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Resolve QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing 2021

    Are you facing trouble syncing your American Express account?

     It could be a browser issue. There is an option for Amex business customers to turn on “Sync with QuickBooks”.

    And if you are stuck with this error while syncing, then you don’t need to worry. In this article, you will get a complete guide on what QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing and how you can resolve this.

    How Does QuickBooks American Express Work?

    With the integration between QuickBooks Online and AMEX card records, you can reconcile your AMEX expenses. With data entered through the new Receipt Match tool, you can sync your QuickBooks for periodic updates of your logs and receipts.

    Here is How QuickBooks American Express Works:
    ✔ Customers using Open® Business Cards from American Express are entitled to this complimentary service.
    ✔ You may use Receipt Match SM to take a picture of a receipt and compare it to a purchase you made using your AMEX card. You may then assign a category to the transaction in QuickBooks and transmit the transaction data straight to your company file in QuickBooks.
    ✔ Two different business tools, Receipt Match and Synch with QuickBooks, were developed to collaborate. They are accessible with American Express OPEN Business Cards.
    ✔ In order to categorize transactions using imported QuickBooks categories and transmit transaction data to QuickBooks, cardholders and authorized account managers can use the Sync with QuickBooks feature. Transactions may also be categorized by employee card members using imported QuickBooks categories.

    How to Resolve QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing

    You can attempt to resolve the synchronization issue by creating a connection once more. By severing the link between QuickBooks and AMEX, you could also be able to load the American Express (AMEX) Business Credit Card transaction.

    How to Disconnect Connection Between AMEX and QuickBooks

    If you want to disconnect the connection between AMEX and QuickBooks, follow the steps that are mentioned below:

    ◆ First, you need to choose the Banking tab.

    ◆ Then disconnect QuickBooks from the American Express account.
    Once your account is disconnected, keep in mind the following things:

    ◆ The transactions should be added before it is disconnected.

    ✔ Try reconnecting the account later.

    ✔ The transaction will be removed from the “For Review” tab.

    ✔ It continues to function in QuickBooks, but you prevent it from receiving your bank transactions.

    Cut off Bank Account for American Express

    To cut off the bank account for American Express, follow the steps that are mentioned below:

    ✔ First, you need to select Banking from the left menu.

    ✔ After that, select the “Banking” option.

    ✔ Now go to the Edit (pencil) icon on the account you wish to change after that.

    ✔ Once done, click “Edit Account Information”.

    ✔ Now in the Account window, choose the “Disconnect this account on Save” checkbox.

    ✔ Finally, click Save.

    ✔ Once you have saved it, simply click on close.

    After you cut off the bank account for American express following the above steps, now you need to disconnect from Intuit using AMEX Online banking to be sure the connection has been refreshed.

    To disconnect from Intuit using AMEX Online Banking, follow the steps that are mentioned below:

    ✔ First, remove each of your American Express business cards from previous Intuit connections.

    ✔ Then access American Express at

    ✔ Now you must now switch to using your business card instead of your personal or corporate card.

    ✔ After that, click Account Services in the top menu.

    ✔ Then click Security & Privacy in the left navigation.

    ✔ Once done, select “Manage Partner Permission.”

    ✔ Now to expand the section, you need to click Intuit.

    ✔ Then click Disconnect.

    ✔ Finally, repeat the above instructions for each of your American Express business cards if you have more than one.

    Procedures for Re-connecting an Account

    You must reconnect the American Express Open Business card in order to obtain the most recent transaction. Online Banking, often known as Bank Feeds, is one of the most beneficial and time-saving QuickBooks services. As soon as you link an account, QuickBooks automatically downloads and classifies all of your bank and credit card transactions.

    Creating an American Express Account in QuickBooks

    To create an American Express account in QuickBooks, follow the steps that are mentioned below:

    ✔ First, you need to go to the accounting option.

    ✔ After that, access the Chart of Accounts.

    ✔ Now in order to register for an account, choose New.

    ✔ Once done, choose a credit card from the Account Type drop-down option.

    ✔ Once done, give your account a name.

    ✔ Finally, when finished, press the Save option.

    ✔ After that, you just need to click on close.

    Connect to your American Express Business Account

    To connect to your American Express Business account, follow the steps that are mentioned below:

    ✔ First, you need to go to the Transactions menu or the Banking section.

    ✔ Now click Connect on the landing page if this is your first time linking an account.
    ✔ You can also choose Add Account if you’ve previously connected online banking accounts.

    ✔ Find and choose the American Express Business Credit Card.

    ✔ Once finished, choose next.

    ✔ After that, in the pop-up window, sign in using your American Express User ID and password.

    ✔ Now the instructions are displayed if American Express requests additional security measures.

    ✔ To replicate this, adhere to the on-screen directions.

    ✔ Once you follow all the on screen instructions, you need to select the accounts you want to link to QuickBooks.

    ✔ Then using the drop down, choose the kind of account for each.

    ✔ After that, this will bring in the account in the Chart of Accounts in step 1.

    ✔ Once done, to begin the download, select a date range.

    ✔ Finally, you need to choose Connect.

    How to Resolve a Problem Connecting and Updating Amex with QuickBooks Online

    To resolve the problem of connecting and updating Amex with QuickBooks for users of QuickBooks online, follow these steps:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    If You Use Internet Explorer

    ➡ First you need to click the Favorites button.
    ➡ Then choose the History tab.
    ➡ Next, right-click any website and choose Delete.
    ➡ Even more websites can be chosen and deleted simultaneously.

    If You Use Firefox

    ➡ First you need to click the Menu button.
    ➡ After that, select the Options button,
    ➡ Then click Privacy and Security from the left-hand panel.
    ➡ Once done, click Clear Data under Cookies and Site Data.
    ➡ Finally, click OK.

    If You Use Chrome

    ➡ First, access the menu by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.
    ➡ Now you need to click the more tools option.
    ➡ After that select Clear browsing data.
    ➡ Once done, you need to set the time range.
    ➡ Finally, click clear browsing data and you are done.

    Take Away

    If you are unable to connect your American Express account with QuickBooks Online, try using a different browser or disabling the sync with QuickBooks feature. You are also recommended to turn it off if you have this feature because it may interfere when connecting the account with QuickBooks Online.

    Now that you have a complete guide on how to fix QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing, you can easily solve this error. However, if you are still stuck or have any questions, you can reach out to the customer helpdesk for quick and easy assistance.

    A Frequently Asked Questions ✍

    What are the Other Reasons Behind QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing?

    Accounts with American Express can only be linked to one business at a time, and some of the American Express business card accounts can be grayed out when you connect. There can be many reasons for this, but the main reason is that the account is already linked to another QuickBooks Online business.

    What Should You Do If Your American Express Accounts are Grayed out While Resolving QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing?

    One way to attempt to fix the issue is to disconnect the grayed-out account from the American Express website.

    Follow the steps mentioned below:
    ➡ First, check out the American Express website.
    ➡ Then you need to select Security & Privacy from the menu.
    ➡ After that select Manage Partner Permissions.
    ➡ Now select Intuit to widen the portion.
    ➡ Finally, you must ultimately select Disconnect if you want to end the connection.

    How Can QuickBooks Desktop Users Resolve QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing in Order to Connect and Update Amex with QuickBooks?

    To connect and update Amex with QuickBooks Desktop, follow these steps:
    ➡ First, you need to go to the QuickBooks Desktop program.
    ➡ Now choose the Help tab from the application’s top menu.
    ➡ Finally, you need to restore the app’s data.

    What to Do When you Can’t Download Transactions into QuickBooks While Resolving QuickBooks American Express Not Syncing?

    When you link your credit card accounts to an online bank, QuickBooks will instantly download any new transactions. If you aren’t receiving the most recent transactions, it’s conceivable that the changes failed to take effect.
    First, start a manual download. After that, visit the website of your bank or credit card, then you need to Try updating your bank information in QuickBooks. Even after that, you still discover bank issues. Now you need to correct each one separately.

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