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QuickBooks 2016 or 2017 Unable to Export to Excel

    QuickBooks Unable to Export to Excel

    In this article, we shall be discussing on one of the QuickBooks issue “QuickBooks 2016 or 2017 unable to export to excel” So, if you are experiencing this issue then you have come to the right place. Read through the content to get the best resolution steps to resolve the issue.

    QuickBooks accounting software has become the most reliable accounting solution for the majority business company today. However, in some cases, QuickBooks user encounters different QuickBooks errors while processing business task. One such instance is when QuickBooks 2016 or 2017 is unable to identify excel installed in the system.

    This issue arises mostly after QuickBooks software update and the update is unsuccessful or incomplete. As a result, the user’s attempt at QuickBooks exporting to excel fails.

    Causes of QuickBooks Unable to Export to Excel

    QuickBooks users usually face the issue “QuickBooks 2016 or 2017 unable to export to excel” because of the following reasons:

    • If your QuickBooks version cannot support excel
    • If there is a damage in the MS Excel software
    • If the QuickBooks software is damaged
    • When the file registry does not function properly

    Steps for Fix Unable to Export to Excel from QuickBooks

    The simple way to fix the issue “QuickBooks 2016 or 2017 unable to export to excel” is to repair the installation. You can also follow the given solution accordingly to fix the above issue:

    Total Time: 25 minutes

    Export via Customer Center

    💠 Go to Customer Center
    💠 Open transactions pane and locate the transaction
    💠 To see the transaction journal, right-click on the particular transaction
    💠 Select the transaction journal
    💠 Open Excel>Create New Worksheet and export the data to Excel

    Open Item list then Open the Report

    💠 Click on List option and open the Item List
    💠 In the Reports, Menu view the report you want to export
    💠 Drop down and click on the Export to Excel button.

    Attempt to Export Reports to Excel

    💠 Open Company in QuickBooks
    💠 Click on Reports > Company > Financial then select the report option you are going to work on
    💠 Click on Excel and open the Create New Worksheet
    💠 Select Export. The file will be opened in MS-Excel
    💠 Get back to QuickBooks and click on Excel > Create New Worksheet
    💠 Click on Send Report to Excel option
    💠 Open to Create a comma-separated values file
    💠 Click on Give a filename option
    💠 After you have entered the file name select Save
    💠 The report will be exported to Excel.

    Important Note: Ensure to close all the transaction forms during exporting files or reports to Excel. Transaction forms include; Sales Order, Purchase Order Bill, and Invoice.

    Export QuickBooks to Excel using QB2EXCEL + PivotTable

    If you experience any problem while attempting the given solution, contact our QuickBooks Technical Support Team, we will be delighted to offer our service and provide additional resolution to resolve your error. Kindly call us at or mail us on our email address [email protected] stating your problem. We are also available via Live Chat Support on our Website.