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What’s New in QuickBooks 2019

    QuickBooks 2019 Features

    QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Features

    QuickBooks Desktop 2019 edition is expected to be released around September this year. In this article, we will discuss the features that are expected to be incorporated in all the QuickBooks variations.

    Let’s begin with QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier 2019:

    QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2019 Features

    Multi-monitor support

    The Multi-monitor support feature will allow QuickBooks Desktop to be used in up to 3 monitors. Users will be able to place the customer list on one screen and create invoices on the second and third monitors simultaneously.

    The feature will allow users to customize the monitor setup to their working needs and gain more insights by viewing many reports at one time.

    Searching in Chart of Accounts

    Users will be able to look for an account/sub-account at a much faster rate due to the inclusion of a search bar in the Chart of Accounts. The search can be carried out by account name/account number. This will make managing a large Chart of Accounts much easier.

    Cash or Accrual Toggle

    This feature will let users analyses the business from different perspectives with the same report. By clicking just once in the report window, users will be able to switch between cash and accrual basis.

    Past Due Stamp

    This feature will make your customers pay faster with the Past Due Stamp for invoices. QuickBooks will automatically add a past due notice for invoices that are overdue in emails or printouts. If the notice is not to be added to a particular invoice, users can do so by toggling the notice off with a click.

    Inventory Reports

    This feature will let users make their business flexible and insightful by using the customization inventory reports. Users will also be able to better track the inventory with the help of additional sections.

    The customization reports are the following:

    • Inventory Valuation Summary
    • Inventory Stock Status by Item
    • Assembly Shortage (only in Enterprise)

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Users can press Ctrl + Alt + Y for copying a line and press Ctrl + Alt + V for pasting a line in an invoice.

    Improvements to Webmail

    Security has been updated by including multi-factor authentication for sending emails via Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Windows Live through QuickBooks.

    Merging Duplicate Vendors (Premier Accountant)

    Merge Duplicate Vendors feature in QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant will allow users to combine up to 4 vendors, consolidate transactions in a master vendor and update data as per requirement.

    QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 Features

    Apart from all the Pro and Premium features, QuickBooks Enterprise will also have these improvements to Advanced Inventory:

    Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanning

    Mobile Inventory Bar-code Scanners make the picking process faster and bring down the number of data entry errors. Users will be able to send sales orders to workers on the floor, scan warehouse inventory and also make wireless transfer of data. The feature will across many warehouses or any place with internet connectivity.

    Enhancement in Sales Order Management

    Users will be able to make urgent sales orders a priority, view crucial information and verify sales order status in real time for customers. This will be made possible while allowing employees to complete tasks related to sales orders.

    Inventory Picking

    Users will be able to process orders at a faster rate with the new picking process. Users will also be able to create customized pick-lists that are completed by warehouse employees in several locations and then verify the status in real time.

    QuickBooks POS 2019 Features

    With QuickBooks Desktop Point Of Sale (POS) users will be able to input item names/numbers, use optional barcode scanner or a tablet. Users will also be able to offer discounts and build customer info for the CRM.

    QuickBooks POS will provide information relevant to a customer, such as the item last bought, credit available, balance due and loyalty program offers. This information will be available at the point of transaction, so that the best customer service can be provided and also build the CRM with each transaction.

    QuickBooks Desktop POS will be compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10 and later versions.

    QuickBooks Online 2019 Features

    For all future loans using QuickBooks capital, users will be able to group the principal and interest payments into different accounts. This will allow users to write off the interest during tax time and also prevent the principal from being taxed as income.

    After accepting a loan agreement from QuickBooks Capital, users must log in to QuickBooks Online and select the Capital tab located in the left navigation bar/menu.

    Users will be Asked to Choose the Following

    • Bank account receiving the initial loan deposit
    • A loan payable account for tracking the loan principal
    • An interest expense account for tracking the loan interest

    These Accounts can be Changed Later

    As users make payments on the loan, they will able to track payment activity category-wise. This will help users to remain organized and save money during taxation time.

    While these are the tentative features, other changes might be included. For any information related to QuickBooks 2019, you may call our Accounting Problem QuickBooks Desktop Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number . The Accounting Problem QuickBooks helpdesk is available for assistance 24X7, especially once QuickBooks 2019 is released.