  • Monitor and measure the website content
  • Offer much information that we need to send you to comply with legal rules
  • Detect and protect from crime, illegal or prohibited activities with any
  • Monitor the statistical analysis and benchmarking which will be linked back to you as permitted by law
  • Take care about the delivery of targeted advertising, marketing (Including the product information
  • Ensure about the deliver joint content and services with the third party
  • Location-based services enable our customers

Until the extent permitted by applicable law, we collect the information about you once you close your account. In any case, if your account application declines or can’t proceed then this information will be on hold and it is specifically used as long as permitted to the legitimate business purpose.

Mobile data:

We may obtain the information via mobile applications that you or users install on the mobile devices to access and utilization of data. These applications may be your application or might be belonging to a third-party’s privacy terms. we are not responsible for any other third-party application and usage of personal details. You have a choice to configure the mobile application’s privacy setting on your gadgets but it might create issues in your performance when you try to interact with applications and services.

Sharing Information:

We might share non-personally identifiable data about the utilization of the website products, services, and applications but this will not include the data that can be used to verify the identity.

Links to Other Websites:

At your service, we post on third-party activities. In that way, your information is used by the third-party provider to identify and ensure your account and then serve advertisements for you. We give you an offer to choose what you want to control over the advertisements. You will receive these advertisements via privacy settings on the useful provider’s platform. For more information, you should consult with us.

Live Chat:

For more queries, consult with our accounting expertise via the LIVE CHAT link. The link to this service is visible in the right corner of the website, we rectify all kinds of bugs with all possible solutions. Feel free to contact us, we are 24/7 available. The teams of certified accounting professionals always ensure to reply to your all queries in a minimum time frame. It will help you to manage your work without any interruption. Accept the terms & policies that we can use your comments & Suggestions in any way after analyzing where it is fit in our website.

You’re California Privacy Rights:

Accounting tells you about the latest financial and accounting information to merge with advanced integrations and applications to boost business productivity. On this site, you can collect all personal details under the “California Financial Information Privacy Act” as those laws and policies are applicable. The aim of our site to provide relevant information to make things easy to understand for all California residents. They have the right to view and manage some of the personal details that collect the data under the CCPA. All terms & conditions applied under the “Federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act” and the “California Consumer Privacy Act disclosure” meet the legal privacy laws. For identification, we collect the personal details of California residents in other forms including the website activity and locations.

We’re Not Affiliatedwith SAGE, QuickBooks:

Our third-party service provider goals to provide the best service in California related to accounting software (QuickBooks & Sage). We do not rely on any affiliated company or brand, we just deliver you information to know about the basic and advanced concepts of the bookkeeping software. Accounting is the best platform where you find all your answers related to the Sage and QuickBooks accounting software. For the latest news, updates, services, visit our website. Generally, we use automatic data tools such as cookies and web beacons to handle the website and services. Your feedback is a priority for us to know about how we enhance our service and website visibility.