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How to Create a Proforma Invoice in QuickBooks

    Create Proforma Invoice in QuickBooks

    This article is about creating pro form invoices in QuickBooks and converting them into regular invoices. Businesses generally offer custom pricing with the help of sales quotes that are based on certain specifications.

    For business owners, a proforma invoice is basically a document which lists the products and services offered by a seller to their customer and the payment details. Additionally, this commercial document also comprises estimates that show customers details such as the value of the products and services, the type of products and services, quantities being sold, as well as the seller information. In simple terms, it is a substitute of an actual invoice and reflects how the actual invoice will look like as compared to an estimate.

    It is important to keep in mind that QuickBooks doesn’t offer a specific template or form for Proforma invoices. The only option of creating a Proforma invoice in the software is to create an Estimate template, include the details you would like to put in the proforma invoice, and finally, rename the template to Proforma Invoice if you prefer.

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    These are Generally issued by Companies in the Form of Pro Forma Invoices, Estimates

    • Based on the situation and requirement, sales quota can be emailed with the help of dedicated documents that were directly generated.
    • By default, QuickBooks categories bids under one place called Estimates. These documents can be emailed directly from the user’s QuickBooks account. The documents can later be converted into invoices after the transaction is completed.

    NOTE: Users can change the name of the estimate to ‘Quote’ or ‘Pro Forma Invoice’ by going to the settings.

    Just like invoices, estimates, by default, possess two message boxes. In these boxes, users can list terms, requirements or notes connected to the future transaction.

    Users have the option to change the style and elements by going to the Settings tab.

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    Using it in QuickBooks

    It is a type of commercial document that elaborates on products and services and gives a client all the payment details. The pro forma invoice has an estimation/quote for the client that lists the quantities, details about the seller, products, etc.

    Some of the Factors to Keep in Mind While Creating a Proforma Invoice?

    If you are creating or sending a Proforma Invoice to a customer via QuickBooks, here are the top three things you should keep in mind:

    ➤ Proforma invoices cannot be considered as payroll or accounts payable for a customer. As the customer is not expected to pay the invoice, it isn’t recorded in any book-keeping practice.

    ➤ A proforma invoice is only a substitute invoice whose role is to notify the customer of the value of a product or service that is being sold to them. It doesn’t obligate the customer to make any payment whatsoever.

    ➤ From a seller’s point of view, a Proforma invoice cannot be regarded as accounts receivable as well so it is neither an actual invoice and nor can be regarded as them.

    How to Create a Proforma Invoice in QuickBooks?

    As mentioned above, QuickBooks doesn’t yet allow you to create a Proforma template or invoice but you can create a customized estimate form and later rename it to Proforma form. Here is how you can do it step-by-step:

    • Click on the Gear icon on the top-right corner of your screen
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    • You will now see a list of options in front of you from where you need to select Custom Form Styles
    • Now, from the drop down, select New Style and then choose Estimate
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    • Next, click on the Content Tab
    • In the Custom Form Styles Page, click on the dropdown that says Edit and choose Make Default
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    • Once this is done, you can customize the form and rename it to Proforma Invoices according to your preference
    • Lastly, press Save and then hit Exit

    How to Create Multiple Invoices in QuickBooks?

    If you operate a medium or large-scale business, you may need to create more than one invoice at a time. To save time and be efficient, here is how you can create and send multiple invoices to your clients:

    • Press the Create icon and choose Multiple Invoices
    • Go to the Add button (+) on the left and click on it to create a new invoice
    • Add as many invoices as you want here by clicking on Add Multiple Invoice and each row will be numbered individually
    • Click on any field to enter customer information

    If you wish to delete a specific invoice, simply click on the three vertical dots from Menu and choose Delete invoice.

    How to Duplicate an Invoice in QuickBooks?

    Even though you can create multiple invoices in QuickBooks at once, there may be situations where you need to send the same invoice to multiple customers. In order to do so, you need to know how to duplicate a customer. Let us show you how :

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    • Click on the three vertical dots from Menu and select Duplicate invoice for multiple customers
    • Choose the customers you wish to send the invoice to
    • Press Next and you should be able to see all the invoices under Multiple invoice window
    • Once you have added and edited the invoice, click on Save invoices

    Keep in mind that when you duplicate an invoice, it duplicates all its line items. Avoid using duplicate invoices in case you have special tax preferences or customer-specific terms and conditions set in an invoice.

    How to Add Company Logo to Proforma Invoice in QuickBooks Self-Employed?

    To ensure that your clients recognize your brand when you send them a proforma invoice created through QuickBooks, you can add the company or brand logo in the QuickBooks Self-employed app or website. This is how to do it:

    If You Are Using The Web Version, You Have To :

    ✔ Choose Invoices from the left menu

    ✔ Click on Create Invoice or Edit to modify the existing invoice

    ✔ Now, select Edit Work Info located at the bottom of the window

    ✔ Lastly, upload the logo file and press Save

    If You Are Using The App, This Is What You Have To Do :

    ✔ Choose Settings from the Main Menu

    ✔ Now, click on “Your Work Info” and edit your Logo

    ✔ Next, select your logo file and upload it

    ✔ Finally, hit Save

    While Trying To Upload The Logo To Your Proforma Invoice, Keep In Mind A Couple Of Limitations That You May Face –

    ⛔ The logo image you download must be either in .jpeg or .png format

    ⛔ Only one logo image can be uploaded at once and the logo position is set at the upper left

    Converting Quotes Into Invoices In QuickBooks

    Using the ‘Create Invoice’ button, estimates can be converted to invoices. In this scenario, all the invoice sections are repopulated with data that was copied from the estimate.

    Final Words

    For further information on pro forma invoices, please call our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number. The Accounting Problem QuickBooks helpdesk is well-versed in various QuickBooks-related issues and are available to provide 24X7 assistance to QuickBooks users across the world. The knowledgeable team of QuickBooks experts at Accounting Problem know that customer is the first priority and do their best to give solutions for any QuickBooks related problem instantly.

    💠Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1.Does QuickBooks Have A Separate Proforma Form?

    Ans : At present, QuickBooks doesn’t allow an option to have a specific template or to create Proforma invoices. You could, however, create a template for an estimate form using the software. You can customize this form and the name is a Proforma form.

    Q 2.What Are The Various Types Of Proforma Invoices In QuickBooks?

    Ans : Primarily, there are two types of proforma invoices in QuickBooks – proforma invoice for customers and proforma invoice for shipping. The one for customers acts as a quotation that works as a proof that the seller is bound to deliver a specific product to the client. This proforma invoice acts as proof in case there is an issue at either end. The proforma invoice for shipping is for business purposes to help custom agents determine the value of the product or service being shipped internationally.

    Q 3.Can QuickBooks Proforma Invoices Be Regarded As Accounts Receivable?

    Ans : No. A proforma invoice created within QuickBooks is not an actual bill and thus cannot be regarded as accounts receivable. It isn’t an actual invoice but it acts similar in the way that it notifies the customer of the value of the product or service being sold by the seller, however, it doesn’t obligate the customer to pay.

    Q 4.Is It Possible To Create A Proforma Invoice In QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans : You cannot really create a Proforma invoice template or form in QuickBooks as there is no provision for it yet, but just like any other version of the software, you can first create a custom estimate form in QuickBooks desktop and then rename it to Proforma Invoice.