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How to Process Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks Online

    Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks

    In the fast-paced world, choosing a reliable, reputable, and secured professional to quickly process your company’s sales invoices is a daunting task. Nevertheless, finding such an adept payment gateway plays a critical part in any online business. QuickBooks Credit Card Processing, in this regard, is one of the most securely acceptable debit and credit cards processing software, which is widely used and appreciated in the industry.

    With QuickBooks Payments, you can retain accurate records of your credit card processing cost while unfolding associated hidden costs or redundant downgrades. With this solution, you get the flexibility to regularly audit your records and set your own standards to circumspect and evaluate your business practices as well as optimize ways to improve the bottom-line performance.

    Today, QuickBooks Payments is supported by various commercial online businesses and take only minutes to be integrated into your system. It can be easily connected to your accounts or mobile phones. Besides, the payment solution is widely accepted for all ACH banking transfers as well as e-checks. In case, you have any doubt regard how QuickBooks Process Works, you can always reach out to Accounting Problem experts at their helpline no.

    How QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Works

    A credit card funding process is predominately based on the business days. For this reason, a majority of funding time calculations for credit cards is influenced during public holidays or weekends when banking institutions are not operational. Here’s how QuickBooks (QB) can process funding times for the credit and debit cards:

    πŸ’  As a user starts processing a stripe-enabled QB online account, it usually takes a week to ten working days to process the first payout (transaction) after the payment is successfully received. For subsequent payouts, processing is done in congruence with the payout schedule. The method typically enables the Stripe to identify the risks associated with the services.
    πŸ’  In 2-day funding period, the payout is usually made on a daily basis. This includes payments which are processed within two working days prior.
    πŸ’ Similarly, for seven days funding time, payouts are done daily. It comprises payments that are processed 7 business days prior.

    Thus, depending on business type and user requirement, QuickBooks credit card processing may range from two to ten days funding schedule.

    Total Time: 20 minutes

    Methodology Followed

    While turning on invoices, it is important to note that the transactions are $1.00 or above. Following steps are recommended by QuickBooks product support team to process sales e-invoices:

    πŸ’  Step I: Click on the β€œGear icon” and go to β€œAccounts & Settings”
    πŸ’  Step II: Double click to select β€œSales” from the account settings and click β€œOnline Delivery” option
    πŸ’  Step III: Next, go to β€œEmail option for your e-invoices” and select β€œonline invoices” in the drop down
    πŸ’  Step IV: Set this as a default option and save the setting
    πŸ’  Step V: Click β€œOK”

    With the above settings, you’d be able to seamlessly process all your credit card invoices using QuickBooks software.

    Besides, If You Want to Send an Invoice for Online Payment, Here’s How you can Work!

    πŸ’  Step I: Select a β€œCreate (+)” option in QuickBooks Payments and select β€œinvoice” option from the drop down
    πŸ’  Step II: Click β€œOnline Payments” in the box having β€œStripe Pricing” option. This can be seen in the top-middle section of the page.
    πŸ’  Step III: Simply add the sales invoice in the product/service/customer name along with other important details
    πŸ’  Step IV: Select and choose β€œSave & Send” option and review the payment method while selecting β€œSend & Close”.

    Processing Sales Receipts

    πŸ’  Step I: Go to the menu and select β€œCreate (+)”
    πŸ’  Step II: Choose β€œReceive Payments” from the left column and enter an appropriate email address, if required (this is optional).
    πŸ’  Step III: Key in the required details (including shipping or billing information, date of your sales receipt, etc.) and select a suitable β€œPayment Mode” from the given drop down
    πŸ’  Step IV: Populate the credit card details (such as credit card number, name on the card, CVV number, expiration date, etc.) and select β€œOK” to affirm that the card can be charged upon saving the receipt.
    πŸ’  Step V: Select the relevant β€œProduct or Service” from the list and select an appropriate β€œSales Tax Rate”, if applicable.
    πŸ’  Step VI: QuickBooks software also provides an option to write a message (optional field) which is displayed together with the memo or sales receipt.
    πŸ’  Step VII: Complete the process by clicking β€œSave & Send” option.

    Last, but not the least, you can also record the receipt of an invoice payment by selecting β€œReceipt Payment” option and enter the relevant information (as mentioned above).

    If you come across any problem in QuickBooks Credit Card Processing, reach out to our Accounting Problem QuickBooks help-desk support to get a prompt solution in minutes!