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QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification

    ProAdvisor Certification and Continuing Professional Education CPE Credits

    QuickBooks offers various levels of certifications to the accountants and other expert professionals in the field of accounting. The ProAdvisor certification program is designed in such a way that it offers the best possible advantage to the accounting professionals and help enhance their career further. Once certified, the ProAdvisor’s can enter their profiles in the ‘FIND A PROADVISOR‘ site, which is accessed by several small businesses across the world for finding an expert in their area. With an increased visibility to your profile, it provides an excellent way to kick-start your career without the hassles of going in search of it.

    QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification Offers Six Certification Courses

    1. QuickBooks Certification (Desktop version)
    2. QuickBooks Point of Sale certification
    3. QuickBooks Online Certification
    4. QuickBooks Desktop Advanced certification
    5. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Certification

    The QuickBooks Customer Service Support can give further details on the courses and their rates. Apart from making one a ProAdvisor, these courses also give the professionals unlimited support from the QuickBooks Customer support and the technical support team, making it a worthwhile opportunity to explore. Also, the tools provided by the QuickBooks can help handle the accounting problems easily and with expertise.

    Continuing Professional Education

    Apart from these, the CPE or Continuing Professional Education credits can be obtained by accounting professionals who are training to get their CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certificates and for those CPA professionals who are looking to renew them. The American Institute of CPAs or the AICPA publishes information regarding the number of CPE credits required to maintain or obtain the CPA certification. Check the information before applying for CPE credits.

    The Proadvisor training modules are designed to help earn the CPE credits required for getting the CPA certification. Usually, designated modules need to be completed within the Proadvisor courses, to apply for CPE credits. Check out the number of modules to be completed or get relevant information from the QuickBooks technical support team, to become a certified CPA professional, with good CPE credits.

    Gaining CPA certifications and CPE credits can boost the career of an accounting professional and make them the most sought-after in the circle. The Find a ProAdvisor site ensures your credits and the work done or the training undergone till now, are displayed on the profile, to help small businesses to find the right ProAdvisor for handling their finances.

    The number of CPE credits for any module can also be viewed from the Proadvisor site.

    Check the Number of Credits Available:

    • Open the QBOA dashboard and click on the ProAdvisor icon.
    • Click open the Training tab
    • Find the course you want to take, and pick a training option

    A course card, with the training modules, and also the CPE credits per module will be displayed, helping you decide on the course of action. The CPE credits certification can be printed and kept as a proof, once the course is complete.

    Although most of the States accept the CPE credits from QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification courses, some of them do not. Hence, ensure that you check with the State board if they recognize the CPE credits earned through ProAdvisor program, to get maximum benefits out of the course. Call the QuickBooks Point of Sale Support team for learning about the courses and the prerequisites for taking them.

    Why Accounting Problem

    QuickBooks accounting software is one of the most engaging and do-it-all software that can help small and medium businesses to grow, without the tedious process of spending hours on keying in financial details. Try out the ProAdvisor courses, or the software to check its feasibility for your business and how it can change the way you operate. If you need any help regarding Pro-Advisor certification, call us at our toll free Quickbooks Support Phone Number