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Compatibility of QuickBooks Mac 2016 with Mac Sierra

    QuickBooks Mac 2016 with Mac Sierra

    This article is about the compatibility of QuickBooks Mac 2016 with Mac Sierra. QuickBooks Mac 2016 (QuickBooks Mac) R20 and later releases are compatible with Mac Sierra. For compatibility, users must have the new release for their specific edition of QuickBooks for Apple Mac.

    QuickBooks R21 update was released on the same day that Apple launched High Sierra OS. So, QB Mac 2016 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra are compatible.

    When users choose QuickBooks -> Check For QuickBooks Updates the R21 auto-updates release notes are displayed that contain the following:

    “This update is recommended for all users of QuickBooks Mac 2016 who are running on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), macOS 10.12 (Sierra), and macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).”

    • The notes also display the following:
    • New Features from R20
    • Compatibility with macOS High Sierra (10.13)

    Updating QuickBooks Mac Desktop

    QuickBooks Desktop software updates can be downloaded either from the QuickBooks web site or from within QuickBooks itself.

    These updates are also called Maintenance Releases or Patches. They improve the functionality of the software and also correct any known problems with the software.

    Users can download a new release for their specific versions of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac in one of the following ways:

    • From within QuickBooks Desktop
    • From the Product Updates page of the website manually

    Updating from within QuickBooks Desktop

    • First, users must navigate to the QuickBooks Desktop menu and then choose Check for QuickBooks Updates. In case a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop is available, users must choose Install Update.
    • Then, when there’s a prompt, users must choose Install and Relaunch. Once the update is completed, QuickBooks Desktop for Mac will be opened automatically.

    Updating QuickBooks for MAC Manually

    • In case users want to update QuickBooks For Mac manually, they have to uninstall and then reinstall the program.
    • To uninstall QuickBooks for Mac, users must first close QuickBooks.
    • Then, in the Finder menu (search bar) located in the upper-right section of the screen, users must select Go, followed by Applications.
    • Next, users must click on the QuickBooks icon and move it to Trash
    • For reinstalling the latest version, users must first go to the QuickBooks Product Updates page. There they must choose [Change] for choosing their specific QuickBooks Desktop version.
    • Next, users must select the Download button for downloading the installer file on the computer.
    • Next, users must double-click on the downloaded. Mg file.
    • Next, the QuickBooks Desktop icon must be dragged to the Applications folder for the installation process to begin.

    NOTE: If users want to verify the update and the release number, they can do so by opening QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and then press Cmd.

    Updating QuickBooks Server for Mac

    • First users must choose QuickBooks [year] Server that’s located beside the Apple logo.
    • Next, users must go to Check For QuickBooks Server Updates. There, users must choose Install Update.
    • Finally, users must choose Install And Relaunch.

    For any further information/assistance on the topic, users should call our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number. Our Accounting Problem QuickBooks helpdesk experts are available to provide 24X7 assistance on any QuickBooks related issue.