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Publish and Manage or Find a ProAdvisor Profile

    Publish and Manage Your Find a ProAdvisor Profile

    QuickBooks accounting software offers the users with a simple and easier solution to handle all their accounting woes. One can also become a ProAdvisor Badges for QuickBooks, Publish and Manage or Find a ProAdvisor Profile provided they can undergo the certification process. As a ProAdvisor, one is allowed to publish and manage your profile on the website, thereby making themselves visible to those businesses that are looking for help.

    A ProAdvisor is a certified and guaranteed professional, who is an expert in handling anything related to the QuickBooks software. As a ProAdvisor, there is an option of personalizing the profile according to the requirements and publishing it. Customizing the profile helps small businesses to identify your profile and call you for assistance. This not only helps businesses to employ those ProAdvisor who are present in their area, but also a ProAdvisor to establish their career.

    Steps for Publish and Manage or Find a ProAdvisor Profile

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    How to Publish your ProAdvisor Profile

    The first and foremost requirement, for publishing a ProAdvisor profile is to pass the QuickBooks online certification or the QuickBooks Desktop certification examinations. If you want details about the same, call the accounting hub technical support numbers or our QuickBooks help desk for more details on the certification process.

    If you have Obtained the Requisite Certifications, then you are Allowed to Publish your Profile.

    πŸ’  First, enter your credentials to log into the β€˜QUICKBOOKS ONLINE ACCOUNTANT’. You will have this, if you have obtained the certification.
    πŸ’  On the ACCOUNTANT TOOLBAR, select the β€˜PROFILE’ tab and click on it.
    You will be able to view your profile, details of certifications, and badges collected, and so on. Check if you wish to include any further information. Also, ensure the address and other details are correct, to make your profile visible on the β€˜FIND A PROADVISOR’ website.
    πŸ’  Now, if you are satisfied with the profile, click β€˜INCLUDE IN SEARCH RESULTS’ option, by switching it β€˜ON’. Only then your profile will be made β€˜VISIBLE’ to the public.
    πŸ’  This will publish your profile on the site. However, it might take a little while. Say about an hour to appear on the site.

    How do I edit my ProAdvisor Profile?

    Now that you have entered the information, and published it, it will be visible to everyone searching for a ProAdvisor in their area. However, if you want to β€˜EDIT’ any information, you can do it through the following options:

    πŸ’  There is an β€˜EDIT’ option with a PENCIL icon on the right side of each section.
    πŸ’  Click on the β€˜EDIT’ option for whichever section you would like to change/edit.
    πŸ’  Change the information or include the details you wish, and click β€˜SAVE’ to save the details.

    Managing a ProAdvisor Profile

    A ProAdvisor profile provides the expert an ability to publish information/skills that they are well-versed in, and thereby let the businesses in their area see their professional credentials. To make the ProAdvisor profile more attractive and search friendly, you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

    πŸ’  Get the badges for all certifications – The new and improved ProAdvisor badges are extremely attractive and show your accomplishments in the field. Get these badges on the profile to get more credits.

    πŸ’  Publish a profile photo– A photograph can help give more authenticity to the profile, and it is often seen that a profile with a photograph is viewed immediately. Create a good first impression by publishing a very professional picture of yours.

    πŸ’  Request for Reviews – Have you been employed by businesses before and have you completed a few jobs for them? Then it is time to get their reviews on the profile. Request your clients to post reviews to let your profile speak about your professional accomplishments.

    Contact for QuickBooks Support

    For any queries regarding the ProAdvisor profile, call our Accounting Problem technical team for assistance. The QuickBooks Enterprise Support helpdesk will assist you with the details about the certification process, and also on queries regarding the software and its related products. Keep in touch with the base by calling the QuickBooks Premier Support whenever you have a query regarding the QuickBooks product.