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How to Fix QuickBooks Bank Error 101?

    QuickBooks Bank Error 101

    When a user tries to import financial transactions from a bank into QBO, QuickBooks bank error 101 occurs due to a technical issue with online banking. One of the most common causes of the QuickBooks Online error 101 is damaged or missing files. The issue in your accounting software could be caused by a variety of factors. A QuickBooks connection to the bank problem emerges as soon as the error appears. This blog provides you all the relevant information about how to fix QuickBooks online error 101.

    Possible Reasons that Could Trigger to QuickBooks Bank Error 101?

    Before you can fix QuickBooks Online error 101, you must first address the causes of the technical issue in QBO. However, there are a number of factors that may cause this banking error when QuickBooks attempts to connect to your bank’s website,, which is described below:

    • The error code 101 might occur when any of the ActiveX, .NET Framework, or Java installations on Windows becomes outdated.
    • Internet Explorer’s unfavorable settings.
    • Third-party Internet security software might sometimes block QuickBooks due to security concerns, resulting in QuickBooks error 101.
    • You may not be able to communicate with the Bank if the bank’s server is unavailable for maintenance.

    3 Most Preferred Methods to Solve QuickBooks Bank Error 101:

    You may be told to wait one day to reconnect to the bank in some cases of the issue. When you get the QuickBooks error message 101 because of a connection error, you can try the troubleshooting techniques indicated below to repair the error as quickly as possible. Just have a look and perform the same accordingly one after one:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Update Banking in QuickBooks

    💠 First, you have to open your QuickBooks software
    💠 From the left panel, go to the Banking section
    💠 If you wish to update the same account then you need to unselect the unwanted account
    💠 Blue check indicated that the selected bank and grey check indicates it is not selected for update
    💠 Once you select the desired account that you want to update then hit “Update” button which is at the top-left corner of your screen
    💠 Enter the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials if prompted then press the “Continue Update” tab
    💠 At last, when the update is completed then you will receive a notification and also observe the last update date and the total transactions number have been changed.

    Check the Internet Connection Settings

    💠 Initially, open your web browser and then open any random website to verify the Internet Connection
    💠 If the website is responding automatically that indicated the Internet speed is good
    💠 Otherwise, it will indicate you to connect with internet
    💠 After a proper Internet Connectivity, attempt once again to download the update from your browser
    💠 Make sure that you have Internet Explorer as the default browser.

    Reconfigure the QuickBooks once you Ensure that Internet Connection is Good

    💠 Open the Internet Explorer browser on your PC
    💠 Next, move to the Help tab and choose “Internet Connection Setup”
    💠 Now, choose the option “Use My Computer’s Internet Connection Setting”
    💠 After that, hit the “Next” tab followed by Done to begin the process
    💠 At last, reset the QuickBooks Update without any hassle.

    Enable TLS 1.2 and Modify Encrypted Pages Settings

    💠 Go to the Advanced tab and scroll down the menu to reach TLS 1.2 and make sure it should be check-marked
    💠 Look for the option “Do Not Encrypted Pages” to Disk and then uncheck the same option
    💠 Finally, hit “Apply” followed by “Ok” in order to save all the changes that are done.

    Reconcile your Bank in QuickBooks

    What does it Mean to Reconcile an Account in QuickBooks?

    When you do reconcile in QuickBooks, you compare two related accounts make sure everything is accurate and matches. Just like balancing your checkbook, you need to do this review in QuickBooks.

    Reconcile in QuickBooks Desktop Version

    Learn how to reconcile in QuickBooks Desktop version in simple steps. Click here for the complete details.

    Reconcile in QuickBooks Pro Version

    Learn how to reconcile in QuickBooks Pro version in simple steps. Click Here for the complete steps.


    Hopefully, the aforementioned troubleshooting techniques are going to be helpful in resolving QuickBooks bank error 101. Once you successfully implement the above methods then try again to import your banking transactions in QuickBooks.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. How do I Reconfigure Internet Explorer for Proper Functioning with QuickBooks?

    Ans: To reconfigure it, you have to open Internet Explorer and then go to the Gear icon at the top right corner. Select the Internet options and then click Trusted Sites under the Security tab. Click on the Sites option and then type within the Add Website field. Next, click “Add” and perform the same steps to add Click the Close tab and scroll down to find Miscellaneous under the Custom Level section. Enable the option “Allow Cross-Domain Requests” and then hit “Ok”. Press the Apply and then Ok tab. Finally, reopen the Internet Explorer and then attempt to update transactions once again in QuickBooks.

    Q2. How do I Reset the Internet Explorer’s Pop up Settings?

    Ans: Select the Advanced tab under the Privacy tab and then check-mark the option “Override Automatic Cookie Handling”. Make sure that the First Party and Third Party Cookies are accepted in the browser settings. Check-mark the option “Always Allow Session Cookies” and finally, hit Ok to save all the changes made.