How to Fix QuickBooks 15212 Error – Payroll Update Error

QuickBooks 15212 Error

When updating payroll, you usually face QuickBooks payroll error 15212, which obstructs the downloading process. Sometimes the QuickBooks says update won’t install. You need to fix it quickly. The below write-up will provide you troubleshooting guide to fix QuickBooks 15212 error.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 15212

QuickBooks error 15212 encounters when you start downloading payroll updates or an update process. The moment this issue occurs, you will get an error message on the screen as the payroll update didn’t complete successfully. It mainly interrupts the update process and damages the functioning of the active program.

What are the Primary Causes of the QuickBooks Error 15212?

  • Sometimes the download location which is shared for the update gets mapped to an incorrect drive
  • Use of non-mapped location to open the data file when the shared download is switched off
  • The hard disc does not have the required disc space.

Pre-Requirements to fix QuickBooks 15212 Error

  • Ensure that Payroll and QuickBooks accounting software has an active subscription
  • Check the antivirus software or firewall does not enable the restrictive settings.

Steps for Resolve the QuickBooks 15212 Error

Here is the list of methods used to fix the QuickBooks 15212 error:

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1-Update QuickBooks:

πŸ’  Ensure that you installed the latest QuickBooks update
πŸ’  If not, then you need to download the update right now.
πŸ’  Follow the steps:
πŸ’  Select the Help option
πŸ’  Hit on Update QuickBooks
πŸ’  Choose No button for Shared download.
πŸ’  Select the Save option
πŸ’  Hit on Close button
πŸ’  Re-download the update

Solution 2-Uninstall & Reinstall the QuickBooks:

If the above solution does not work, then the best decision is to uninstall QuickBooks completely. Once done the un-installation process, now perform a clean installation of the QuickBooks software. Wait till the installation gets successfully installed, then restart your system to save the further modification.

Are you seeking for further Assistance?

Hopefully, the above article about the troubleshooting guidance of the QuickBooks 15121 error is helpful for you! If you still confused or face any issue regarding the same or need to ask some further sorts of queries, and then call QuickBooks technical support phone number . Without having any second thought, give a ring and get the valuable advice and resolution to save your precious time! The competent and experienced team is sitting there specially hired to provide you the desired outcome in less time-frame. You can use a live-chat option or drop an email to ask questions to the team members. They will get back to you without any delay.

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